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  • Side effect⚣Lilo MPreg✔️
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    [3RD IN BROMANCE AWARDS 2015(LILO CATEGORY)] Liam and Louis Payne are nonidentical opposite twins. Liam is popular,having all the guys and girls swooning over him because of his Good looks,body and social status And Louis is the opposite.He has next to no friends,has the brains but not the looks,and he only gets atten...

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  • Story of our Lives
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    Stella, Marry, Amber, Kayla, and Abby wanted to just get done and over with collage but Stella's unique encounter with hot boy band singer Harry Styles changed all their lives even the boys. They go throw many opsticals marrage, jelousy, close encounters to death even a surprise child along the way. Each of them a ha...