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  • almost perfect moments | foxodile oneshots
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    "you're so small i could put you in my pocket." "what?" "what?" hawkodile × dr. fox

  • catchin' stars | foxodile
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    "wanna know how it feels like to be crushed?" "nah, i'm too small for my own good already." hawkodile × dr. fox fanfiction I do not own Unikitty and the rest of the characters (unless stated.) All credits goes to Cartoon Network and its creators. i'm sixteen but i still stan. edit: lol i'm seventeen now

  • Unikitty incorrect quotes
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    I've already made a ninjago one, so why no Unikitty one? Enjoy! ART NOT MINE! THIS CONTAINS SHIPS!

  • [*COMPLETED*]- Trust- A Master Frown Backstory
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    Michael Elliot Frown is an unfortunate kid born to a neglectful family. He has experienced mostly downs and almost never ups. Later on he began living with his best friend and unfortunately- became a merciless bully. Frown wants to seek revenge and nobody dared to go near him. Nobody got in his way- until one day, wh...

  • LEGO Unikitty! Madness 3
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    Apparently two isn't enough :P

  • Unikitty! Headcanons Crazyness
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    As the title suggests ;) Enjoy my new book! :D

  • Unikitty vines!!
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    Random vines, (mostly Thomas sanders, Juan, and many more youtubers) that I decided to turn into unikitty! Hope you enjoy this HILARIOUS BOOK, Mah friends.

  • [*COMPLETED*] MORE LEGO Unikitty! Madness
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    Cuz why not? XD

  • The Doomed Blog- a.k.a. The Doom Lords' Blog Book
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    Welp, looks like I'm TOO obsessed over them XD Enjoy my new book!

  • [COMPLETED] Selfless-A Foxodile Love Story
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    {*EDITED*}-Hawkodile has a massive crush on Dr. Fox, who was completely unaware about it. He already harboured feelings for her since they first met, but he isn't brave enough to tell her about it. One day, Dr. Fox gave Hawkodile a weird task and he must accomplish it before he could open a letter she gave him. What...

  • [COMPLETED]- Hawkodile And Eagleator- The Search For A Long Lost Child
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    -{EDITED}- Well, this story continues my Foxodile story. A kid from Hawkodile's hometown has been missing for years and his/her whereabouts are still unknown. Hawkodile, after becoming a bodyguard decides to search for him/her, even after knowing that the mission is impossible to accomplish, and that the kid has bee...

  • [COMPLETED] Mutual Feelings-A UniFrown Love Story
    22.3K 448 17

    Master Frown has had feelings for Princess Unikitty for quite some time, but he had problems expressing them. Without a second choice, he unwillingly and reluctantly seeked help and advice from his roommate-Brock, and some of Unikitty's friends. Will he succeed in the end? On the other hand, Unikitty has been wonderi...

  • [*COMPLETED*] LEGO Unikitty! Madness
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    Hi!!! I'm AngelTheLEGOFan and welcome to my new book! Here's a book dedicated to one of my favourite cartoon shows-Unikitty! I swear, that this cartoon is very VERY worth watching, it's just sooooooooooooooo AMAZING and AWESOME and COLOURFUL... Without further ado, enjoy my new work!

  • The Popping Realm of OCeana
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    Greetings, readers! Welcome to the colorful and popping world of OCeana! This realm is home to several of my hand-drawn drawings and some of my OCs from other shows. Well, I hope you guys like them! (P. S. @Loblaster, thanks for suggesting that I create this book)

  • Unikitty: Royal Ball
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    Elegancia is another kingdom not too far away from Unikingdom, and it's illustrious for throwing the grandest and most sophisticated royalty-only parties (including tea parties). Well, guess what? Their Annual ReGala is coming up, and both Unikitty and Puppycorn are invited! With these two royal rambunctious siblings...