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  • Misguided - Colby Brock
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    who knew everything going wrong in a day could lead you to the one thing to make it right? --- accomplishments: •#63 in colbybrock •#59 in aarondoh •#78 in coreyscherer •#161 in samandcolby •#23 in eltoncastee •#84 in traphouse •#18 in colbybrockfanfic •#121 in jakewebber •#28 in samgolbach ---

  • they met her on a trip // colby brock
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    "colby." "kinny." "stop." "i will never."

  • star gazers | b. blake (1)
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    ∅•.* ∅•.* IN EDITING (epigraph to chapter 4 is edited) "why do you stare up at the stars every night? we came down to earth, but you can't seem to let go of our old home." the ark is dying, by dying i mean running out of oxygen. 97 years ago a nuclear war occurred on earth, where no one was believed to have survived...

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    ⠀⠀⠀⠀ 𝐒𝐎𝐓𝐄𝐑𝐈𝐀. ' run fast, run away run straight into the loneliness it isn't only home i miss ' ⠀⠀⠀⠀ soteria - the 100 season one bo...

  • Vertigo ( the 100 Bellamy Blake / Roan)
    70.1K 1.2K 52

    Valery Kane has always been know as a shy and dreamily person. Until she reached the age of 16 and was caught for her crimes. She was ruined and called a maniac, and left to rot until she would become 18. She was more than excited when she got send to earth with 99 others. Unfortunately, it didn't really turned out t...

  • Distraction | Bellamy Blake | 1
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    When her feet hit the ground, she knew she was finally home. And home is where the heart is. [season one] [pg13]

  • Forever Anna
    217K 4.8K 51

    Back in the age of Harry Potter, an exchange student arrives from the United States to attend Hogwarts. She's always been a bit of a rebel so naturally she's sorted into Slytherin. As she begins her first year, she quickly becomes popular amongst the other students especially a certain someone. With being the new gir...

  • Skinny Love♥ (Stiles Stilinski/Teen Wolf Fanfic)
    1M 22.8K 50

    ❝ Come on skinny love what happened here ❞ There's only a couple of things Savannah Knight, new girl in town is sure of. One, that she came to this town looking for answers and the other being that she has feelings for her best friend. Stiles Stilinski is madly in love with his best friend, Savannah Knight. He loves h...

  • After
    708M 11.2M 115

    Tessa Young is an 18 year old college student with a simple life, excellent grades, and a sweet boyfriend. She always has things planned out ahead of time, until she meets a rude boy named Hardin, with too many tattoos and piercings who shatters her plans.

  • the new girl | e.d
    4.8K 40 21

    • Riley Jordan travels around the US because of her dads job and settles down in New Jersey and finds herself in a situation with a gorgeous boy named ethan. She doesn't know how to feel at first but of course she falls for him. Read for more:) Ethan Dolan Fanfiction💫

    Completed   Mature
  • just one bite- Dolan twins and Cameron Dallas
    22.2K 289 21

    hi I'm Bailey. I just turned 17. and I'm moving. but something is about to happen. I can just feel it.

  • Loving So Hard {Ethan Dolan}
    760K 14.8K 59

    Maria wasn't the popular girl in school she was always the smart geek at any subject. While Ethan and his brother Grayson were the popular guys at school that every girl had a crush on. When Maria and Ethan run into each other will things change? will she have feelings? does Ethan care? is personality the key in the...

  • Hide Me - Dolan Twins
    26.4K 711 28

    Trust me it's worth the read. Quote from book- "The type of person I am? What the hell does that even mean?", he asked, clearly getting frustrated. "You carry around a GUN. You're angry ALL THE TIME and you're a mafia leader and YOU KILL PEOPLE FOR CHRIST'S SAKE. You don't care about anyone at all and I don't feel we...

  • Why? || Ethan Dolan and Grayson Dolan ||
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    Macilyn Rud goes to school with the Dolans. She is really close friends with Grayson and she's only friends with Ethan a little, but she can't like them. Ethan's a fuckboy, that just wants to get into your pants, and Grayson's her best friend, but she can't control her feelings. She starts to like Ethan and Grayson, b...

  • Friends • E.D.
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    I'd been friends with Ethan almost our whole lives, never once had this ever even been a thought to either of us.

  • lifeguard | e.d.
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    "you're kinda cute," he said as he grabbed his coffee and slowly walked away. i'm a tomato. i swear. *cringey and very cliche* i warned u

    Completed   Mature
  • bitch↠ g.d
    138K 3.9K 19

    in which a girl was too blinded by love to see that her boyfriend didn't love her as much as she thought he did, because no one should damage someone they love both physically and mentally. ©fratboidolan ©lowkeygraysgirl

  • [ed] summerfling
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    "one thing i know for sure is that you're not just a summer fling." ©balenciahoe

  • lifeguard↠ e.d.
    167K 5.6K 22

    in which the rebellious boy is infatuated with the bosses niece, and is determined to teach her how to live, all while at the summer camp they work at. ©fratboidolan

  • The Outcasts | e.d
    70K 2.5K 21

    She wanted love; he wanted to feel something, and this was their last chance to do it. Here are two outcasts that go from not acknowledging each other's existence to spending their last night as seniors together. In the most problematic way possible. One bucket list, two outcasts, two completely different stories.

  • Disparate || Ethan Dolan a.u.
    39.3K 883 8

    "He wasn't like the others, but in reality neither was she." Copyright 2015 @ethanfuxmeup

  • Escape Route | Ethan Dolan [slow updates]
    59.3K 1.5K 22

    "He's just this bad boy I met." ••• Escape Route

  • Tough//E.D
    175K 5K 26

    She was the new girl, who got into this huge fight in less than 30 minutes of her being in her new school. Her best friends guide her through her life, her struggles, and her troubles. This is lavender Jeremiah.

  • Love hate- Dolan twins fanfic
    3.7K 43 5

    Annabelle was a 14 year old girl who moved to New Jersey when her parents die.She becomes close to two twins, Ethan and Grayson Dolan. Grayson helps her with the misterory or her mums death. Will they be friends or will they be more?

  • Seeing Double// A Dolan Twins FanFic
    1.1K 28 31

    You are heading to Los Angelos in a hope to find a well paying job and a fresh start from your hometown of Chicago where things didn't go so well.You walk around and bump into some really hot twins, but not just any twins, THE DOLAN TWINS! They are your favorite YouTubers! They invite you to stay with them, and so rel...

  • Which Bad Boy ?? ( dolan twins fanfic )
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    Me and my best friend Amelia have just moved to LA. But what will happen when they meet these two twins ? Will there be a happy ending or not ?

  • The One (An Ethan Dolan Fanfiction)
    2.8K 52 13

    Hailey Landerson's just a 16 year old girl that falls in love with someone who makes her happier than ever.

  • Is this love?
    4K 109 2

    Y/n Grier is the younger sister of the well known star named Grier and twin of Hayes Grier. Every boy that's friends with Nash and Hayes like y/n, except for Cameron. He's like a brother to her. One day Cameron introduces y/n to two twins named Grayson and Ethan, who will she pick? One of twins... Or one of the magcon...

  • The Reason For My Smile. A Grayson And Ethan Dolan Fanfic!
    792 15 12

    Nikole Dallas is 15, has red hair, and blue eyes. She moves to Las Angeles, California to have freedom. Her mom paid for everything. Her dad died and her Grandma almost died. She used to be best friends with Grayson and Ethan Dolan. They haven't spoke for 11 years. What is gonna happen? Will she run into them? Or with...