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  • Ashes To Shadows
    50.9K 2.2K 24

    The only thing Nara Yoruka wants from her second life is to live a semi-peaceful life. Unfortunately, she was reborn into the Narutoverse, so that's not going to happen. I'm uploading this with the original author's, an_actual_ocean over at ao3, permission.

  • Arron and Trexx
    424K 34.9K 78

    Barely escaping alive from a human trafficking ring, Arron finds herself running for her life as her captors seek to hunt her down, either to end her life or to torture her, she does not know. She doesn't want to find out either. Sweaty, tired, lightheaded and hungry, she finds herself literally crawling into Konoha t...

  • Just Imagine
    276K 19.6K 36

    Hot is the fire that burns in her eyes as she fights with all her mind. Imagine. It was a peculiar name for a girl although it did fit her perfectly. Ima, they called her that for short. Ima was never normal, she had never spoken a word or made a sound. No crying, no laughing, no... anything. However, when she turned...

  • Heart of the Assassin (A Hunter X Hunter Fanfic) {Killua Zoldyck}
    224K 6.8K 21

    Kirahki Freecss is Gon's sister. Mito-san adopted her when she was still just a baby. The only lead she has about her family is the fact that her eyes turn a brilliant shade of red whenever she feels intense emotion. It's almost been one year since she left Whale Island to set out to find her birth family, and with th...

  • THIS IS HOME , kakashi hatake
    215K 10.1K 51


  • Chipped Mask
    159K 10.3K 36

    A self-insertion into the Narutoverse. No one just falls into another world. It just doesn't happen. Not normally, at least. Not even rarely. It's an effect, not a cause. And I should have known that. The signs were there. The warnings were clear. I should have paid attention. No one just falls into another world. No...

  • Scarlet Wolf ➸ Assassination Classroom Fanfic { COMPLETED }
    324K 11.2K 50

    ¡¡¡COMPLETELY DONE!!! { Completed August 21, 2018 } The E-class is tasked with such a difficult task. Killing a yellow creature that can move at Mach 20. With this, the government seeks out help from another assassin. One unlike the others. Kraftvoll Kaji might live in Japan, but she's lived most of of life in German...

  • For Humanity: Book 2
    108K 7.3K 27

    Book two of For Humanity! Hollow's been sucked into a black hole, and dropped back in her home. Only she's pregnant with a child, Levi's child. She doesn't know how to get back, nobody does. So will the baby ever meet his father? And how has Levi reacted to all this?

  • For Humanity
    264K 15.8K 36

    A twenty six year old Hollow is sucked into a portal to another world. How? Well, it's not her fault Fugaku and Minato wanted to see what might happen if they activated an ancient Uchiha scroll. Poor, innocent Hollow is sucked in along with the two ghosts, landing in a completely new place where no body has enough cha...

  • Fight or Flight [BNHA x reader]
    18K 972 29

    Everyone grew up knowing exactly what kind of hero they wanted to be, they all had someone like All Might to look up to but not (Name) so when she joins UA, her goal is more than just being number 1. Through her trials of living, being a teenage girl, and dealing with the abnormalities of a quirk filled life, she is g...

  • Mind Boggled
    1.4M 85.5K 64

    Harper Rye can, to put it simply, read minds. It's not something she consciously does. Her quirk simply allows her to pick up people's thoughts, regardless of whether she wants to or not. The fact that she can't turn it off makes having such a power nearly unbearable. To make matters worse, she's somehow managed to fa...

  • Yandere!Minato x Reader: Gone With The Wind | Discontinued
    80.3K 2.2K 15

    When he looked at you, the whole world just stopped. Pausing, letting him look at you fully. Minato Namikaze just couldn't help but fall in love. **I do not own the cover image nor Naruto**

  • Protecting You (Katsuki Bakugo x Reader)
    2.1M 78.2K 83

    Ranked #2 in Fanfics out of 1 Million *UPDATES EVERY WEDNESDAY* KATSUKI BAKUGO x READER "I may not be a hero yet, but be damned sure that I'll protect you. Always." You are a hero mercenary, someone that is hired by Tokyo Hero HQ to kill the villains they face. After a villain attack on the Hero Academy named UA, you...

