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  • Vaikarthana Creations
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    Closed For Ever ❗️

  • bhadrarjun a sacrificial love
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    this is a story about our favorite couple arsu it's a fictional story and not to hurt any one's intentions Cover credit @Disha352

  • PRINCESS - in search of lovable life
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    She is too stubborn too achieve anything but failed miserably to achieve love in her life. Her family and the society make her weak. The words throw on her directly pierce in to her making her soul shatter. She is just like a broken glass which shattered into 'n' number of tiny pieces. From her childhood she only crav...

  • That Indian Woman | √
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    Calcutta, India. 1899 Being a woman in this age means being tied under the shackles created by the British and an equally orthodox society. Headstrong and outgoing, Anvesha doesn't care what people think about her. She is not one of those women who stay in their homes and pop children for their husbands. She is deter...

  • FARMAAN 💕💕
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    HAR DIL KO SUNATE HAI FARMAAN; FARMAAN MOHABBAT KA.💓💓 Peep in to know more of this story of a NAWAB. This story is about two people who are completely poles apart. One is fire, another one is water. They have different status in the society as well. Now it will be extremely interesting and worthy to see how they fi...

  • SANTOSHI LEELA - Jaha Kaha Bhakt, Vaha Vaha Devi.
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    this is the story Swastika is an orphan girl who lives with her grandmother, aunts, uncle and cousins, and devotes her life to Devi Santoshi. However through her life, she faces many situations and issues in her society. Ranging from how the high class view the low class, to simple superstitions and so called false 'G...

  • Kanha's Priya
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    This is the story of Dhriti or Vrindapriya, the daughter of Chakravarti Samrat Pandu, Kunti Putri, the younger sister of Yudhisthir, Bheem and Arjun and Kanha's Priya. Dhriti, as her name suggests was one fearless girl, who used to do the things no other girl in the dwapara yug would ever imagine herself doing. From...

  • The End or a New Beginning (COMPLETE)
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    Two strangers. Sumedh and Mallika. A strange connection. A wedding that will change their lives forever. What could possibly happen? This is the tale of two broken hearts turned soul mates. Destiny has a way of twisting things around to make you realise what you're really missing out on. What will happen when thes...

  • THE UNSPOKEN WORDS ( Titanium)
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    #1| 10,may,2018| " It is a strange love story, Where she is the Secret and he is the Rumor. " " ......Our destiny was carved out of those Unspoken Words which I know even you wanted to speak" " Nothing happened " she smiled and admitted it aloud. Then shoved away her pride to let the truth scorch her tongue, " He jus...

  • The Only Way Is Up
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    Book 1 of The Only Way Is Up series. Morgan Drake is a 2nd year resident at Sangela City Regional Hospital grappling with depression and addiction, following some recent stressful life events. Disillusioned with his work and current life situation, he is forced to take a trip where he encounters a beautiful stranger:...

  • The Arranged Marriage (Completed)
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    Priyanka -> Priyanka is 22 years old and is in the process of completing her masters in Buisness administration.Since a very young age Priyanka had a fixed set of dream and in the process of going after her dreams priyanka never thought about marriage (she has never dated anyone as well in her life). Priyanka's fat...

  • Chase
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    Lockhire Blac, the chief head organizer of the DIA ( Detective Investigation Authority) is known to be the most powerful gentleman in England and is feared by all. On the other hand is Aidenne Rose, a general practising client of the DIA's Researching Department, is unexpectedly induced towards the opportunity to work...

  • - कड़वा...किन्तु सत्य
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    My live experience :--- as my real teacher

  • Never let go
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    " I won't let you go until you stop avoiding me." I gathered all the confidence I had and said "How can I not avoid you? took my first was something that I always dreamt of doing with my true love...but you just took that away from me for your fun like it was nothing for you." He walked me backward...

  • Sunshine 🌞/Sparks✨
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    Falling in love is easy but lasting in it not:- Rudra Khanna. Love... There is nothing like love or affection. They are only myths:- Adhrav Kapoor. I also want to meet my Special one while a Romantic song is playing in the background:- Meghna Kapoor. I don't know the meaning of love but I want to feel it:- Ridhima Kha...

