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  • Karamel: Lustful Love
    6.9K 86 5

    It was hard for both when Kara came to know mon-el was married now and even if she wants she cant have him back, but finally things start falling in place when Imra leaves home asking Mon-El to choose what he wants.. what he wishes. as they both get freedom they needed, their feelings get more lustful over period of t...

    Completed   Mature
  • We Found Each Other
    5.6K 111 10

    What if Kara and Mon-El were in Love before Krypton and Daxam exploded? What if Kara was 16 and Mon-El was 18 when they fell in love? In this story Kara's pod was knocked off course and into the phantom zone for 24 years. Years later, she fell to earth and grew up. What she didn't know was that a certain Daxamite was...

  • Never Grow Up
    1.7K 54 3

    ...Mon-El inhaled deeply before turning to face her, his eyes still wet. "Thank you for making me a father. Thank you for our children. I love them so much. I love you so much." Kara's felt tears welling up in her eyes as well at hearing Mon-El's affectionate words. "I...I love you."

  • Before You, We had No One
    23.2K 797 50

    Both Kara and Mon el wanted to start a family together. But Kara couldn't just take 9 months off being Supergirl so that she could keep her baby safe. People would become suspicious if they found out Supergirl was MIA and she was pregnant at the same time. This crushed Kara's dream to have a family with Mon el. But wh...

  • Tell me you don't love me ~ A Karamel Story (Supergirl)
    89.2K 2.5K 56

    For once Kara was happy. But it wasn't about her happiness. It was about keeping him safe. Even if she had to make the ultimate sacrifice. Even if she had to break his heart. (Disclaimer: Any characters portrayed in this story is not owned by me besides the ones created by myself.)

  • Karamel (Kara and Mon-el) Just the beginning
    22.7K 494 25

    Kara and Mon-el plan for a future together, will they get their happily ever after? I don't own any characters all rights go to the CW and creators of Supergirl

    44.1K 1.1K 98

    The story starts off with a bang. Kara and Mon-El's wedding. The story follows their life together as they experience arguments and challenges.

  • Him and I: A Supergirl Fanfiction
    33.7K 654 30

    He left her standing in the field as she watched him being jetted off to space. She had not even gotten to tell him she was pregnant with his child. When he returns, married, with two children and expecting another, it breaks Kara's heart.

  • Supergirl Midvale High
    33.7K 1.1K 38

    What would happen if Kara and Mon El's pods both landed on Earth at the same time and Superman found both of them? How would they cope going to school together?

  • 𝔸𝕧𝕒 𝕒𝕟𝕕 ℕ𝕠𝕒𝕙: 𝕋𝕙𝕦𝕟𝕕𝕖𝕣 𝕋𝕨𝕚𝕟𝕤
    9.7K 383 40

    Meet Ava Mathews, 18 year old daughter of Kara Zor-El and Mon-el; otherwise known as Kara Danvers and Mike Mathews. Her life was perfect until it wasn't. After a family disaster, her so called 'perfect' life falls apart. After a crazy idea, she ends up in a time period where her parents are not together. How will she...

  • Karamel: Before Earth
    32.4K 1K 36

    What if Monel and Kara met before the destruction of they're planets?