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  • The Multitudes Within Me (Sequel to The Sound of Ice)
    499K 30K 43

    What haunts Sam Hughes? ("The Multitudes Within Me" is the sequel to "The Sound of Ice.")

  • What Happens In August || ✔️
    56.3K 4.5K 23

    *Completed* Stranded in the backwater, hillbilly-infested town of O'Connell county, Georgia, 17 year old, August Alder, has only ever had one wish: to put his hometown in his rearview mirror and never look back. Finally approaching his senior year of high school, with a flawless record of academic excellence under his...

  • [BXB] October Flynn
    161K 8.9K 37

    Tobes Flynn had always been a particularly strange boy, but never would he be able to predict how much more strange his life would get when a rather angry boy named Charlie Baxter takes an interest in him.

  • mixtape (boyxboy)
    17.8K 690 2

    Two friends, no plans, a stolen car, and a mixtape.

  • Love Me (boyxboy)
    260K 10.6K 23

    ~ I looked back at Logan and he smiled as if he was thinking the same thing. In that moment, I remembered how much I loved him and his beautiful smile. Maybe we were just a dumb couple in love but I was okay with that. ~

  • Planet or Plastic- Charlie's Story
    184 32 1

    My entry for the #PlanetOrPlastic competition 😊 I hope that you guys understand the main message of this 500 word short story- we need to fight this dreadful ocean pollution. Here's Charlie's story- a fifteen year old caught up in this dangerous disaster. I hope that you enjoy reading it- even if the subject matter...

  • just pretend
    263K 12.5K 34

    Andrew is a spoiled only child who attends Whitewater Preparatory School with his girlfriend Keanu. His parents focus all their attention on their one an only son trying their best to make him perfect. Leo is a rebellious misfit who attends a local high school despite having enough money to attend Whitewater with his...

  • Diary Of A Gay High Schooler
    6.7K 101 15

    A daily update story. Follow the life of Dylan through his days of high school, will he find love? Will he regret decisions? Read to find out! As the story goes on the entries will turn more into a narration.. for now though it's diary entries

  • The New King || harringrove
    41.1K 1.4K 23

    "It's been 3 weeks since Nancy and I spilt, 2 weeks since my only friends started to consist of just 13 year old kids, and 1 week since Billy Hargrove arrived in Hawkins." TW: Abuse, alcohol, homophobic slurs

  • Stop texting me
    92.5K 2.8K 27

    A boy gets a text from his secret admirer.. what would happen next? * will be very short chapters in text form ** short story**

  • d a n c e // tyrus // andi mack
    21.1K 540 16

    -in which tj kippen's parents got a divorce and his mom wants him to continue with basketball but amber introduces him to a boy named cyrus in her dance class. !editing and writing still in process! side parings; amber x andi jonah x good mental health buffy x marty

  • A Brief History of Falling for Billy Hargrove [harrington x hargrove]
    110K 5.3K 17

    In which Steve realises that falling for Billy isn't at all as hard as one might think.

  • For, Elliot (boy x boy) ✔️
    54.8K 3.2K 17

    Issac and Elliot. Elliot and Issac. Two boys who have totally different views, lives, styles... Elliot tries to fit in, his personality friendly and loving. Issac is guarded, quiet, and inconsiderate. The two meet. One loves the other but the other won't reciprocate. An unrequited love story that could potentially...