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  • Taken By The Brothers (Menagé) Unedited
    518K 11.8K 35

    She is 21 fresh out of college looking for a job as a secretary. Lucky for her, her brothers best friends have a job for her as their own secretary. The brothers get surprised when they see her after 5 years. She doesn't look like the nerdy Anastasia anymore with her braces and nerdy glasses. She doesn't wear anymor...

  • The Billionaire's Match (Book 2)
    728K 25.2K 45

    No one speaks back to him. Not unless they have a desire to be jobless with a box in hand out onto the pavement. Hardworking, arrogant and every woman's fantasy, Lucas Demachelis is a dream come true. He's a man who knows what he wants... And what he wants is Evelyn Hart. But we can't all have what we want right...? ...

    Completed   Mature
  • Heavy Wears The Crown
    2.6M 136K 54

    Carter Reid is looking for only one thing when she meets drug addicted, womanizer, lead singer Nolan Doufer. A job. Nolan Doufer is used to getting what he wants, a babysitter was not what he wanted, but looking at Carter he realizes there is one thing he can get from the perfectionist hired to "help" him. A laugh.

  • The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy
    38.8K 850 21

    AUTHOR(S): BEAN DING DING He was the powerful and influencing heir of B City, the merciless head of the commercial world, but the divorce papers made him lost his cool. "Sign the divorce papers, daddy," said the 5-year-old boy. This man had the divorce papers thrown in his face by his wife six years ago, and was now b...

  • Running with His Child
    11.1M 287K 42

    After being involved with a cold-hearted mafia boss, Robyn Lehman decides its time to run. Little did she know, she was carrying the future heir to his entire empire. Will he find her again? Or will she stay hidden forever? =+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+= He got up from the bed, pulling up his pants and not taking a gla...

  • Slow Dancing
    10.7M 446K 42

    After a car accident leaves Kaden Bretton temporarily blind, Isla Moore struggles to break up with him while disguised as his girlfriend, who died in the crash. ***** Isla Moore has been in love with Kaden Bretton since he taught her how to slow dan...

  • Godly empress Doctor (152-444)
    312K 11K 200

    She, a genius abandoned by her clan. He, a proud, pampered, two-faced imperial crown prince, a developing supreme ruler of the world. She, tricking him, disguised as a pig to eat a tiger, suppressing him, provoking him. Every time, after playing with him and stirring him up, she'd escape. No man could put up with this...

  • The CEO's Trio ✔
    3.6M 127K 50

    *BEING RE-WRITTEN* "I never once told you I broke the engagement," his words were harsh and spoken in a cold voice but his hand that was running up and down my back was burning my skin, "You knew I hadn't and you still went along with it." There was a silence, the brutal truth had been said. He knew it and I couldn't...

  • The Billionaire's Chef
    2.8M 79.4K 60

    Zia Knight is a great chef and owner of multiple well-known restaurants and cafes around U.S at the age of 22 years old. However, not wanting to be in the limelight she hides her identity and pretends to be a worker than the owner of her businesses. Her passion in cooking has occupied most of her time and social life...

  • Rebirth of Fa Wei Lan : Volume 2
    4.7M 155K 68

    2 years is short... 2 years is long... Days pass like years. Years continues on for eternity. Do you still remember the promise? This is a continuation of the Rebirth of Fa Wei Lan. WARNING! Viewer discretion advised: Volume 2 contains adult content that is unsuitable for children. ...

    Completed   Mature
  • After all this time
    2.1M 55K 52

    What would you do if one night out of the blue your husband threw you out? Better yet what would you do if five years later he came back?

    Completed   Mature
  • Homeless & Pregnant
    257K 8.9K 23

    Readers Discretion Advised