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  • Endlessly ▸ Jasper Hale [4]
    344K 12.9K 22

    ❝And I'd choose you; in a hundred lifetimes, in a hundred worlds, in any version of reality, I'd find you and I'd choose you.❞ - Kiersten White [the twilight saga: breaking dawn] [book four in the cassadee swan series] [cover by @volbeats]

  • Solar Sweetheart ¤ Jasper Hale [1]
    1M 29.5K 24

    ❝If loving him kills me, then I was ready for death the moment he said hello.❞ Eleanor Forge is sent to live with her uncle when her father dies from a car accident. She convinces herself that everything will be fine, that Forks was only a temporary stop until she turned eighteen and went on her own way. But both fate...

  • Solar Darling ¤ Jasper Hale [2]
    371K 13.1K 16

    ❝She did not find the grim in falling apart. For every time she found herself to be broken, she knew she was brutally remaking herself, and collapsing to be reborn like a rioting star; haunting the dark sky.❞ [r.m. drake] Being abandoned or left behind wasn't exactly a new thing to Eleanor Forge. But this time around...

    Completed   Mature
  • Solar Love ¤ Jasper Hale [3]
    382K 13K 17

    ❝She was always willing to burn for everything she has ever loved.❞ [r.m. drake] Eleanor Forge's life is turned upside-down once again. As if graduating high school, trying to rebuild friendships and mending a broken relationship isn't enough, there's also the fact that a vengeful vampire has put a target on Eleanor...

    Completed   Mature
  • Solar Eternity ¤ Jasper Hale [4]
    144K 5.5K 10

    ❝If I lived a million lives, I would have felt a million feelings, and I still would have fallen a million times for you.❞ [r.m. drake] Eleanor Forge was just beginning to think that things would actually turn out okay for once. She was marrying the love of her life, her best friend was marrying the love of hers, and...