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  • The Bestseller Award 2020
    2.2K 120 11

    Status Open: ✔ Closed for Judging:🚫 Results:🚫 Empowering your books with the recognition that they deserve. Stickers for judges too. Read to comprehend further information

  • EUPHORIA- Graphic Shop
    1.6K 205 23

    I received a couple of requests in my main account, asking me to open a cover shop. so I thought over and over, and here it is! EUPHORIA is a graphic shop where I make covers and aesthetics for authors like you who has a beautiful story but is in search of nice clothes and jewelries to adorn it. Well why euphoria? Why...

  • Delinquent High
    3.5K 1.1K 13

    ❝grief is the price we pay for love❞ When thrown into the wrong crowd, mixed in with the wrong people, as a form of grieving; Beth is welcomed into a world full of alcohol, violence and illegal racing. A year was all she needed to become someone no one could recognise. But we all have a limit- and she had reached hers...

  • And She Follows
    1.7K 409 50

    It's the summer before senior year and Rose Becket and her friends are set on making it count. After this year they'll be off to college and everything will be different. Can they hold it together through the rise of family dramas and love triangles?

    Completed   Mature
  • Just So You Know, I Love You (BOOK 1)
    42.7K 13.2K 97

    * #1 Romance winner of the Sunset Awards *#1 Romance winner of the Official Awards * #1 in Friendzone March 2020 *2nd place for Random Entries in Ecco Awards *2nd place Romance winner of Summer Awards * 3rd place for Random Entries in Carnation Awards *#1 Chicklit winner of Acacia Awards IT'S COMPLETED What would y...

  • The Royal Programme
    3.9K 1.7K 34

    The Royal Programme is a new summer scheme run by King Blake and Queen Lilian for their second daughter, Nina. 20 hot singles will be invited to Greece where Nina will spend her summer soaking in the sun going on mini adventures and getting to know the suitors. In the end she must choose one of the suitors to be her f...

  • Lost in Havoc [On Hold]
    2.7K 500 25

    Featured on YA's Reading List: Clueless [06/28/20] ~~~ "You don't forget the past, Ellie, you move on from them and let go of them." ~~~ Ellie Blythe Osborne was heartbroken and have become a reckless girl after she lost her father from a heart failure two years ago. One disastrous Saturday night an argument with her...

  • The Boy with the Chestnut Brown Hair
    2.9K 524 36

    Eastview #1 He's not just her first love. He's also the first one who broke her heart... Katherine Ramos, or Kane as her family and high school friends call her, is attending their high school reunion. It is a night of reminiscing the past and it brings back so much memories. She finds out that not much has changed in...

  • The Art Of Fields
    11.3K 2.2K 57

    • Status: Completed • • #2 Butterfly Award - Mystery/Thriller • ○ A life of blood pumping escapades and nerve-wracking crusades was typical for the crew. The past that constantly haunts them, is back once more. The memoirs of broken hearts, sudden deaths and arson are surfacing after all these years. Ashley Kendrick...

    486 80 17

    Ash Reynolds travels to London as an exchange student, there she stays with a family of 4. Everyone is nice and welcoming, besides Alex Charleston; a tall, handsome, British boy who doesn't give Ash the easiest of stays. How will Ash adapt to living in a new country, with a new family, a new school? And how will Al...

  • Roman Holiday
    1.8K 239 4

    Jared and Aria are polar opposites. He's a rich, arrogant drama queen that only ever travels in a limousine, while she's a determined young lawyer who finds love in cheap wine and old cassettes. A work relationship that starts with hatred, soon blossoms into a friendship, with several inside jokes, butt dials and boot...

  • Tainted Claws
    993 178 9

    Sometimes, even Immortals need a reason to live. She was his. --- "You can't tie me up or chain me, expecting me to stay put. I'm a werewolf, not a robot." "I mean I could tie you up. If that's what you want." --- Lycans were a part of bed time stories read to werewolf children. They were nothing, but a myth. At lea...

  • Fantastic Awards 2020 (Open For Nomi)
    2.3K 92 7

    ✏✏✏Awards2020 OPEN FOR JUDGE Nomi closed

  • 📖The Innovative Awards 2020📖(Judging)
    5.9K 334 28

    This is where every undiscovered writer can shine✨ [ ] open [ 📖 ] judging [ ] close start: April 18, 2020 end:

  • Readers For Reads [ OPEN ]
    3.8K 136 12

    This is a Read for Read book club.