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  • 25 Days of Frostiron
    3.4K 74 25

    25 days of Christmas = 25 days of a different prompt not only centering around Christmas but the Christmas colored, metal wearing, sarcastic couple that is Frostiron. *For those that don't celebrate Christmas, I hope you can still enjoy cute, fluffy moments shared between Tony Stark and Loki.*

  • Heroes Will Rise (Marvel Apply Fic) (CLOSED)
    1.3K 95 17

    COVER BELONGS TO CANARY_QUEEN After the events of Endgame, everyone settled down and retired. Everything was peaceful. But now there's a new villain trying to play himself off as the hero. Nick Fury needs to put together a new team and he knows exactly who it will comprise of.

  • The Balance Between
    4.5K 188 15

    He is Loki of Asgard, the god of mischief, the rightful king of Jotunheim, Odinson, and last but certainly the most important: gender fluid. For much too long, Loki has been trapped in his male form because those around him (except, of course, his older brother and mother. So really, it was just Odin) could not accept...

  • Meet and Greet (BOOK OF OCS)
    446 63 36

    In this book you can find almost every OC (basically meaning just the main ones) I have in one of my stories including a full rundown of the character and where you can find them (be prepared for spoilers). I might even make aesthetics (or if someone else has, I will credit them and use the ones that already exist) fo...

  • Real-Life Myth
    2.5K 59 34

    Lana Odindottir is many things. A daughter, a twin sister to one--an adoptive sister to two, a warrior, a hero, a trickster, a god, a Jotun. But most importantly: a myth. No one has seen or heard of the raven haired, emerald eyed goddess from either brother of hers so they've written her off as part of the myths that...

  • Black and White
    1.4K 87 3

    This is going to be a continuation of the black and white au I wrote in Ship Soulmate Aus because @gamer_girl1245678 wanted someone to write a story like it so I offered to continue mine. Plus @Abbster2004 wants me to continue all of my oneshots. Highest Ranking: #4 in ironfrost #812 in soulmates

  • Genius, Billionaire, Playboy, Philanthropist, Uncle?
    7.5K 458 35

    Annabeth? Dead. Jason? Dead. Piper? Dead. Frank? Dead. Hazel? Dead. Leo? Thalia? Nico? Alive. As sad as I am, but still alive. Leo even made special monster proof phones for us to keep in touch. I come home and tell my mom about everything. You know what her response was? "I think you should take time off from your f...

  • The New Girl
    2.3K 88 22

    Every child going to school has to deal with something: whether that be abusive parents or a new kitten or a struggling income. You don't pay that much attention to what other kids have to go through away from school. So when a new girl shows up keeping to herself, would you rush to figure out what they go through eve...

  • Love Doesn't Last Forever [Ironfrost]
    16.9K 675 15

    Tony and Loki have been married for a year now and things couldn't be better. That is, until Loki walks in on Tony doing something he shouldn't and everything starts falling apart. Will be told (mostly) in Loki's point of view and will contain mpreg. Highest Ranking: #2 in ironfrost

  • Lost and Found [Hulkfrost]
    11.3K 815 33

    After sixteen years of searching for their daughter, Bruce Banner along with rest of the Avengers finally find a girl claiming to be an Elizabeth Banner. Could it really be his little girl? An abandoned HYDRA agent sent out to face the world alone has a run in with Earth's Mightiest Heroes, the Avengers. When one mem...

  • My Forever and Always (Soulmate Aus)
    93.8K 1.9K 39

    Soulmates: two people, one heart. When the world we know has been bent to show you your soulmate, your favorite ships must find each other in their new origin stories. [One-shot chapters of different ships and their adventures on finding their soulmate (inspired by theflarrowfan13's Olicity soulmate au's).] Highest Ra...

  • Just One Kiss [Ironfrost]
    152K 5.7K 38

    When Asgard's prisons turn to rubble, Loki has to be placed somewhere. Tony Stark has tons of room in his tower. The billionaire plans to put Loki in his place when he arrives. However, things don't go as planned. What happens when these two go from enemies to lovers with just one kiss? Contains: Male x Male Mpreg HIG...

  • Expecting the Unexpected [Stony]
    231K 8.4K 57

    After two years of marriage, Steve Rogers falls ill. Immediately fearing the worst, Steve and his partner Tony Stark think the serum's wearing off. What happens when it's really a sickness that will last for the next eighteen years of their life? Contains: male x male and mpreg HIGHEST RANKING: #4 in stony #22 in tony...

  • Avengers Seven Minutes in Heaven
    442K 9.5K 15

    Tony's bored one day and rallies up the team, Steve, Clint, Bruce, Natasha, Thor, Loki, Pietro, Wanda, Bucky, Peter, Stephen, and you, along with a bag of items that represents each Avenger in order to play a game that only he finds interesting. Requests welcome! (I've read a couple and figured why not, it can't be th...