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  • Finding My Way To You. Kaimin BxB (Jimin & Kai)
    594 23 3

    This story revolves around BTS but mostly focuses on Jimin & his life at highschool where he finds the mysterious guy, who he can't keep away from.

  • Forever
    152K 5K 27

    I wont let others to hurt you Jungkook.. I will protect you..You're mine... I'm yours tae.. Forever... Where a cold and arrogant Mafia leader fall in love with a beautiful college student.. Jeon Jungkook taehyung's only weakness.. Has matured content.. Top Tae Bottom Kook

  • Innocence {VKOOK}
    101K 4.5K 36

    "You're mine and mine only," he whispers in his ear, sending shivers down his spine. Taehyung is a cold 20-year old delinquent with a troubled past. Jungkook is an 18-year old college freshman who knows almost nothing about the real world. When Taehyung's past comes back to haunt him, he finds himself needing som...

  • Obssesion Of Mr.Park✔️
    27.2K 661 12

    Mr.Park was obssesing all over about Jeon Jungkook the ordinary boy but too beautiful of human being was created.Until he met with Mr.Park,his life was change when Mr.Park Jimin wanna him to be part of his life.What will happen next? completed

  • BTS: my brothers.
    53.6K 1.4K 13

    Imagine having seven brothers, who happened to be BTS. Every ARMY's dream, right?! Well you will read Ji su diary, as she describes her life living with BTS. You might even read some messages from bts ;)

  • BTS Brothers
    1.2K 17 4

    You and your brothers are playing with liya and lulu and kacie but then you just sat on the bench wondering if your brothers have to go to the USA to preform your scairred because your brothers have never been that far away

  • Bts Bottomkook Oneshot Book [REQUESTS OPEN]
    34.5K 491 3

    Bottomkook one shot book Requests open!

  • Overprotective
    1.5M 56.4K 66

    Kim Y/N is a shy and quiet girl. She's the youngest in her family with 6 older brothers and a cross dressing step dad. Did I mention they are all overprotective? Lately, She have been crushing on a famous but quiet boy. How will her family react to this news? ~this will be a Jungkook x reader book~ Cover made by: Camb...