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  • over and over // loona
    40.6K 2.1K 12

    Jinsoul promised herself that she would never fall in love, that everything she does would be a "no strings attached" kinda fling. But once she meets Jungeun, everything changes. All she wants is to win her over, the girl who was hard to get. And she was going to get her no matter what. Even if that means breaking her...

  • loona on crack • chat fic
    115K 7.5K 81

    //달소온크랙// ! romantic comedy ! jinsnatched: who took the strawberries a loona chat fic. many chapters but really short chapters ! 110518 - 160320

  • typing... ➭ loona social media au
    20.2K 1.3K 12

    "you know you shouldn't talk to strangers on the internet." "it's 2018, let me live. people literally summon strangers on the internet to drive them places." in which twelve girls traverse their way through life and participate in online social activities. living through the good and the bad while laughing at memes to...

  • ꒰ loona oneshots ꒱
    20.8K 648 11

    this book contains: - ships - x reader (female and male) - requests are open!!

  • sticky notes ➳ chuuves
    36.1K 2.8K 16

    highschool!au in which chuu has been crushing on the leader of the school's dance team, yves.

    Completed   Mature
  • bad liar // loona
    4.4K 189 4

    one is her best friend. one is her biggest crush. all three are, well, kind of chaotic. sooyoung likes jinsoul, but maybe not in the way jinsoul would like her to. especially considering the crush jinsoul's been hiding on her since high school. but when jungeun comes along and steals sooyoung's heart immediately, thin...

  • Selfish [YVES]
    7.2K 304 9

    "all you do is cry for yourself. you're so selfish." - part 2 coming soon.