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    "Up in smoke and down in flames" - Who will you become, when the world you once knew is ripped away? What secrets will unfold about yourself? About others around you? What happened? There's only one way to find out: To give into it. Whatever it is. Maybe you'll surprise yourself.... . "From ashes, The knights will r...

  • CreekClan
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    CreekClan. A clan that lives by the small creek, in the middle of nowhere, where twolegs don't roam. Come and join us today!

  • Random Individual/Group roleplays.
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    Uh... Title ig?

  • Ace of Hearts
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    Individual RP

  • You Will Be Found - A Hunger Games Roleplay
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    • You Will Be Found • 49 - 48 - 47 - 46 - 45 There's another world, just like the one you know, but things aren't quite the same. 44 - 43 - 42 - 41 - 40 Katniss Everdeen never existed. District 12 is something of the past, a distant memory, a fairy tale, purely a piece of fiction. 39 - 38 - 37 - 36 - 35 The Capitol...

  • CAMP CORAL • ( (a semi-literate rp) )
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    "the greatest summer camp on the california coast! send your teens here to make them the best versions of themselves they can be!" ------------------------------- break the rules. forget what you've been taught. have the summer of your lives.

  • The Brave (Astrology Rp)
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    Welcome To the Brave, The Biggest fighting competition meant to give an opportunity for the misfortunate. A chance to start over. A chance at a new life of fame and fortune. It's every kid's dream, everything thing an adult can wish for in a cruel world of no second chances. The only question is...How hard will you fi...

  • Protagonist Academy (Closed)
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    A roleplay! Disclaimer: I am in no way trying to steal anyone's ideas. If I do, it's unintentional, or it doesn't belong to you, like scenarios.

  • Seekers: Group RP
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    "A world of humans, and among them those marked by death herself." "They're called Seekers."

  • Immortal: Group Rp
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    Remember Camp Half Blood? Yeah, of course you do. This camp is like that one, with a catch, not only are Half Bloods of Greek gods welcomed, all gods are welcomed. Celtic, Norse, Roman, Egyptian, African, Aztec, etc. All are Welcome! Just, don't fall to the dark power.

  • | | Group Roleplay's | |
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    Just a bunch of group roleplays, siblings, family, etc

  • Family Rp
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    Why not?

  • Young Blood - A Semiliterate Roleplay
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    The following section is a letter you've received from Thane Academy..... your only problem is that it's been closed for over a century. -------------------------- Dear Student, We are pleased to inform you that you have been chosen to go to Thane Academy, a school specializing in advanced magic. You are to pack the f...

  • The Misfits; Group RP
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    A group of those who didn't fit into the world, so they make one of there own, harming those who hurt them, and creating havoc on anything, and everyone to get to those people who made their lives hell. However, what happens when they run into one of the most feared men of all, and end up on his kill list? Will they d...

  • Disney Roleplay! -PRIVATE-
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    Only one group will be continuing to RP in this book. I'll apologize here