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  • Hard Times
    47.3K 1K 26

    (Warning: Extremely cheesy and cliche) {Not edited} Clarke is a shy girl that lives in a terrifying home and has been bullied her whole life because she didn't go to party's or care about her appearance. But on the last day of junior year Bellamy blake humiliates her infront of the whole school and she breaks. When th...

  • No Going Back [Bellarke]
    69.3K 1.7K 14

  • Bellarke Baby
    11.7K 318 24

    It's the end of season 2 and The 100 have made peace with the grounders. SkaiKru are trying to build something lasting; a home. The 100 have to take orders from The guards otherwise there will be punishments. Clarke and Bellamy are well respected people around camp and they are both members on the council. Clarke and...

  • Her Secrets (On Hold)
    4.5K 199 16

    Bellamy and Clarke were the high school sweethearts. They had planned their lives together. But Bellamy changed that plan when he suddenly decided to join the military. Leaving Clarke devastated. Three years later, Octavia wants Clarke to be her maid of honor. She knows that she will have to come face to face again...

  • Postcard Princess
    12.8K 494 33

    Bellamy has never met the blonde girl in all of the postcards that covered the walls of his job. But, damn if she wasn't beautiful. Clarke had left her hometown years ago. She packed her bags, jumped into her car, and never looked back. But, now she's ready to come home. Her first instinct is always to run. It alway...

    Completed   Mature
  • Brave Rebel Book 2 (Bellarke FanFic)
    31.3K 868 18

    A brand neeeeew crazy story about Bellarke is about to blow your mind! Stay tuned! Here's Brave Rebel Book 2!!

  • Bellarke: Battle Scars
    3.2K 96 14

    After Bellamy and Clarke find barrels of guns and amo, the camp is raided by Grounders. The 100 are forced to disperse. Bellamy and Clarke must find there way back to camp together. How can they do that when all they do is argue?

  • Sour Warms (A Bellarke FanFiction)
    540 24 7

    Clarke Griffin is a rich 18 year old girl who has the perfect life in Beverly Hills and she couldn't ask for a better life. of course except for the fact the only reason the Griffin's are rich is because her father who passed away is the leader of a mobster group. Bellamy Blake is also a very rich boy but hasn't rall...

  • The Princess and the Rebel [ON HOLD]
    2.9K 149 12

    [ON HOLD] -Modern time Bellarke AU Clarke Griffin moves to Arkadia to start a new life far away from the ghosts of her past that now haunt her. Bellamy Blake is the school jock and player that gets any girl he wants. She hates him. He wants her. [WARNING! Lots of swearing, sexual content] [All caracters belong to eith...

  • Survivors ( bellarke fanfic )book 2
    155K 4.6K 33

    The second book . The first book is leaders , go read it ! Bellamy and Clarke fan fic

  • Hit Me //Bellarke//
    24.3K 805 15

    HE only wanted to save his sister. SHE only wanted to save herself. What they didn't expect was to save EACH OTHER. ____________________________________ When Bellamy Blake is given the task of capturing and assassinating Clarke Griffin he expected a privileged weakling, not the the brave leader that challenges him in...

  • NSFW
    17K 291 23

    Clarke has worked at Blake Publishing for just over a year, her boss, Bellamy Blake, has a thing for secretaries, specifically the ones that work directly for him. Octavia didn't know that when she set her college friend, Clarke, up for the job and Clarke bet that she had no idea that her brother liked to take advanta...

  • Best friends brother~ Bellarke fanfic
    29.3K 1.3K 28

    He was utterly perfect. His hair a beautiful black like the dark winter nights. His eyes a melting chocolate. His smile that made my world turn. He was perfect and I wanted him to be mine. - When Clarke Griffin befriended Octavia Blake she never had the plan of falling for her other brother. From the start Clarke...

  • Bellarke
    6.7K 335 10

    Bellamy and Clarke have been best friends since Kindergarten. Once Bellamy and Clarke start high school they slowly drift apart. Will they become friends again? Will there friendship become something more?

