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  • Put Your Love On | obj | ✘
    1.2M 77K 59

    (PREVIOUSLY TITLED SIX INCH HEELS) Remi Simmons has always been a go-getter: independent and thirsty for success. After a dysfunctional family home leaves her to fend for her self, she is adamant that she cannot depend on anyone and will make a way for herself, by herself. Everything seems to be tunnel vision for her...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Rebirth Of Life
    5.9K 1K 9

    Tamia Thompson never had a great life ever since she came to her parents and told them that she was pregnant. She had to work for everything with her lover by her side through it all, until their battles consumed them and she was alone.Things soon take a wild turn when she is given a blast from the past.

    501K 36.9K 67

    Elijah West and Aliyah Pryce have something in common: They have both been hurt before. Aliyah Pryce plans weddings. That's one thing she was absolutely sure about doing. She loved the thought/idea of love so when she plans an amazingly beautiful wedding, she expected for it to go to plan. Except, the groom just so h...

  • Roommates: A love story
    125K 5.7K 17

    Sometimes all you need is a room and some mates Cover by the awesome @OneJarOfKookies #1 in threesome #1 in MMF #1 in Different

  • Yakuza Boy: Or the Man with Painted Flesh (~Unedited~)
    429K 18.8K 43

    The heavy smell of cigarette smoke couldn't even mask the metallic smell of aged blood beneath the floor boards. These were dangerous men. Boys with knives and painted skin.. ~ We laid in the darkened room letting the comfortable silence cover us. His tattooed hand lightly stroked the moist skin of my arm. Yuji wa...

    Completed   Mature
  • Found
    30.1K 2.1K 4

    Sequel to Lost Kids! Amore believed that living miles and miles away from her loved ones would help her find her individuality- would help her be the woman that she always yearned to be. Strong minded, a hard worker, liberated- found. Does she still feel that when she's doing the one thing that she loves? Do they all...

    Completed   Mature
  • Until I Found You
    5.5M 244K 85

    Nadia Washington spent majority of her life in an overly strict household, being the last child, her parents wanted to protect her from the world and keep her home as long as possible. One day, Nadia decides that she no longer wants to live that life. She wants to be free, experience the world, and make her own choice...

    Completed   Mature
    130K 7.7K 15

    a tale of infidelity and the journey to forgiveness. and of course, it's based off beyonce's new album you're welcome. [beyoncé read my story and decided to have twins you're welcome] ; copyright © tobi. 2016 STARTED : MAY 8, 2016 FINISHED : JUNE 26, 2016

  • Den of Lions (of mobsters and men #2.5)
    29.3K 1K 14

    3 months later, The Pride is propelled to it's infancy into the legitimate world by Don, Stefano Vanzetti. After being severely traumatized by her kidnapping and the death of her ex-lover, Raelyn Jane Vanzetti continues her battle to find her place in the world that now calls her, Donna. She plans to tackle it all wit...

  • One Night Only
    311K 3.5K 5

    The life of a woman; Amina Price, who only knew the lifestyle of the open, riches and the pain of trying to survive whilst drowning in the deep end of a never ending hole. What happens when she's reborn and introduced to a world that she never thought she'd be born into? trigger warning: this book contains scenes of e...

    Completed   Mature
  • Southside
    581K 36.6K 44

    Southside Atlanta is home to many ambitious souls just vying to make it out the hood. Twenty year old, Amei Solarin just so happens to be one of those individuals. With having her heart broken in the past, she strictly focuses on making a name for herself by any means necessary. Unlike Amei, Cervantes Sanchez (aka Tez...

    Completed   Mature
  • Of Mobsters and Men
    1.3M 48K 50

    Stefano Vanzetti. You'd have to be living under a rock if you grew up in northern Boston and didn't know who he is. He's the heartthrob of every Italian girl in my neighborhood, the man who's probably had your daughter roll through his sheets at least once, the devilishly handsome mysterious man with dark brown eyes...

  • Of Mobsters and Men: Wild
    205K 8.1K 39

    Sequel to "Of Mobsters and Men" The Pride is under attack when an unknown enemy steps out of the shadows to settle a score with Capo leader, Stefano Vanzetti. With numerous, grusome, unexplainable murders and clues left behind to lure the Capo into a trap, it becomes transparent that Stefano is not the only one the en...

  • Orion
    51.8K 3.7K 26

    When the cloak came off, the nakedness beneath it was colored a warm, dark umber color. Something he had never seen before. The shade was one of a kind, like the sun had made love with the melanin that filled her skin like it was her first love. The runes that covered her were light, like they had been etched into her...