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  • The Triplet Awards
    6K 344 30

    Welcome to The Triplet Awards!! ALL THE RULES ARE HERE! The Triplet Awards is looking to uncover new, talented writers trying to get recognised for their work. Whether you want to be a participant or a judge, check inside for the rules and forms. [ ] Open to Participants [ ] Open to Judges [✔️] Judging [...

  • Flowers Book Club
    4.6K 357 18

    Hey Wattpadders! welcome to my book club! I decided to start another book club using a new profile. So if you are interested in joining me recreate a beautiful club, then take a look inside! I'm sorry, I suck at descriptions but still, come check us out

  • The Flowers Winter Awards
    2.2K 182 9

    (Closed) Welcome everyone! Everything you need to know about us is all inside, so why not take a peak, wink wink

  • The Gem Awards
    6K 637 35

    Open () Closed ☑️ Judging ☑️ Hello everyone it's me! This is an award competition so if you need recognition or just wanna participate and have fun.... Come on in Click on the read button And Have fun!!! ~ Your Hosts Cover by @nelz_diamond04

  • Dragon Awards 2019
    4.7K 369 15

    We are no longer accepting participants but we are accepting Judges (for any genre) [] Open [🐉] Judging [🐉] Closed ◇The Dragon Awards is geared to small authors and poets who want to get more readers. However, we will accept anyone who wants to participate. Bare your teeth dragonets. Today you're gonna have the o...

  • World Of Champions Awards IV ✔
    8.3K 733 31

    The Fourth Edition of WOCA is closed! Thank you all for participating! ✖️Open ✖️Judging ✔ Closed

  • Punk Rock Awards 2019
    6.7K 486 35

    Welcome to our first annual Punk Rock Awards, proudly hosted by @PrettyInPunkBookClub! Are you Punk enough to enter? #Awards now closed for judging#

  • .·:·.✧ ɢʀᴀɴᴅ ᴄᴀꜰᴇ ᴀᴡᴀʀᴅꜱ | 2020 ✧.·:·.
    28.1K 1.2K 17

    [ ] Open [☕] Judging [ ] Closed WELCOME to the first-ever Grand Café Awards!! To put it simply: 20 Categories. 1000 entries. 100 winners. CLOSED for Judging ° Action ° Adventure ° Fantasy ° Fanfiction ° Science Fiction ° General °Historical ° Paranormal ° Horror ° Humor ° Mystery ° Thriller ° Romance ° Chic...

  • The Autumn Awards 2019 (CLOSED&JUDGING)
    7K 778 32

    THE AUTUMN AWARDS 2019 HAS FINISHED. BUT PLEASE CHECK OUT OUR AMAZING WINNING BOOKS!! YOU WON'T REGRET IT. ^-^ OPEN ❌ (until 22 October 2019) Judging ✔ (Will officially begin 22 October)

  • vintage awards [closed]
    6.8K 488 26

    -lower case intended- status: closed

  • The Christmas Awards [CLOSED]
    6.2K 514 36

    ❤️The Christmas Awards Will Consist Of many new things this year, as 2019 is almost over! 💚 [] Open [✔️] Closed 🎁Main Contest 🎁Mini Games 4 Rounds 🎁People's Choice Awards 🎁Judges 🎁Participants

  • The WHIZ Awards (CLOSED)
    5K 529 35

    WINNERS HAVE BEEN ANNOUNCED! OPEN[] CLOSED [📖] JUDGING [] Want to win an award with LOTS of prizes? Or do you just want to read those AMAZING books out there? Want to shine and brag? WANT TO BE A WHIZ AT WRITING? WANT TO BE A WHIZ AT JUDGING? WANT TO BE A WHIZ OF COVER MAKING? Then this contest is for you! It happens...

  • The Soul Awards {CLOSED}
    4.6K 319 27

    Drumroll for ... The Soul Awards! ✔ CLOSED ✔ SHORTLIST WINNERS ANNOUNCED ✔ WINNERS ANNOUNCED Hey everybody! This is an awards book, hosted by @XttargetX to push undiscovered books on their path to glory (or at least help with it). If this sounds like you, come on in and have a try! (Promise no stings attached ;) {Or a...

  • The Mint Awards 2019
    13.2K 767 21

    [] Open [🌵] Closed [🌵] Judging ✮ Welcome to The Mint Awards 2019! If you're looking for a place where you can win prizes, advertise your stories, and just have a whole lot of fun, you've come to the right place! Being small authors ourselves, we know what it's like to want to be discovered. These awards are ge...

  • Pretty Basic Awards
    1.7K 137 6

    Welcome to the Pretty Basic Awards! OPEN FOR ENTRIES & ACCEPTING JUDGES. A Platform for authors to showcase their amazing books and get some much deserved recognition for their hard work.

  • Fireworks Awards [OPEN]
    14.7K 967 29

    Fireworks Awards! Many categories and prizes available! Currently OPEN!

  • The link awards 2018 [OPEN!]
    6.3K 287 7


  • The Queen Awards 2019
    11.6K 696 23

    Open Closed ❤ Judging ❤ Hey! Welcome to The Queen Awards 2019 were you can get feedback for your amazing work, so, if your looking for recognition and feed back on your work, then, sign up now! Some people may know that I used to have a varieties of awards but none of them worked out because of so many things that h...