  • An undying love (Bellarke)
    3.6K 102 20

    Its an AU where they've known each other their entire lives. They're just firguring out who they are and who they love.

  • See You Again │ Bellarke au
    13.4K 282 24

    The CW and Kass Morgan own all characters Highest ranking: #96 in bellarke

  • A Race Against Time.
    13.3K 637 11

    Five Years. That's how long it's been. Bellamy is the Chancellor of Camp Jaha and Clarke is still no where to be found. In fact, Clarke hasn't been seen since the day she walked away from her people leaving Bellamy with only a kiss on the cheek to remember her by. Until one evening when Lead Guard Jasper comes runnin...

  • Leaders ( bellarke ) the 100 fanfic [ book 1]
    815K 20.5K 70

    The 100. The writing is iffy in the beginning. You will see how I grow when the stories grow. It's bellarke. And the ending of every chapter will get you.

  • Why Now?
    8.2K 184 9

    17-year old Clarke Griffen just found out she's pregnant. She's now on the most dangerous planet. Earth. See how she survives... This is a Bellarke Fanfic. Most events that happen in the show are in this story. THIS IS MY FIRST FANFIC SO BEAR WITH ME. SRY.

  • The 100-Bellarke
    1.3K 73 6

    Bellarke fanfiction!

  • Warriors ( Bellarke fanfic Book 3 )
    31.8K 823 16

    This is season three book three of my Bellarke fanfic !!! book 2 is survivors! go read it

  • Not all fun and games
    45K 2.2K 67

    Ever since Clarke landed on the ground in a dropship containing 100 young and no-longer-confined criminals, she got a chance at a new beginning- at a new life. But things aren't exactly as simple as that. Between leading the camp of kids and running her own complicated life, Clarke struggles to do all she can to survi...

  • Bellarke
    4.3K 195 7

    Bellamy and Clarke had a devastating break up while they were seniors in high school... Clarke moved with her mom to New York where she built herself a new life. What happens when she returns?

  • where wishes will speak
    306 14 4

    Clarke griffin is moving to a new town in Maryland due to all the hardships her and her mother,Abby had to deal with back in their home town. Including the passing of Clarke's dad, Jake griffin, it's been a year since he's been gone and life is hard. Clarke is nervous about moving. There new neighborhood is nice but c...

  • heartsick // bellarke
    7.4K 460 28

    ❛❛ heal me, i'm heartsick i'm hungry and i'm broken i'm haunted, and weeping The blood of heaven flowing like a river tonight tears i can't fight on my own. ❜❜ ➵ a book where bellamy and clarke are either meant to be together or meant to fall apart. ( modern bellarke ) ( #35 in bellarke ) ( #1 in beliza )

  • Friends Forever
    14.2K 288 34

    Murven, Bellarke & a few others ~~ Murphy, Raven, Finn, Clarke, Bellamy, and Octavia are all best friends along with Jasper and Monty. They all get along really well, but will that all change when one of them is killed? ~~ I hate this story so much, but I don't want to delete it forever. So if there was a way to arch...

  • Ark High
    1.6K 23 16

    Clarke moved from Virgina to LA with her mom, because her dad was an astronaut and died in space because his helmet broke. When she found a guy named Bellamy, her life changed not just because she met him. But she got something. A gift..... She has to fight to save the human race. With Bellamy and Octavia she fights h...

  • Fault Line (Bellarke)
    56.8K 2.4K 61

    Clarke Griffin, is a cheerful over-dramatic and clumsy accountant working for Blake Industries, an American business and oil company. Her new boss Bellamy Blake however, is the complete opposite. A rude, arrogant, businessman, who rarely smiles. When their paths cross, its not pretty. He was the south pole, she was...

    Completed   Mature
  • My Wife the Commander of Death
    5.9K 175 14

    When an army of assassins and headhunters amass at the gates of Arcadia seeking Clarke, she must make a life changing decision. War resulting in hundreds of deaths, self sacrifice, which Bellamy would never allow, or... Marriage? Bellamy's always protected Clarke without a second thought, but suddenly he's not the onl...

  • Bellarke-100 FF
    2.3K 157 7