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  • Ascendancy
    82.3K 2.9K 21

    Longing, Rusted, Seventeen, Daybreak... Bucky needs his mind back. While the infamous Winter Soldier is in cryofreeze, Steve Rogers frantically searches for a way to rid Bucky's mind of these words. Then he finds it. All power over Bucky's mind is abolished. But just because these words hold no true power over his mi...

  • Calming the Storm (Bucky x Reader)
    92.3K 2.7K 12

    You are Bucky's personal medicine, the only thing that can calm him down. Hydra used you to keep him in line. Now he's gone and without you isn't functioning properly. He now needs to get you back to be okay again. Bucky x reader fanfiction. I own nothing

  • The Kind You Save (Winter Soldier x Reader)
    345K 12.5K 31

    Lost and terrified, an unfortunate circumstance throws you into the life of James Buchanan Barnes, the Winter Soldier. For whatever reason, you are the only one able to break his rough exterior and perhaps the only one able to save him. (Events occur after Captain America: The Winter Soldier and does not follow the c...

  • the siren, act i: serenity |peter parker x siren!oc|
    14.2K 524 21

    "There is, one knows not what sweet mystery about this sea, whose gently awful stirrings seem to speak of some hidden soul beneath..." -Herman Melville When merchant ships start mysteriously going missing, Tony Stark enlists the help of Peter Parker to discover what could possibly be causing them to vanish from thin a...

  • Change Your Fate (Male! Merida x Reader)
    13.4K 623 17

    Brave is NOT mine! And you own yourself! (: The Book Cover image also doesn't belong to me! Following the movie Brave. You and Meridith have been best friends ever since you were wee children. You were there with him the day Mor'du attacked the Royal Picnic. And that day only made you closer. You've always been ther...

  • The Struggles of Dating a Demon [Completed]
    7K 295 23

    Mabel's boss dabbled in awfully questionable business for the owner of an herb store, and she never blinked when he had suspicious-looking visitors. On one particular Sunday, though, Mabel couldn't help but watch the man leaving Herman's office with a critical eye. It wasn't his impressive height, dark eyes, or shaggy...

  • The Angel of Redemption -~<{Book 3}>~-
    42.3K 1.9K 73

    The path to redemption is a difficult one. It twists and turns, it has dead ends and traps, it's long and tiring. Its all too easy to give up, and many people do. But if you're determined, if you do everything in your power to right your wrongs, it's possible. Dabria Riddle is set on redeeming herself, and she was c...

  • My Angel of Destiny -~<{Book 2}>~-
    57.6K 2.3K 61

    The burden of knowledge is a heavy one, particularly when it comes to the ones you love and especially when you know what's going to happen before it does. Dabria Riddle, her father wants her to fight along side him, together they would be unstoppable. Her friends and loved ones are counting on her help, without it t...

  • Next-Door Incubus
    10.9M 333K 54

    I wanted to bite into every inch of her pale flesh; to leave her trembling beneath my fingers; to hear her muffled screams and satisfied whimpers. Find out what happens when a Sunday morning goes wrong and Dani meets Eros, an incubus demon.

  • An Angel Of Death -~<{Book 1}>~-
    146K 4.4K 64

    Lord Voldermort: adored and followed by many, feared and hated by more. But Tom Riddle doesn't care who follows him out of loyalty and who follows out of fear, he doesn't care for anyone but one girl. He knows that this one girl in particular could be his greatest asset or his fiercest enemy. This girl will play a h...

  • Regal | Sirius Black
    46.1K 1.4K 34

    "Sage Marie Mary, You Are A Witch," Sage Marie Mary, The Future Queen Of England, Receives A Letter From An Owl Telling Her That She Was Never Going To Be As Normal As She Hoped. RANKINGS #1 in Marauders 08/14 #2 in Marauders Era 09/12 #4 in Regulus Black 09/12 #43 in Magic 09/25 #3 in Harry Potter Series 08/14 #2 in...

  • Siren (Suicide Squad Fanfic)
    77.9K 1.8K 11

    Description in first Chapter. Just know its very different from most Suicide Squad fanfics.

  • The Slytherin Royals
    995K 32K 85

    Kallista Zenia Emrys is born in the world of high society pure bloods. Being one of the last remaining descendants of Merlin- the Greatest Wizard of all time- she finds herself being weighed down by the extremely high expectations that her name gives. Starting Hogwarts, Kally quickly learns the hate that comes with b...

    104K 3.4K 13

    "WHAT IF THE LOVE YOU LOST, CAME BACK?" In which Klaus Mikaelson's first love is resurrected. OR In which Aliya gets a second chance at life. *** [THE VAMPIRE DIARIES] [SEASON 3-4] [COVER BY: @crazywebster]

  • The Original Witch
    106K 2.9K 79

    "Always and forever." That's what her family lived by when they were human until forced to become the first vampires to walk the Earth. Alexia Mikaelson soon realized that she also possessed the ability to perform a new kind of magic, one that led her to create a whole new magical line of witches and wizards who use w...

