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  • Can You Hear It? (Poem)
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    Try to hear, don't leave me hoping. Please, don't try to quit. Just answer this one simple thing, Can you hear it? Won competition to be published in Creative Communication 2016 Spring Anthology

  • The Right to Be Human: The Purpose Behind Human Rights
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    Rights and responsibilities is the 2014 theme of National History Day Contest, a broad topic. And I chose to write a just as broad topic of human rights. What are human rights? Is it to prove we're human? Prove that we're humans are right? Or to tell us apart from aliens? Though, now that I think of it, all extraterre...

  • The Best Wattpad Books & Where To Find Them [1]
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    Here I have the first collection of fifty books from Wattpad that I've read and fell in love with. I recommend them to you but if you don't want to read all of them, I hope at least a few. I haven't put the stories in any particular order! *Authors, if you DON'T want your books to be in here, tell me via direct messag...

  • Famous Men
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    Men that could possibly be in your cast. ..::*::.. If you're trying to find a book featuring women who could be in your cast, I also have made a Famous Women book along with this one.

  • Completed Romance Books On Wattpad
    112K 573 47

    This is a collection of completed romance books that I have read on Wattpad and loved. There are descriptions of the stories inside along with the title and author of the story. Please take your time to read these amazing books.

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    I am his siren, and I sing out for him; FORLORN NIGHTS OF SPRING is a collection of poetry. © 2017-2018 ally maková, all rights reserved.

  • Wattpad Books That Make You Want To Live. | + Some Rants!
    202K 2.6K 37

    Previously known as "Wattpad Books That May Cause Sleepless Nights." "Their story is for the books." Just a few mind-blowing books that make me stay up all night and want to get out and live like some characters in the books, and experience love, chase, hate, living. ALSO, I DO HAVE A COUPLE OF RANTS HERE AND THERE...

  • How to Survive Wattpad
    75.8K 4.3K 20

    This is a guide to surviving Wattpad and the world of writing in general. non-fic #3

  • Best Books on Wattpad
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    These are 100 Wattpad books totally worth reading. The best of Romance and Teen Fiction.

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    "The Murders in the Rue Morgue" is a short story by Edgar Allan Poe published in Graham's Magazine in 1841. It has been recognized as the first modern detective story; Poe referred to it as one of his "tales of ratiocination". C. Auguste Dupin is a man in Paris who solves the mystery of the brutal murder of two women...

  • Best Completed Wattpad Stories
    4.8M 34.8K 115

    If you don't like stories with bad boys this isn't for you :) I am sucker for bad boys in stories. Best Completed Wattpad Stories is list of the best stories I have read so far. I am always open for suggestions what story I should read next :) You can also find me on tumblr :

  • TGGBB One Shots (Fanfiction/ short stories)
    37.5K 805 7

    Bennomi, Jordomi, Decomi, Jeclan, Parkomi and Rayomi ship scenes. Read further for more!

  • TGGBB One Shots
    19.4K 463 35

    This is a fanfic of one shots on The Good Girl's Bad Boys which was written by @Rubixcube89201 if you haven't read it, do that now. You won't regret it. Anyway all the one shots are in Naomi's POV and most of them will probably revolve around Jordomi as that is my favourite ship! ( I am fighting for all jordomi ship...

  • Forever Sweet
    106K 3K 3

    At five years old, Keira Hartley made a pact with her best friend Megan to never let anything come between them. But ten years later, that promise was broken when a cute new boy moves to town. Jared Malone was everything Keira had ever wanted. It was too bad Megan felt the exact same way. Overcome by jealousy, their f...

  • This
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    There is hope, always.

  • Float
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    Sometimes I'd catch him looking at me, and other times he'd catch me first. Neither of us would say a word, but even a stranger could tell that we wanted to. [A Valentine's Day/Black History Month one shot for the @taygetsthegay and @diversityinlit competition.]

  • Which Half? (Poem)
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    In which there is a debate between an optimist and a pessimist. If you don't know what either means, don't be embarrassed. An optimist always thinks that the world is full of hope. The pessimist will just shake his head and say, "Nope". So do you think it's right to believe everything is great every day? Or see th...

  • Who's Superman? (Poem)
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    Who's Superman? Was the question a little kid asked me. And all I could say was that there's no such thing as a Superman. He's just a fictional character with supernatural powers. He's not real, he's made up. But then who will save us when we're in trouble? I didn't have an answer for that.

  • Imagine Dragons
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    Don't you wish that reality can become fantasy? Each and everyday is a whole new adventure. You battle together with friends and against long time foes. You ride the winds with a fantasy creature that doesn't exist. And each and every person holds a special power inside of them. Ah, but that is just fantasy, not real...

  • Starboy (Poem)
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    This is a tribute to a book by Jerry Spinelli So don't worry about it being a copy Now if you liked the book "Stargirl" by him Try reading this poem, or at least even skim

  • The Fortune
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    In which a fortune cookie saves a blind date going down faster than a roller coaster after a steep climb.

  • Ms. Heart and Mr. Art (Poem)
    5.9K 626 1

    Ms. Heart is a rich girl, with a poor heart. She's forever scared of love, not knowing the dangers it will do to her heart. But she also knew she would die without seeing the world. Mr. Art whole life surrounds art. He could paint, sketch, draw with eyes closed, and sold his art with no complaint. But one day he sudde...

  • Lips Don't Lie (Poem)
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    Gossip. Everyone gossips since they have nothing better to do. Their lives are boring, so they go talk about someone else's lives. So they talk, everybody talks. But what happens when you're the one their talking about. Better yet, about someone having a crush on you. You're flattered, who wouldn't? You get used to i...

  • Ms. Amnesia (Poem)
    10.1K 824 1

    Who is Ms. Amnesia? Is she that girl who lost her memory? No, don't pity her. She's the girl who lost her past, her present. And maybe even her future. The girl who chose this, long ago. Maybe even knowing the consequences and sacrifices she made just to start all over. She lost her memories for a reason. No one know...

  • The Shadow of Me (Poem)
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    Do you see that dark figure following you? No. Don't move, or it'll go away. What do you think it is? Maybe it's some kind of monster, I'm scared. Wait, I have one too. What is this? It's called a shadow? What is a shadow? Is it a friend or foe? A stalker of the day and night? A monster that lurks in the darkness? A f...

  • Origami (Poem)
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    What if the only thing you have left is just a piece of paper? Well, more of a whole stack of papers, a thousand to be exact. Origami is the only thing for the one who folds again and again, one paper bird at a time. It's the only hope this person has who has fallen into the depression of knowing nothing will ever cha...

  • Lost In a Sea of Thoughts (Completed)
    5.2K 346 1

    From the coasts of the peaceful islands of Ione, a wall of dense smog of the Nation looms from the distance, threatening the island. Queen Ailani had always dreaded the day her island will be mercilessly devoured by the Nation and her people will succumb to the rule of their own leader. But when it was too late, they...

  • Teach Me with a Kiss
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    In which a relationship is more unlikely than a jock getting good grades. - On behalf of Beth Reekles' "The Kissing Booth" and Netflix, I've been selected to write an entry for the upcoming The Kissing Booth Writing Contest! I hope this cute little story will spark some inspiration in all of you to join the contest...

  • Jots
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    notes of a cursed commuter and a sensitive soul.

  • simone made what? | closed
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    simone knows exactly what she made. [graphics shop - closed!]