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  • Roles Reversed
    61K 1.7K 33

    Female werewolves rule the world and males are treated as slaves and are highly looked down upon. Meet Ariella, the queen and most powerful werewolf in the world. What happens when the person she loves most in the world dies and 5 years later she meets her mate, a male and most of all an omega. Well, let's just say s...

    40.8K 680 9

    FACETS # 1 《We are like parallel lines; Always close-never together.》 Days of planning. A moment of distraction. A woman violated. A man framed. Sometimes it takes a catastrophic turn of events in one's life to head in the direction it was meant for. [This in NO WAY identifies Islam but the errors of human ways.]

  • He's Mine
    1.3K 106 12

    "You make me insane you know that?" She said as she pinned me to the bed. She started leaving love bites down my neck before landing where my future mark will be. My breath hitched and I couldn't move. I didn't want to. I was under a spell. I was under 𝓱𝓮𝓻 spell. "You're mine Evangelos." She said in a lustful manne...

  • The Unfortunates | COMPLETED
    1M 35.6K 86

    Mates are found before you turn 22 - that's the rule. If you don't, you are branded. Being branded as an Unfortunate isn't easy, and you can't come back from it. Avery Wilcott, the daughter of an Alpha, and trained to be an Alpha herself. Branded at 22, she threw herself into training. At 28, she hasn't found her...

  • The Raptor's Girl [Male Blue x OC x Male Indominus Rex] ✓
    298K 6.6K 22

    { Currently being rewritten } "The kids? This will give the parents nightmares." Jurassic World. The place where dreams come to life, and where fantasy, isn't a fantasy anymore. Ever since John Hammond made dinosaurs become not extinct anymore from genetic material, we found a way to make them better, stronger, more t...

  • Alpha's Omega Mate ✔
    890K 23.7K 40

    1st Person Point Of View (POV) Book - Cliché ------------------------------ Krystal, like all she-wolves, has been waiting for her mate since she was a little girl but with being an omega the chances of being rejected are very high. Although she knows the risks of her getting rejected, Krystal tries to ignore that fa...

    Completed   Mature
  • My human mate
    112K 2.9K 31

    Let me introduce myself: hello, I am Rue. And this is my life. I am alpha of my pack meaning I have control over everything, expect when one day I didn't. That day everything changed. That day I met him, the human, my human. Warning: bad grammar. Don't be to harsh it's my first book. *Pictures are not mine

  • Hers (#1)
    125K 4K 35

    highest ranking: #211 Werewolf The roles have reversed. And the world you know has been altered. Things are different this time; packs are not dominated by males but by females. The Alpha is now a strong, domineering woman. The Beta is a woman; the Gamma is a woman. Who run the world? Marcus Johns is the Archie comic...

  • Irah of the Seven Dominions
    765 56 15

    As the first female ruler of the Seven Dominions, She's one-of-a-kind. As a Self-made nobleman in a class-conscious society, He is too. Both carry the weight of a personal loss and neither knows how to escape the guilt and pain. When their worlds collide, literally, the secrets of the past unravel and the future becom...

  • 𝐐𝐔𝐄𝐄𝐍𝐃𝐎𝐌. ( hope mikaelson )
    33.4K 1K 11

    ❝ you have a home in my queendom, you have a place in my queendom. ❞ - in which a tribrid falls in love with an angel - HOPE MIKAELSON STARED BLANKLY at her screen, part of her wondering if what she was doing was the right thing. There were plenty of teenagers at Salvatore Boarding School, plenty of kids who she could...

  • Saving Who?
    1.6M 48.3K 41

    She seeked solace in kneading dough and icing tiers of cakes, but Katherina Baker was given an ultimatum by her parents. Choose a career that they wanted her to pursue, or leave. Her grandmother stood by her side and guided her every step of the way. Until they received news about her brother and a certain green-eyed...

  • Let's Kill the Heroine!
    204K 10.1K 32

    The world? Ha! Even hell and heaven fear her! Teufel was a notorious terrorist well-known for her ruthless nature. The government was already at its wits trying to catch her but for naught. While enjoying the peak of her achievements and fame, her soul suddenly transmigrated to an otome game she never even played. Re...

  • Pirate's Naughty Prince {Park Jimin} Kinda Mommy Kink
    41.3K 1.2K 21

    In a split second, she was able to throw him over her shoulder, not even bothered by the male's weight. "Yah! Let me go! I said I dont want to go with you!" The male demanded while smacking the pirate's back with his small fists. In an all so sudden motion, the female pirate gave a small peck on the side of the male's...

