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  • Salt and The Sea ➸ Supercorp AU
    88 15 2

    After the worst day of her life, Lena Luthor takes a flight back to Midvale only to run into childhood best friend Kara Danvers whose relationship is on its last strand. - Started: 6/7/20 [Updates Frequently]

  • A Danvers and a Luthor (Supercorp fic)
    265K 9.7K 27

    Sequel to "A Super and a Luthor" fic, features engaged/married Supercorp

  • Supercorp Journey
    8.3K 280 14

    All relationships have their ups and downs . Lena gets pregnant with Kara's child or is it? Lillian has planned a revenge but what will she do to the poor innocent baby.Will kara and Lena find a way to defeat Lillian. Read to see a starting of a Supercorp Adventure! ...

  • Falling in love Supercorp ( hight school au )
    9.8K 220 8

    When Kara hasn't been in school for two days Lena get worried, so she go's to Alex. Alex said she's ill so Lena ask to come round after school. When Kara wake up from two days of pain she wake up with something new. So she wait for Alex to come home. What Kara doesn't know is that when she asking Alex for help she in...

  • Supergirl Imagines
    2.8K 58 3

    Each chapter in this book are various events in your lives with characters from supergirl such as your first kiss or first fight or anything like that.

  • A Battle For Supercorp (re written)
    3.5K 238 12

    Kara Danvers, by day the owner of a multi-million dollar news industry and by night and also sometimes day, respected and worldwide superhero Supergirl. Lena Luthor, also the owner of a multi-million dollar scientific engineering company and a national hero for breakthrough medical treatments. Two girls could not be...

  • Supercorp college AU
    462 29 1

    lena was transferring colleges to get a better life away from the pain of her past. A wrecked childhood and a cruel misunderstood family stereotyping her life... that is until she met kara. Literally a ball of physical sunshine. lena begins to feel something she had never felt before... love. Kara knew pain like the...

  • SuperCorp Oneshots
    48.2K 1.4K 36

    A bunch of SuperCorp one shots! I'm taking suggestions/ requests! If you want me to do any imagines or any other ships, I'll be happy to do them just ask and give a plot line! Thanks.

  • How To Be A CEO
    27.2K 136 5

    'I'm so sorry, my darling, Kara. But, if you are reading this it means something is wrong with me. And due to that fact I am no longer able to run L-Corp of Catco. That's why I need you to step up and become the CEO of both my companies.' Previously known as Hurt

  • Supercorp - OS
    1.3K 81 7

    Just enjoy the story, I'm sure you'll will like it.

  • She Is Not My Girlfriend
    1.6K 119 5

    Why does everyone think that Lena Luthor is Kara's girlfriend? Maybe because the way Lena shove the whole flower shop into Kara's office? Maybe because Lena always saves Kara a special seat next to her in all her galas? Maybe because the CEO bought a 750 million company for the reporter? There are just so many reaso...

  • Reality
    107K 2.9K 41

    Katie has always acted as herself on and off the screen. Except for whenever Melissa was around. She often felt the chemistry between Supergirl and Lena Luthor, but reality always smacked her right back in the face. Katie wants desperately to save their friendship, but what happens when a fall out pushes them apart? W...

  • Talking Turkey
    1.4K 88 1

    After James and Lena's breakup, Kara invites Lena to her family Thanksgiving dinner. Brainy is also invited, and he misunderstands one of the customs leading to a few heartfelt conversations.

  • You're perfect
    78 5 1

    Kara makes sure Lena knows how beautiful she is.

  • The Devil
    10.2K 407 26

    Lena's life is pretty awful, with the constant attempts to kill her and the disrespectful board members, she just wishes for true love. Luckily for her a dangerously beautiful being has set eyes on her. And will do anything to make Lena her partner and with a couple of simple words everything is settled. Supercorp

  • Worlds Apart
    10.6K 392 10

    2x08, Kara returns from Earth One two weeks after she left. When she went to her house her key didn't work. So she grabs her phone and dials Alex' number, only to see a couple missed calls from Lena. She quickly called the CEO back asking "What can I do for you?" "Darling, come home" was all Lena said before she hung...

  • Back
    13.7K 431 8

    Kara hates to see Lena hurt like this and finally acts on her feelings. She decides she shouldn't have pushed James and Lena together. So she does the only thing possible. She asks Barry for help. Supercorp

  • Mine
    5.9K 269 15

    When Kara Danvers or Supergirl searches for the Vampire Queen to stop the bloodshed. Will things take a turn for the best or the worst? Supercorp

  • i need you more than anyone darlin (you know that i have from the start)
    211 16 1

    They had been friends for years, but over the years Kara grows feelings and a friendship is tested. - Started: 4/11/20 Finished: 4/11/20

    Completed   Mature
  • You Have To Save Her
    27K 730 17

    Sequel to Supercorp// Kara Danvers/ Lena Luthor.

  • Suporcorp// Kara Danvers/ Lena Luthor
    165K 4.1K 31

    Lena discovers she has deep feeling for kara. But will she get the chance to tell her. Kara is protecting Lena and she gets badly hurt. What will happen next?

  • The girl next door
    89 4 1

    Kara lives next door to Lena Luthor

  • Tick Tock [ Supercorp ]
    9.6K 339 7

    "Tick Tock Kara, don't make me expose you and then kill you both so Lena dies broken hearted." Lex circled around the lead filled room with a devilish smirk on his face, he didn't use kryptonite on purpose. Kara gritted her teeth, she could easily rip off the extra hard metal handcuffs placed around her wrists. She sa...

  • Supercorp
    42.4K 666 12

    Supercorp one shots and maybe a little sanvers

  • Angst - Reader/Lena Luthor
    5.6K 152 6

    I am upset. Lena is dead. Everyone is dead. Season of joy? You mean season of angst

  • Lena Luthor/Reader
    29.8K 907 20

    Just Short Stories Into One Book. -[Highest Ranking: -[#4 in katiemcgrath - November 2, 2019 -[#14 in lenaluthor - November 26, 2019

  • Wish
    32.7K 1.1K 20

    When a fifth dimension's imp gives Kara one wish and she accidentally wishes for something when she gets mad at James her world turns up side down. Supercorp

  • Chance At Love || Supercorp
    36.4K 1.5K 51

    Being someone that have a name in a company might have a consequence... finding love is what Lena Luthor not master at but, what if one of her staff can break the ice? L-Corp is not a science technology company but more to an entertainment business. When the family have no one else to run the business, Lena had no c...

  • Oh Rao, It's Lena.
    6K 216 18

    Kara's first thought meeting Lena for the first time is "Oh Rao, it's Lena". Is the shy reporter just friendly or is she harboring feelings for the brunette CEO? Does Lena feel the same? Follow Kara and Lena through this journey as they navigate the rough seas of friendship and love.

  • National City University
    6.7K 235 8

    Lena and Kara meet at college. This might be a slow burn, I'm not sure. I hope you enjoy it!!