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  • Only human
    28.8K 413 38

    A transformers prime fanfic about when Arcee is turned human she must learn to adapt to the human life. And maybe she'll also have a little romance. P.S. I don't own any of the characters in this story.

    Completed   Mature
  • Caved In
    98.5K 3.3K 13

    Sonic and the gang visit one of the biggest and most ancient caves in all of Mobius for a Summer activity. What started off as a harmless, self-guided tour, soon became a danger to their lives. The gang becomes split up, as the roof begins to cave in. They must go on a journey to find each other again and find their...

  • Transformers (TFP) Stranded
    16K 464 12

    (TFP Story) Starscream, Knockout, and Soundwave are sent to a remote rainforest to track an Energon signal, when Soundwave gets separated from the others by a violent storm. Starscream and Knockout must navigate their way through this foreign environment to find him, facing numerous obstacles including wild animals...

  • Megascream -(Megatron X Starscream)
    37.4K 474 24

    //Never Judge A Book By It's Cover.// Megatron the leader of the decepticons and starscream the commander of the decepticons. Both had a secret crush on each other, but what will happen if this relationship goes any further ?, what will become of them ?, read know before it's to late,and believe me those who are a bi...

    Completed   Mature
  • The babysitter
    7.4K 263 1

    O N E P A R T O N L Y 𝓜𝓪𝓽𝓾𝓻𝓮 𝓬𝓸𝓷𝓽𝓮𝓷𝓽 𝔻𝕚𝕤𝕔𝕝𝕒𝕚𝕞𝕖𝕣: i dont own any of the characters except for my own OCS. Please do not attempt Copyright Infringement Thanks. Draco has a new job, involving children, a thing he hates, but it earns him some solid money, Lucius wanted him to have a job and become...

  • Wheeljack & Ratchet (complete)
    71.1K 1.9K 32

    Wheeljack is someone who doesn't take care a lot. But when Ratchet is in his near his character changes into something friendly.... Note to all Autobots at the base: Don't let these two Bots alone! (beware of sexual content) Enjoy ❤

    Completed   Mature
  • Loving Your Enemy (INFONIC)
    36.9K 1.2K 23

    Dr. Eggman has conquered much of the world with help from a powerful and mysterious new villain named Infinite. They succeed to capture Sonic and take him to the Death Egg in space. Sonic goes through six months of torture, but what for torture? He doesn't say anything to his friends when he gets saved. What happened...

    Completed   Mature
  • Haunted
    21.5K 1K 27

    Sonic is haunted by a ghost who won't leave him alone. This ghost is particularly after Sonic's body. Lemons

    Completed   Mature
  • Ever Babysat a Giant Robot? (TFP Little Series) (Wattys 2017)
    135K 4.3K 14

    During an unfortunate accident that's half planned, the bots and cons are transformed into sparklings. Can Optimus and the kids take care of the sparkling Autobots? Can Megatron and Shockwave have enough patients with the sparkling Decepticons? Will the two leaders be able to figure everything out before they themsel...

  • When I first laid eyes upon you
    6.4K 171 4

    A transformers prime fanfic (Remember the one I did in the g1 universe? This one is basically the same but in the prime universe) Wheeljack knew Ratchet was the one when he first laid optics on him. He wasn't so sure how to bring it to him, so it was kind of awkward when he tried to flirt with him (which almost alwa...

  • TF RID: Kitty Bumblebee
    5.4K 155 20

    Bumblebee had been captured by the Decepticons. The cons had erased his memories and somehow turned him into an Algoranian. An Algoranian is a Cybertronian that is half animal. For example, Steeljaw appears to be an Algoranian, but he isn't and there are 3 main reasons that prove this. Will the Autobots get Bumblebee...

  • what's hiding inside?
    3.1K 90 6

    Starscream isn't all he seems to be.

  • A Sparkling Changes The Spark.
    22.8K 630 24

    Megatron is a dark and brooding mech with no sight of mercy. But what happens when an accident happens that changes the lives for everyone forever?

  • Love is War (Starscream x Megatron)
    18.9K 489 9

    During a heated battle between Decepticons, Autobots, and humans something unexpected happens. Something that changes everything Megatron thought he knew.

  • Starscream's Secret
    190K 6K 61

    Its a secret. Do you really expect me to tell you what's in the book? Have fun reading loves! ;) Story is mine but I do not own the characters. They rightfully belong to their creators.

  • Home for Christmas
    390 12 1

    Fanfiction for: Transformers Animated After being shrunk to a small size again by Perceptor’s shrink gun, Starscream is left to wander the streets of Detroit on a cold, snowy Christmas Eve night until he befriends a young girl named Clarice who takes him home with her. Starscream shows Clarice what having a mini Decep...

