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  • Secret|King Von Story
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    What happens when Von finds out he got anotha child💕

  • 𝙿𝚜𝚢𝚌𝚑𝚘✔︎
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    Just read!!

  • Incomplete
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    Chloe Ainyah Smith (also known as Princess) is a 19 year old girl raised Kanas City. She is a average good girl. She very shy and a "nerd". She moves to back Memphis to start fresh when her mother passed. Keyanta Black (also known as Glock) is a 21 year old KingPin. He is not to the average 'f*ck and duck type'. ...

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    in which a girl going through struggles falls in love with a gang member.

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    a group of boys that do crazy activities like skipping school, stealing, taking drugs, getting into fights, breaking girls hearts, but in this group one boy stands out from the rest. He's intellectual & sweet, but doesn't show much of that around his friends especially when something tragic happens.