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  • The secret life of Briar Nolet
    34.8K 899 46

    Briar is the best dancer at Canadian Dance company, she is miss international soloist and is the girlfriend of Myles Erlick. But one day everything changes...

  • Bryles - more than just a little love
    13K 339 26

    Just imagine, its Biar Nolet's 16th birthday party. Everyone who is anyone is at her party. But what happens when she meets the love of her life, Myles Erlick? Will she make her move? Or will she shy away? We'll have to wait and see... This may contain mature scenes

  • Bryles Description!
    27.2K 854 94

    Welcome to a book full of Briar Nolet , Myles Erlick, Bryles and The Next Step ! 😍 🔥#1 in #thenextstep from July 22th 2018 to July 25th, 2018🔥 🔥#1 in #thenextstep on September 17th🔥 🔥#1 in #thenextstep from November 2nd to 13th 2018!🔥

  • The Next Step BRYLES Show The World 2
    26.1K 791 59

    Sequel of THE NEXT STEP BRYLES SHOW THE WORLD In this book we'll follow our ship, Richelle and Noah (aka Bryles) in their first tour all around the world with the World-Troupe of The Next Step! Are Noah and Richelle enough strong to manage in the same time their couple-life, the tour and the dance opportunities that...

  • The Next Step BRYLES Show The World 1
    34.6K 691 34

    After winning for the second time the Internationals, The Next Step is officially the best studio ever! So, Absolute Dance decided to offer the studio world tour!!! The 10 best dancers are going to dance all around the world, they will be part of a new troupe: World Troupe! And, Nochelle will be an official couple...

  • Bryles Start to finish
    2.5K 63 7

    This story is telling you what happened from the start, the vey start of bryles love experience including high school, the next step, the tour, the wedding and the disappointment.

  • bryles- I fell in love with my best friend
    64.6K 1.3K 19

    Briar and Myles have been friends since they were kids, Briar starts going out with a guy and after a while Myles realizes he has feelings for her. After a sad week, Briar asks Myles to go live with her and her best friend Brittany. After Briar's new boyfriend breaks her heart she finds comfort in Myles and starts hav...

  • 30 days- Bryles
    18.6K 567 19

    Briar and Myles are getting married in 30 days. They decide to make a list of things to do each day before they get married. Will they be able to do everything in time before the big day? Or something happen? Read 30 days to find out!

  • The Next Step~5 Years Later
    34.7K 325 17

    This is what happened after The Next Step won Internationals for the second time... What will happen when they receive a mysterious call from Miss Kate!

  • The next step- 2 years later
    43K 727 32

    Its been 2 years after internationals and a lot has changed, Giselle owns the studio as James and Riley have drifted apart, Riley lives with Emily in an apartment and James lives with Eldon in an apartment; but when everyone receives a call from Giselle telling everyone to come to studio A in a week, whats gonna happe...

  • The Secret He Has
    34.5K 1.4K 33

    Born with the ability to see people's pasts, Myles was brought up in a science lab. Every day he was tested on to see why he had this power. However, no one could figure it out. But, they kept testing him. On his seventeenth birthday, he decided to escape. To be free. To go to the city. How does he fit in with life wh...

    Completed   Mature
  • Back To The Next Step
    150K 3.1K 50

    Noah and Richelle join Elite when in J troupe after Lucien closes down The Next Step. Miss Kate has finally got her studio back and has been auditioning for dancers. All the old A troupe come to audition but then Lucien bursts in with his team. Noah and Richelle must face Miss Kate and the other dancers.

  • The Next Step What If
    44.6K 856 36

    What if something hadn't happened? What if someone hadn't dated someone? What if someone never left? What if someone never came? Comment your thoughts below!

  • You're My Person (Book 1)
    29.4K 584 32

    Richelle knows that she can't keep lying to herself forever. Her relationship is failing, whether she can admit it or not. There's only one person who can fix it for her, but he isn't her person. Or is he?

