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  • Aphmau And Aaron~lemon
    342K 3K 51

    18+ please don't read if your not above these ages Unless you want to really read this than go ahead

  • Phoenix Drop High-Aphmau's Abused Life-
    97.8K 1.8K 33

    Aphmau was 5. Her dad left. Her mom drank. She'd disappear. Come back. and be violent. Aphmau didn't under stand. She was taught to keep a smile on her face and she'd be fine... not.

  • Aphmau highschool, YouTube secret
    152K 3K 66

    Aphmau is the most bullied in school she was bullied, teased but she has a secret, she has a YouTube Chanel and has 50,000,000 subs (not real) no one knows her face cause she doesn't give facecam she uses the name Jess or Jessica.

  • A Dark Past (Aphmau FNAF meets MyStreet)
    212K 5.7K 20

    When an old friend of Aphmau's past returns, her friends begin to question Aphmau's excuses for coming home late from her night job. Eventually, curiosity gets the best of them and they push it too far, only to find a dark secret. Not even a healed mind, can fix a broken heart. ----------------------------- I do not o...

  • Locked Away | Book I | Aarmau AU
    83.6K 3.2K 101

    In what Katelyn describes as a place that parents bring their kids because they hate them, a story unfolds during Aphmau's 12th year. She's rooming with another werewolf, one by the name of Aaron Lycan. He's a good person at heart, but because of Rule 18, Aphmau is unable to discover this fact. What is Rule 18? Love i...

    Completed   Mature
  • Aphmau's Secret Youtuber Life
    384K 7.8K 69

    Aphmau is a new student at Phenix Drop High, she has no parents so she lives alone, she faces bullies and love. but no one knows her secret identity is the famous youtuber Aphmau what will happen when they find out?!

  • Aphmau Hidden Side's
    109K 2.5K 17

    -Takes Place In Highschool Grade 11- Aphmau, future ruler of the nether, goes to phoenix high. There she is known as the nicest girl. An easy target for bullies. She would soon fall in love with aaron. Little did she know there love is forbidden Aaron, future ruler of the divine demension, goes to phoenix high. There...

  • Aarmau: The Potato And The Stranger
    63.7K 1.3K 36

    Though this series has gotten high praise, it's DISCONTINUED... There are plenty of chapters, so don't be sad! Please don't continue without my consent. Aphmau and Aaron both have feelings for each other, but everyone loves Aphmau. Aphmau would hate to hurt her friends, but she wants to be with Aaron. What will Aphmau...

  • Phoenix drop high
    101K 2.1K 54

    Aphmau has to move into a house alone,after her parents die from a car reck, but worse of all she has to go to a new school. What will happen when all the boys keep bugging her?