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  • Supergirl x Male Reader
    113K 1.2K 25

    The third in the X Male Reader series. In this one it involves you falling in love with the CW's Supergirl. This will be 25 chapters long so I hope you enjoy.

  • Trials of a Werewolf
    62 5 4

    Follow a lonely werewolf by the name of Gerrard as he goes from being a solitary and outcast werewolf to gaining meaning and becoming a hero that goes down in the history of the world Dremoria.

  • Want You Bad (Sona X Reader)
    11.5K 236 18

    In a timeline where Riser Phenex and Rias Gremory are never engaged, instead it is Riser's younger brother Y/N. While Rias and Y/N do like each other, neither of them are content with the forced marriage they are going to be having, each doing things to push it off as long as they can. When Y/N is sent to attend schoo...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Wilted Flower | Zelink BoTW AU [COMPLETE]
    138K 2.9K 29

    Soon, seventeen-year old Zelda will be forced to marry if she cannot make her decision on her own. She must follow the Royal Law, one which her father strictly enforces. She must chose one suitor to take over the kingdom and rule alongside her. 1. The suitor must come from a royal bloodline. 2. The suitor must be an...

  • The Renegade (High School DxD x Male Reader)
    112K 2.4K 59

    #1 #highschooldxd 9/30/2020 #1 #rias 1/7/2021 #1 #akeno 1/20/2021 Y/N L/N, a kid with a troubled past, attends Kuoh Academy, formerly an all girls school that recently allowed boys to attend. His classmates call him "The Renegade" because of his complete lack of care for anyone or anything. He deflects by sleeping wit...

  • Adopted by the Sidemen
    471K 8.1K 69

    *WARNING: This story may contain triggering thoughts or moments. Please be aware of that! Alexandra is a teenager who has been living in an orphanage for 2 years. One day, she gets adopted by 7 youtubers who call themselves the Sidemen. She goes through a lot of things. Good and bad. But will the Sidemen be able to...