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  • ambi oneshots
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    "Kiss me," came Andi's breathy demand a few moments later, and Amber was only too happy to oblige. ~ A collection of ambi oneshots, mostly fluff. {All with happy endings because they deserve it}

  • Formally | Ambi
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    (Completed) "Okay, Bambi. You can have anything you want." "I just want you." Amber has had a crush on Andi for a while, but Andi is completely clueless. Now Andi wants Amber's help asking another person to the dance. When Andi succeeds, she realizes she might be at the dance with the wrong person. But it may be too l...

  • Andi Mack One Shots
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    Just a bunch of one-shots about the show Andi Mack. Probably gonna be mostly Tyrus and Muffy. 🔥 Means smut