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  • fallout 4 companion reacts
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    I got these off of Tumblr for the fandom who can't get on to Tumblr and something I can read in school Ok so some of these will be long probably not as long as chapter one of blu's story There will be trigger warnings like self harm suicide thoughts ect I mentioned 2 of those because that's what goes through my mind...

  • Fallout 4 x Reader
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    I'm thought it would be fun to do this :3 anyway....ill do a readerX ________ on everyone (Hancock, dogmeat, Nick etc.) You can request :3 ( it would help) anyway enjoy.

  • Fallout X Reader One Shots
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    This is a series of one shots from Fallout 3, Fallout New Vegas, and Fallout 4. I do not own any of the characters, of course. All One Shots are in alphabetical order for your convenience. Anything with an ➵ and a title has been reread, and (hopefully) error-free.

  • [Do it, right!] Fallout NV Victor x Fem! reader
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    So this is inspired by four things; the song by Peggy Lee, Fallout New Vegas, My "Synth! Victor X reader" one shot, and an AO3 story "Drawing Hands". No art used in this story is mine nor is the game, they belong to their respectful owners. You knew slightly fragments of your past that came to haunt you during the d...

  • The Rad Zone -- Fallout x reader-ish oneshots
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    It could be worse than this. A lot worse. So strap down, grab your... I don't know, whatever you have. Pillow, maybe? Lamp? Whatever's to your right. Grab it. Settle down for this incredibly slow updating book of oneshots. All characters belong to Bethesda.

  • Fallout X Reader Preferences
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    Well howdy doo! This was requested on my Fallout X Reader One Shots book, and if interested, check it out! I will only be doing Fallout 3, 4, and NV characters in this (mostly companions and others), so I hope you enjoy!

  • Vault Boy x Reader "A Better Future, Underground!"
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    Vault boy is a snack, You can't change my mind. An actual thing I wanted to write about and I'm just ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ This can be gay if you want it to be. Most likely gay. Ok it's really gay haha Fuck you

  • I'm So Dumb...
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    Stuttering Lemon

  • Fallout Fandom Outlet
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    "It's said war - war never changes. Men do, through the roads they walk. And this road - has reached its end." - Ulysses ____________________________________ Anyways have fun with Fallout New Vegas, Fallout 3, and Fallout 4 stuff! Good luck, and welcome to F.F.O.! ...

  • fallout lemons/smutshots
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    take a guess get ready for the most bad on crack, 3am, shtuff that you ever read

  • If the Fallout 4 Companions had Facebook
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    companions have facebook (spoilers if you haven't finished the game)

  • Metal Love (Nick Valentine x Reader)
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    You've known nick for the longest time but you had to leave the commonwealth for a while to then find him in a vault , you decided to work with him to catch up for the time that has been missed then you soon find out that you had feelings for this metal man Will he take your love? Or will he throw it away ⚠️ suicide...

  • Fallout Tumblr Posts
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    All the best and funniest Tumblr posts from the Fallout fandom! #176 in Random! - 12.05.18 *** All rights go to respective owners. Tumblr is a magical place.

  • fallout oneshots
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    hi, this it my first book im gonna try and do I will take requests and such, don't hesitate to ask. I will do one shot from fallout 3, 4 and New Vegas. now who's ready do read some crapy on crack oneshots?

  • Imagines - Nick Valentine x Sole Survivor/Fem!Reader
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    Trigger Warning!!! Some imagines may contain the following: Gore, abuse, drugs, cursing, rape, non-con, self-harm, suicide, etc. you get the point. Requests welcome & encouraged.

  • Fallout 4 X Reader
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    This is my first book thing hope you like it

  • Ahead Of Ourselves
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    Courier Six (fem) finds herself in an odd situation back at the Lucky 38 after her return from Big MT and finds feelings surfacing she was a little less than enthusiastic to share at first, but comes to realize that sometimes a blessing is wrapped in a curse. (NSFW 18+)

  • Fallout 4 X Reader
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    Involves Hancock, Preston, Deacon, MacCready, Paladin Danse, Aurther Maxsonand others...maybe