  • Help Me Remember (TomTord) {COMPLETED}
    72.9K 2K 15

    Tord wakes up after the explosion finding that he's deaf and blind in the right side of his face. His right arm is bleeding bad and the worst thing of all is he can't remember a single thing. Out of curiosity he decides walks to the 2 destroyed houses below the cliff he stands on. (TomTord) (EddMatt) If you don't like...

  • Lost
    10.1K 811 25

    It was a fight that lead to Sonic's disappearance. This wasn't a normal fight, it was floating over his weakness... water. When Sonic's friends can't get him out from the water in time, each gives up over time. If he's still alive, is he wounded? How did he avoid drowning? And if he didn't go home, where is he?

    Completed   Mature
  • It Will Be Okay (SONADOW)
    84.1K 2.4K 21

    Sonic has depression. His life has never been great and after Dr Eggman was defeated, it only got worse. Nobody knows that he is cutting himself, nor that he is suicidal. That is until a certain event takes place.

    Completed   Mature
  • regular Show Illness
    17.6K 446 12

    I don't know what to say about this other than Rigby gets sick and Mordecai takes care of him. I tried to find Rigby sickficks but there was like... 3. so I made one to add to the smol pile. WARNING::: Graphic depictions of illness!!!

  • Wingless
    15.8K 466 13

    (a Megastar story) After Starscream's wings are removed in a fit of anger, the Seeker is locked up in a hidden room on the Nemesis, Wingless. Without the limbs that separate him from the other Cybertronians aboard the Nemesis, he is lost and has nothing to hold to. When Megatron receives word that Starscream is trying...

  • Sparkling Minded ( Transformers )
    23.3K 518 9

    "Dude what do we do! " Shouted the girl. "Just make sure Smokescreen doesn't break anything along with Bulkhead and make Sure Arcee doesn't try to sneak attack on someone and Bumblebee, Ratchet and Optimus, they are fine, " The teen boy instructed with every breath. ~ Autobots come back from a mission with a...

  • Learning to Care
    6.2K 196 13

    Toby accidentally hits Blinky with a dangerous gum-gum artifact that de-ages him into a baby troll. Now Jim has to help babysit at the same time as keeping up with his duties at home and as the trollhunter. Claire and Toby search for a way to reverse the spell and discover that Aargh has no clue how to care for babies...

  • My Worst Enemy {Transformers Story}
    116K 3.2K 21

    Lord Megatron has always found Starscream to be more trouble than he was worth, but when the idea of gaining more of the rare Seeker breed is placed in his processor, the warlord decides he may as well learn how to take care of his new pet. (I assume this would be the time to grovel and say I own nothing. Well, I don'...

  • Little Optimus (TFP Little Series)
    49.9K 1.7K 7

    During a battle with the Decepticons, Optimus is turned into a sparkling. Ratchet races against time to restore him before they lose the Optimus they know. The rest of the team tries to help their leader the best they can. Keeping him safe and also making sure he doesn't feel useless. Can they help him before the sp...

  • Love Potion Gone Wrong [Black Hat x Dr. Flug]
    45.2K 1.1K 9

    Yes, I am aware this has probably been done a lot and that it's probably the most cliché one out there, but whatever. I sincerely apologize to my fellow shippers.

  • Sonadow - The Island
    35.4K 1K 21

    [ALL CHAPTERS EDITED!] When a scientist announces, that every male mobian hedgehog is either an uke or a seme, nobody really cares. But when Eggman of all people reveals, that Sonic is an uke, things... SONIC changes. When Sonic mentally breaks down and is a mess, it seems like a miracle, that people show up who know...

    Completed   Mature
  • Little Fire Ball
    65.9K 1.7K 13

    Kai storms off after an argument with Nya. He runs off into an ally way behind a science building. An explosion went off in the building. the Ninja went to check it out and found Kai but not as he was. Ranked #143 in Ninjago 5/11/18

  • Frozen Sonic
    21.5K 463 26

    Scourge:what's with the blizzard!? Manic:that's no blizzard! That's my brother! Sonic make his ice sign,turn and make a blizzard! Every part belong to Disney frozen Characters belong to Sonic team/Sega/Archie's and Sonic underground,DiC

  • Personality split
    6.3K 318 9

    Warning: Strong language... Sonic was shot by a power of an unknown gem. It splits Sonic into his six core personalities. There is Happy, Rude, Serious, Intelligence, Romance, and Fear. Will Tails find out how to put Sonic back together? Who will take care of the personalities while Tails it trying to figure everythin...

    Completed   Mature