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  • ꧁му кιттєи꧂||yøønkook fanfic||
    10K 333 11

    [REWRITING] A boy named Jungkook came across a mysterious boy. They had a rough start, but they got over it. Both had secrets that they would soon find out~ [✨INGREDIENTS✨] •Six cups of fluff •Three cups of slice of life •Five tablespoons of plot twists •A cup of bottom Yoongi •Two and a half cup of Sub-top Kooki...

  • ROOMMATES | Yoongi x BTS
    349K 1.9K 7

    Yoongi is a Little moving into an apartment with total strangers. He doesn't have a Daddy and didn't think he'd find one, let alone six of them.

  • Kill or Be Killed
    75.7K 2.7K 25

    Taehyung was at the wrong place at the wrong time, seeing something he shouldn't have. Jeongguk one of the biggest Mafia leaders there is, finds Taehyung hiding from the fear of being killed. He now had him working for him. Title: @taehkey

    185K 5K 12

    In which Min Yoongi, aka Suga the famous rapper of BTS, pretends to be more dominant than he really is. - Contains omegaverse.

  • Little One
    22.4K 651 5

    "Don't be scared little one...I won't hurt you" "w-what?"

  • my baby //j.jk + k.nj//
    35.5K 1.3K 11

    Namjoon is gay, he got kicked out once his parents knew about it, he was alone. Jungguk was just a rich kid living alone. What if they meet up? ⚠️mentions of abuse and trauma!⚠️ side ships: sope and jinmin

  • Beautiful boy - Hoseok x BTS [ON HOLD]
    34.3K 1K 10

    In which hoseok has 6 boyfriends Bottom hoseok Top BTS No side ships Just a bunch of fluff Hoseok centric

    28.2K 566 9

    Bts are your brothers but they arent kpop idols they are just your older brothers they are annoying and they pick a lot be they also care about you alot so Also im 14 and this is my first ever story so im trying so show a lot of love YAY!? And also for some reason the chapters have been repeating so just ignore that o...

  • mint green | y.seok
    94.5K 5.9K 37

    yoongi thought it would be a good idea to change his hair colour.

  • airplane. •SOPE•
    208K 8.7K 31

    hoseok has been in love with the idol min yoongi from bts since he can remember, what happens when he meets him on an airplane? -sope/yoonseok. -explicit language. -it's my first story don't be ROOD🗿 -short story- is thirty chapters short?? KSJDJS idk started June 19th 2019. ended july 3rd 2019. lowercase intended. ...

    167K 3.5K 127

    Y/N debuts with BTS male reader insert

  • My seven overprotective brothers
    36.4K 509 10

    Y/n have 7 overprotective brothers.

  • Our omega {yoongixbts} (under major editing)
    55.2K 1.5K 13

    In which Yoongi is claimed by six alphas when he bumps into them at a cafe

  • necĸlace ; yoonkook
    35.2K 1.3K 34

    ❝ᴅᴏɴ'ᴛ ғᴏʀɢᴇᴛ ᴀʙᴏᴜᴛ ᴍᴇ.❞ - yoon & jung ©_chimmin1318

  • Caregiver Trial | SOPE/YOONSEOK
    64.8K 2.5K 32

    In which Hoseok is introduced to Little Yoongi, a small, cuddly and obedient baby who is his roommate's best friend. [ON HOLD] 10 #tophoseok 130 #soft 48 #bottomyoongi

  • Save Me (Bangtan Sonyeondan [BTS] x Adopted! Child Reader) ON HOLD
    18.4K 357 9

    After losing your parents to a house fire, you were sent to an abusive orphanage to be "taken care of." What will happen when a kind young man helps you run away from your prison, and lets you stay with his six brothers? Find out now! WARNING: TRIGGER WARNING; CHILD ABUSE, PARENTAL DEATH, ABANDONMENT, BROKEN HOME, DE...

  • Singer? (BTS x Male!Reader)
    86.6K 2.2K 65

    (probably gonna be shitty 1st BTS fanfic so don't kill me if I fuck up I'm only human okei? I GOT NO JAMS) Y/n sings on a regular basis you could say Y/n is normal, but that's untrue. Hi. I'm Y/n I'm a singer who is sadly not famous, I live in Korea and I'm 18 and I have major mood swings. Basically I'm bipolar. Litt...

  • Copy Cat--Sope hybrid fanfic (COMPLETED)
    29.6K 1.2K 12

    One day Hobi goes outside to discover a kitten on his doorstep. He decides to keep the kitten and name him Yoongi. What he doesn't know is the kitten is actually a hybrid.

  • The hidden island (BTS x Male reader!)
    23.2K 576 6

    (M/n) and BTS meet as they both board the same plane to go on vacation. But what happens when the plane unexpectedly crash lands on a hidden island that no one knows about and they are the only ones that survive? Read to find out what happens next ;) 🔞(Involves smut and romance between (M/n) and BTS along with swear...

    144K 4K 35


  • Jungkook's Little 2 [COMPLETE]
    280K 10.6K 51

    The follow on from Jungkook's Little.

  • lipgloss
    117K 5.2K 33

    Jungkook wants to have a taste of yoongi's lipgloss

  • stutter ; yk
    31.1K 1.3K 5

    ❝seems like you don't talk much kitten?❞ -in which the schools heart-throb takes interest in the shy quiet male. YOONKOOK AU ©dimpledcherry. 100718

  • {Chance of Love}BTS x Male Reader
    45.2K 953 27

    Note: Might Delete BTS are coming back from tour. Yoongi keeps seeing a strange man always walking around but people avoiding him. Yoongi told the members about this mysterious person but when ever they try to find him he vanishes. Yoongi still wants to know who this mysterious man is and why people avoid him. (I'm b...

  • Yoongi x BTS
    29.2K 548 6

    ^^ Explains it all... #27 subyoongi #23 topbts #259 bottomyoongi χ σи нσℓ∂ χ

  • Falling in love with a demon-Taejoon
    10.5K 485 6

    Kim Taehyung is a demon he is dominant and has a cute side when he is around his elders. Kim Namjoon is a human who look dominant but he is actually pretty submissive.

  • kitty! {namjoon x bts}
    95.8K 3.1K 15

    the members don't know what happened, even namjoon.

  • dancing with the demons (bts x minyoongi)
    14.8K 702 6

    In a world were angels and demon co-exist High school is hard for min-yoongi, being the only angel in the school, and always getting preyed on by 6 specific demons. "Whats-up Angel Cakes~" "Huh? what did you just call me?"

  • Pretty boy
    29.7K 600 10

    Random bottom namjoon ⚠️this is bottom namjoon NOT top!!!⚠️ Also please don't ready if you're uncomfortable

  • BTS x Male reader
    239K 3.6K 106

    Just little oneshots, can be fluff, angst or smut. if you have ideas or requests you can send them to me. - Jenny Bode Highest raking in general fanfiction #25 07-05-2018