  • Mischief Managed | Loki
    178K 6.1K 25

    (Harry PotterxMarvel crossover) Kiya Evans, the "Thunderbird Legacy", has successfully graduated from Ilvermorny. Rather than choosing a job in the wizarding world, she has chosen a job amongst the muggles...with SHIELD. When her magic is revealed, not only does it catch the attention of the Avengers but the attention...

  • Tap Through The Beat
    23.6K 564 21

    The Riveras wasn't the only family that hates music. After returning back to Santa Cecilia from the states a decade, the Gonzalez family thought of music as a curse. Music had given them nothing but tragedy but 12 year old Angelita Josefina Gonzalez thought differently. With a skill of Tap Dancing to the beat of music...

    642K 19.9K 69

    𝐓𝐇𝐄 𝐓𝐑𝐈𝐂𝐊𝐒𝐓𝐄𝐑. | ❝Everyone will end up leaving you at one point or another. But it's the ones that come back that are the most important.❞ - Naomi Jones has been left too many times to count. Ever since her mother died, her father had to take care of her, this went well for a small amount of time, until...

  • Shadow Demon- Shadowhunters
    201K 5.3K 34

    Echo Fairchild, older sister to Clary Fray, knows about the Shadow World. The day that Clary turns 18, is a day that she would never forget. Secrets get out and their world is about to change. Although there is something peculiar about Echo, she is different than that of a normal Shadowhunter. She was born in Idris b...

  • Zatanna Zatara ❍ Pietro Maximoff
    283K 8.4K 16

    ❝Maybe backwards is my native tongue.❞ Avengers: Age of Ultron #62 in Fanfiction - 12/8/16 © 2016 Mar.

  • His Good Girl
    125K 4.8K 24

    Iris Ray is a woman who doesn't play. After her husband left her and their unborn child, she was determined to make life better for them. When Talon Macison comes riding into her life on a Harley, with a MC patch on his back, she doesn't know what she should feel or how she should act. When he finds out shes a single...

    Completed   Mature
  • Mrs. Mafia
    1.8M 43.3K 46

    Arabella Bianchi was born into the mafia world, she's 18 years old and a strong believer that women should at least have the opportunity to run the mafia. Apollo DiStefano is a ruthless, cold, sexist and arrogant man. Boss of the biggest and most feared mafia around the globe. He's 28 and his parents demand a heir. Sh...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Irish Tattooist
    1.2M 52.9K 46

    Corin Kane has never really found home. In all her 22 years, she moved from place to place, country to country, trying to belong. But when she finds her father, A Motorcycle Club President in Ireland, Corin realizes this may be the only place she feels at home. As Corin constantly butts heads with the ever-brooding...

    Completed   Mature
  • MC Nurse (Broken Demons MC #1)
    1.9M 67.4K 54

    25 year old Cordelia, lives alone and has never had a boyfriend. But she does have her Trusty dog Maximus. Shes fed up of her boring, routine life, but doesn't know how to shake things up. Being a nurse doesn't give you much time for adventure working 12+ hour shifts at the hospital. Well her life was about to complet...

    Completed   Mature
  • Dead in His Tracks
    91.3K 2.6K 16

    Knox Striker was a free man. His life was simple. Bikes, brothers, and his dog. He managed to make it to 28 with no real issues except for a few close calls with the law, but that comes with the gang territory... Teagan Cash was one semester shy of a Masters Degree in Engineering. She was 2 days away from her 24th bir...

  • Mayhem
    26.5K 867 58

    "I love you" "I love you too" ⚠️WARNING⚠️: This book will contain mature language and some mature content Read at your own risk !!! (Might suck !!!Just a heads up !! )

    Completed   Mature
  • Carly's Ride (Burning Knights MC) || Watty's 2019
    48.3K 2.4K 20

    A woman scarred by her past, A man on a mission to get her in his bed, And an enemy working in the shadows ready to destroy the relationship they're building. Carly Rizer: 3 years ago I left my entire life behind to escape from him. Leaving with only the clothes on my back, my little beat down '98 Toyota Corolla an...

  • Mrs.Drug Cartel
    1.9M 44.5K 65

    A MAFIA ROMANCE ________________ "Mrs.O'Rihley take your clothes off" ________________ The wedding ring forced onto her slim finger and a new life thrown into her arms. Kiara was just in the wrong place;at the wrong time. Lucien O'Rhileys lust for revenge and power burns just a hot as Kiaras lust for freedom. His he...

    Completed   Mature
  • Growing Up
    6.5K 252 26

    Tony Stark X Reader "We want to invite dad." (Y/n) froze. "I know you haven't seen him since you got pregnant with me but I think it's time he meets me, and Jonas." "Sweetheart, I-" Her thoughts ran wild, her heart racing. "He told me he wasn't ready to be a father, that's why I left, why I moved here, you know that."

  • Adopting The Tiny Creepypastas! (Female Reader)
    167K 4.6K 28

    {WARNING; This story will start with adorable and cute Creepypastas, but things will take a twisted turn. YANDERES, SWEARING etc.} You were planning on adopting a small animal to keep you company, but you ended up adopting a tiny Creepypasta. What happens when you wake up one morning to find not only the Creepypasta y...