  • Replacing Richelle
    38.3K 567 17

    I look at him with tearful eyes and ask him one more time. "Why would you ever try to replace me? Am I not good enough?" His eyes fall to the floor and he sighs. Clearly, is the answer to my question, but I need to hear it from him. "I love you." #1 in thenextstep in 2019!

  • More than friends
    71.4K 1.1K 26

    The next step finally came back after their Internationals win and Noah is dating Abi that is until someone disappears from the next step because of the drama.

  • Snap, Crackle, Pop
    36.3K 561 20

    All Richelle wanted to do was dance, because that was all she had. (My take on what would happen to Richelle in season six)

  • THE NEXT STEP - Season 7: A New Chapter
    36.9K 113 26

    🌟 #74 in #thenextstep out of 1000+ books in 2019 🌟 🌟 #5 in #atroupe in 2019 🌟 The Next Step won Regionals but lost at the Nationals Qualifiers so doors closed for a year. 1 Year Later, the studio opens up and big changes are ahead of the studio. When history repeats itself, can the same resolution be used for a di...

  • Noah and Richelle: love prevails
    39.8K 633 22

    This story was intended to be just a one-shot, but I liked sit so much I just had to continue with it! Just a bunch of one-shots containing nochelle and possibly bryles. Hope you enjoy!

  • Revolution |Jiley-Nochelle-Michelleldon| The next step
    17.1K 473 25

    Authors note: this book is based off of the song Revolution by Diplo anyways, now time for the actual book I listen to the revolution song lyrics..... they are... --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lyrics:- "There's li...

  • Keep your shirt on, Noah.
    67.3K 1.2K 9

    Noah and Richelle are given a duet for regionals but Jacquie is determined to get Richelle out of the picture so she can take her place. 🌟Rated #1 in 'A Troupe' stories in 2018🌟

  • Bryles - Holding Back
    31.9K 701 24

    Briar discovers that she is moving and there she meets Myles. Sadly, he has a girlfriend. But thats not the only thing that will stir drama.. This is a bryles story and of couse my first story. There wont be any bryles in the first chapter since its just a filler but it will start to come in slowly. Hope you enjoy the...

  • Keep Your Shirt On, Noah 2
    45.2K 855 10

    Following her outburst, Richelle is eager to get back to business and resume her role on the team. Only problem is, TNS East doesn't feel like her home anymore and she thinks it's time for a change.

  • A Bryles Story: Book 2
    16.2K 380 18

    Bryles is finally dating! But... That doesn't mean that all the drama is gone! Every couples have fights, but now all those fight are caused by someone... Who is it gonna be? What's gonna happen with Bryles? Start reading my book to know everything that is happening between them!

  • A Nochelle Story
    17.3K 395 12

    I really like Noah. I have known him for years, but he doesn't like me. He likes Abi. Abi is my friend, but I don't want her to be with Noah. I just can't take it anymore.

  • Your the only one
    12.6K 281 15

    The story of Richelle Nolet and Noah Erlick. Hope you all like it!!!( btw my first story so please give a feedback)

  • A Nochelle Love
    32.4K 906 26

    Noah and Richelle are adults. How will they deal with their new married life and a baby on the way? Will Richelle go back to dance after all these years or say no? Read to find out!

  • If relationships are worth it?- Nochelle
    9.7K 169 16

    Richelle's POV I have been heartbroken, so many times, I know how it feels here is a list Josh and well there is more, but when Chad hurt me, I knew he was untrusted... and well, I might have known a teenager loved me... name: nick, and well it never worked out well, for one reason, he is a teenager, and two, he is fr...

  • Dance with me tonight- Nochelle
    96.4K 2.3K 66

    Richelle and Noah are in A troupe. But when Richelle gets cut from A troupe and goes down to B troupe, what will Noah do? How will Richelle act about Noabi?

  • The next step: seeing you again
    11.9K 401 31

    After 5 years Noah and Richelle meet again. They need to compete at a competion for the best dancer of the Whole world. Noah and Richelle, both last years students at the New York Dance Academy, were put together by their teacher. But what will happen after not seeing eachother for 5 years? Will they just make their c...