  • [Half Love, Half Lust] Shouto Todoroki x Reader
    490K 16.2K 44

    [Mostly Old Writing Style] Cover by JullianeRey. To be taken over by BOREDDABI. [Discontinued]

    Completed   Mature
  • Boku No Hero Academia One Shots [Book 1]
    3.2M 78.3K 204

    [Mostly Old Writing Style] [Complete] [Book 2 is out]

    Completed   Mature
  • SELF/CONTROL (katsuki bakugou x reader)
    806K 27.6K 40

    "there are some things you learn best in calm, and some best in storm" mature content; not for kiddos art from tumblr s l o w updates

  • I've Got You Under My Skin
    953K 39.9K 36

    Todoroki x Reader x Bakugou (L/N) (Y/N) is the daughter of one of Endeavour's colleagues, Reo. Her quirk and awkwardness tend to make her unapproachable, the only friend she has being Shouto. But then Shouto pulls away, and (Y/N) fears that she may have lost him forever. Not knowing how to fix things between them, sh...

  • Heroes Don't Exist.| BNHA|
    878K 37.2K 71

    Book I "There's no such thing as a hero. As far as I'm concerned, You shouldn't need some bullshit label to do the right thing." || Izanami Shi would stop at nothing to fulfill her vow. Stuck between what's right and what's wrong and bound by her own Bushido code, this rising hero would do whatever necessary for...

  • Hoshigaki
    524K 33.5K 36

    When Sakura was three, her father told her he was a criminal. When she was seven, the last thing she saw of him was the sword on his back. When she was eight, she had a friend named Kiba. When they were twelve, they met Shino. And when they were genin, they began to fight for the truth because they could no longer fi...

    Completed   Mature
  • Romeo And Juliet(Gangster!Todoroki x Reader)
    17.5K 590 5

    (Y/n) is a normal 18 year old first year college student, fresh out of high school and still living with her parents whom are supportive of her education. She's a typical good girl that usually follows the rules and tries not to cause any trouble for her parents. Todoroki Shoto is a 20 year old notorious gang leader...

  • Melodies Of Dreamland(Various x Reader)
    79.2K 1.8K 17

    This will be a miscellaneous anime smut book! Sometimes I'll feel like writing shots for others characters from various anime, when I feel inspiration or just find a new guy/girl to drool over that needs some lovin'!~ :3 If you don't like mature content this is not the book for you, warnings will be on every chapter.

  • Melodies Of A Mysterious Vampire(Vampire!Katsuki x Reader)
    80.4K 2K 22

    I have a very healthy obsession with Vampires. So because I've actually made at least 10 Vampire!Katsuki one shots, I decided to make a complete separate book for them. So If I ever have the Itch to create a BNHA Vampire sub one-shot this is where it will go. Some of the first few shots will be old ones that got remov...

  • Promise| [Shouto Todoroki X reader]
    743K 18.3K 23

    ╰轟焦凍╯ Promise me, you won't forget our laughs, our smiles, our conversations, our tears, our memories. ⇝ finished.

  • Bnha Oneshots
    4.4M 118K 154

    (Requests Closed!) The title says it all! These are all x reader scenarios and such. I will also take requests for most characters (no Mineta or Stain though, sorry). Just drop your request in my inbox when they are open. Credit to @Sopherloafer for the rad cover! Thanks for reading!

  • Freeze Frame
    3M 177K 131

    There are plenty of quirks nobody has ever heard of. They pop up all the time. With each new generation comes a wave of possibilities for power, and for new breeds of hero to be born.The hero business is getting more powerful by the day, so you have to have one hell of a quirk to make it. Lillian Faust did not think s...

  • Stand By Me
    122K 3.5K 36

    What happens when two heirs of two noble clans clash? This story is a romantic journey between Aya Hyuga, and Itachi Uchiha.

  • So strange... [Naruto] (modern!reader x various)
    418K 12.6K 84

    (Y/N) (L/N) is a normal girl that are interested in anime, especially Naruto. (Y/N) like to be alone and just think for herself. what she do is watching anime, read manga, draw naruto characters or bloody pictures, listen to nightcore and more anime. one day when she was drawing and listening to music she joked to he...

  • second chances {Óbito x kakashi xReader}
    156K 8K 50

    Y/n had one mission in life. Help obito in order to help build this new world Madara preached about to you guys as a child. But when push comes to shove you and obito parted ways hoping to never see each other again. That you both will do things your own way. What happens when they both reunite 10 years later as akat...

  • Saisei (再生) - Naruto Reborn Fanfiction
    383K 14.3K 75

    |FIRST PLACE WINNER IN THE NARUTO WATTY AWARDS: RISING AUTHORS 2019| 魂の再生 - Rebirth of the Soul .-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-. In a world where no one knows what's right and what's wrong, what would you choose? The law or the rogues? "neither. you just look after the ones you love and hope to make it out, preferably alive." "wel...

  • Alone Together...
    382K 16.7K 53

    First waking up in the body of a character in Naruto, then meeting their inner personality was never a good thing. Follow Kazumi Yukimura as she lives her life as Sakura, trying to redo past mistakes and save people's lives. What can go wrong? Right!?