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  • I Didn't Have a Brother!
    632 29 23

    This is the Story about Leon Vargas From Studio 21. He have a normal happy life with Girlfriend and Friends But What will happened when he one day came home from school and see a exact copy off himself in the kitchen who claims too be his long lost Twin brother. What seacrets does he have? and what Drama does he make...

  • Happy Ending
    512 14 7

    This is a short Jortini Story.

  • Wrong Choice?
    2.9K 86 23

    What If Violetta Chosed Tomas?, What if she Chose too Leave Argentina and everything Behind And followed Him back too Spain so they can be together and Live happily ever after, But how will it turn out? In this Story that happend. Things havn't been all good between them, Like they have various opinions on things Lik...

  • 24 Days to X-mas
    2.2K 1 32

    Litterally A christmas Story about Violetta and her friends🙂

  • I Wasn't Prepered! Was This A Mistake?
    2.5K 62 34

    This is a story about three friends that finally meet again after manny years apart, Ruggero takes Jorge and Tini to a night club in hope to forget about Problems he have with his Girlfriend Cande that it's clearly something unusually with. Worrid That it might be something wrrong with Cande, Rugge choses too change h...

  • The Truth about our past (Wrrong choice? 2)
    1.1K 35 22

    OBS!: (You should read Wrrong Choice? befor you read this Story)! This Story is about the twins Lindy and Lucas who finally got the chance to meet their biggest Idol LV (LV is IDOLNAME) In their mothers home town Argentina, But after they meet him They start realising that something wasn't right and that there is som...

  • Forgotten Lover
    1.3K 11 19

    This Story is about Jorge who lost one of his memories about the past, a memorie that TINI promissed herself to never speak about ever again to save his relationship with his now fiance Stephie. But that seacret can't be keept from her forever. wich will get both Jorge & tini in real trouble when she finds out about i...

  • GOOD Is BAD?
    41 1 1

    Good is Bad? is about a deamon who as a Punishment gets transfered to a Angel school on erth where she meet a angel boy who amidentlly fell in love with her, even if he hates her after knowing what she really is, they both soon learn that their raices is more alike then different and that their Love is stronger then...