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  • We'll Never Die
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    It centers on the decline and motivation of one of the world's biggest club, Manchester United.

  • Only You
    3.3K 638 26

    This is not your ordinary girl meets boy story. It's a story of love,yes,but more than that,it's a story of family, friends, struggle with dark impulses and a dark past. You'll meet Ese,a girl who is anything but simple,she's deep and introverted and yet has a very intriguing personality well at least our light skinne...

  • How to get Followers
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    Just some tips on how to get followers.

    115K 3.9K 7

    Hopefully this will help you get reads/comments/votes/noticed on wattpad :)

  • Writing tips
    13.7K 376 43

    Just some tips on writing your novels or stories. I know how hard it can be to start, to create your characters and to keep track of your characters. I wrote this book with the hope that I can help at least one person. Enjoy it! Please note that not all of this is my own work and that most of it comes from the Interne...