  • Love Letter which Changed My Life < COMPLETED Has To Do Editing >
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    *** This story was inspired by True events. *** Arvind loves Divya at first sight. He goes in search of Divya and finally gets her address. He tries so many ways to grab her attention. Finally, he approaches her with a love letter. What if her father against to love? Does she accept him? How Arvind's friends play a...

    Completed   Mature
  • Kitsune's Revenge
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    On HIATUS at the moment. "My life is just too mundane for that sort of drama to unfold for no apparent reason." said the young jeweler with a hint of humor in her voice. Nina Rose Brook was the daughter of Ashton and Sara Brook. Other people would call her by her first name Nina, but for some strange reason, her famil...

  • Kitsune's Protector | Unedited
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    "When the darkness knocks on the door and the chains of an eternal prison are weakened, that is when a vessel shall be chosen from the same bloodline as the key, and with Kitsune's power, the evil shall perish from the face of the earth." That is the prophecy that had been bestowed upon the Hamasaki bloodline for many...

  • Mohit/Aakriti life after series
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    what happend to Mohit and Aakriti after the show ended? how will they survive without seeing each other everyday? read to find out

  • Another Chance (Mahabharat Time Travel Story)
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    Amaya Arundhati Raizada- a young army doctor- was the black sheep of her family. Having lost her parents at a young age, she lives with her relatives who abuses her both mentally and physically. She escapes from her relatives, goes in search of her maternal and paternal relatives. Later on, she joins the army as an ar...

  • Tamanna
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    no description..

  • RadhaKrishna Eternal Love! (ON HOLD)
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    'Sometimes for the greatest love stories, 2 lifetimes aren't enough!' Though they were spiritually never apart it still hurt more than anyone can know. How about a love story where there is a happy ending for the 2 greatest lovers! A saga that revolves around 2 people, 2 religions and 1 soul in 2 bodies! The Re- inca...

  • Incarnation of Love
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    Highest rating #367 on 29th December 2016. 'This is basically a cute love story, Which doesn't happen so easily' This is my first ever ff on the daily soap TU MERA HERO. You would have read so many Romantic novels and books. Duh.! U r in wattpad, so u must have. In my point of view...

  • Complex
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    This a story of Abir, if Mishti got married to Nishant. This is journey to rediscover Abir, who used to be free like river water; Abir who despised phones; Abir who loved life; Abir the banjaara; Abir the philosopher; Abir the bro; Abir who he was before Mishti had entered his life; Abir who knew how to appreciate hig...

  • Exchange Students.
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    Respective deities descend to earth in order to help their young devotees who had lost faith. So they end up going to a collage university like normal teenage students. On the whole, the school's population is made up of atheists. yet the deities are here to help them with their problems and restore their trust.

  • What's Love?!(Completed)
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    Three shots on a married couple Ragini and Laksh! Laksh who thinks money is enough to lead the life! Ragini who stands by her husband side even not getting his care! What happens when Raksha the symbol of Raglak love, points finger at her father stating that he doesn't love her mother? How does it effect Laksh? How w...

  • Indian Queen Of Roman Crown (completed)
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    (Winner of mysterious awards) Looking for a strong female character? Check. Love ,conspiracy and action? Check. Want to see two great cultures of history ? Check Want to know about story of an indian princess and great prince of Florence who was a widower? If it's yes , then peep inside to see what secrets it beh...

  • The journey from hurt to heart 💖 (On Hold)
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    she doesn't believe in love. she's shattered from inside. he believes in pure love. he's always happy from inside. She have a horrible past. And he is connected to her past. Why love always had to give many tuff tests? what will happen when this completely different people's lives will collide with each other.will...

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    Aurobindo Ghosh was a renowned Indian scholar and a spiritual preacher known for his theory of divine life. After his studies in United Kingdom, he returned to his homeland and served the ruler of the princely state of Baroda. There, he served as a teacher in various colleges and nurtured his intellect on Indian trad...

  • My Love Ragsan ❤️
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    Ragsan photos {completed}