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  • Author Games: A Knight's Valor
    13.2K 1.1K 102

    His Royal Majesty King Artheur of Lemaria has announced, with great pleasure, the beginning of the annual Trials of Valor. However, in a surprising turn of events, he has decided to extend the invitation across the beautiful country of Elusia. Two knights shall represent their birthplace to see who will arise as Champ...

  • Knock Twice for Easy Speak
    90 3 2

    In the midst of the 1920's, well-known businessman Benjamin Trodden finds himself in a predicament. His business partner is dying, his brother is chasing a married woman, and a new cop in town is hot on the trail of his more... illegal business investments. With a business to save and a reputation at stake, Ben has...

  • Author Games: Contest Entries
    91 6 6

    This book is where I will post the tasks my tributes compete in from various Author Games, and future tributes for use. TRIBUTES IN THIS BOOK: District Eleven Female: EBONY HOLBROOK: Retribution: [Forfeited] Wiskofee Female: ADA MORSS: Rage of War: [Ongoing]

  • The Starving Artist: Hunger Games 2015
    19.1K 1.2K 98

    Authors, prep your weapons. Spectators prepare for an epic battle between titans of the writing field. The S.A. Games- 1st Edition is here! 24 of you will be thrown into a deadly arena where you have to write your way out. Create a character, make allies and sworn enemies, kill or be killed. Only the most elite of wr...

  • "Hi."
    2.3K 154 2

    Written within the time span of two minutes, from a young, troubled girl's point of view, this tells the story that you never heard. The story of those two minutes that came before the "hi".