  • 𝐁𝐀𝐁𝐘𝐁𝐎𝐘. | ʲʲᵏ· ✓
    113K 2.2K 29

    ❝Always remember, my heart holds you when my arms can not.❞ ©wattpadwriter <3 『any works similar to mine, is pure coincidence』 ⚠❗Will conatain adult content❗⚠ Rankings🏆↓ #25 - btsjk #707 - btsjin #386 - jk #275 - btsrm #399 - 방탄소년단 #875 - jeongguk #25 - jkff #225 - jk #483 - btsjin #792 - btsv #736 - btsjhope #210...

  • Blood is Thicker Than Water (Korra x fem! reader)
    52.2K 1.3K 10

    "She just seemed so... different, maybe even special, but I didn't know why." Welcome to Republic City my name is (Y/n). I'm sixteen years old, and I like to write. Plus, I'm a waterbender. One more thing, I have amnesia. That's right, memory loss! Many people find it shocking that I have no recollection whatsoever o...

  • She
    201K 7.8K 47

    ⚠️ Warning ⚠️ this book contains mentions of r-pe, sexual assault, and abuse Upon being rescued by the Avatar, and his friends, Y/n had nowhere else to go, and followed them on their journey. Toph Beifong x Fem!Reader For moral reasons, the reader will be 12-13 Cover Art by Asterein (redbubble) / Litarnes (Instagram...

  • Number 14 (Lauren/You)
    333K 10.8K 28

    "Being back here seemed right. Two years was way to long to be away from my friends and family. Although the home part, that was going to be interesting. Mom God knows where and Dad engaged to his mistress, that was going to take some getting used to. Not to mention the girl with the beautiful green eyes."

  • ♤♧Lucky Gal♡◇
    22.3K 655 57

    How can a troubled card dealer like you get with a certain rapper from the K/DA group ? (fem x fem) (Btw this is my first book and none of the pictures or videos are mine)

  • Nightingale~A Victorious Fanfic
    3.4K 100 12

    (OCxJade West) Everyone at Hollywood Arts knows the school's tough bad girl, Jade West, but they're about to get a surprise. Jade is about to be upstaged by newcomer Erin North, Tori Vega's cousin, and when fire meets fire, will the two girls be able to exist side by side, or will the whole school be affected?

  • Breathless (Santana Lopez) COMPLETED
    65.5K 3.9K 22

    Y/N Evans just moved to McKinley High with her twin brother Sam. Y/N is athletic just like her older twin and takes pride in playing soccer and basketball. Y/N is also not like most girls, she was born intersex. She doesn't hide her sexuality but doesn't flaunt it either. She's a private person much like her twin. Wha...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Hot Soccer Mom (Megan/You) COMPLETED
    308K 11.9K 25

    Y/N Y/LN is fresh out of college and doesn't have a clue what to do with her life. She has a degree in business but doesn't know what to do with it. So she decides to take action on the information her brother gave her. To kill free time, she decides to coach her nephews soccer team. Y/N being the only one in her fami...

    Completed   Mature
  • A Not So Perfect Love Story (Dahyun X Fem Reader)
    9.8K 987 60

    The story about a typical average girl living in the United States with her bestfriend Ryujin, soon she will find out the truth about her family. While in Korea she follows her dreams and passions. As she encounters someone in Korea, years later she meets her again. What secrets will be unfolded? Read More & More to f...

  • Game Shakers - Fan Fiction!
    17.4K 382 20

    Welcome to the world of game shakers. Where you're the newest cast member on the set. What kind of drama will unfold who knew the words: "You got the part!" Could change your life.

  • Starlight: A Futadom Story
    24.3K 245 11

    A lusty story about a boy who finds himself in a city of futas. This is a work in progress. I thank everyone who reads this regardless of what they think. Once it is done and I'm happy with it, I'll put it up on Literotica or Amazon for free if that's possible. I'm just glad that enough people like it, otherwise this...

  • Beast✔️
    175K 4.1K 39

    They say Peter Pan is the most powerful who ever lived, but that's because they never met you. You're the leader of Neverlands second group, you like to mess with Pan and you have both known each other for a very long time and it's been complicated. When you discover Pan's true intention for Henry you decide to...

  • remember?
    43.8K 941 26

    COMPLETE ~"Maybe one day we'll meet again, when we're different people. Maybe then we'll be better for each other." ------------ Remember when we were together? Remember when we watched stars? Remember when it was just us forever? Remember when we were against the world? Remember when we laughed together? Remember wh...

  • 𝐩𝐚𝐩𝐞𝐫𝐜𝐮𝐭
    196K 8.1K 82

    ✧・゚: *✧・゚:* will byers charles dumont, in 1983, is a mess when his best friend (who he is in love with) goes missing and he and his friends find a mysterious girl with a buzz cut, nearly to the scalp, in the woods all alone. ❝i take everything for what it is and i never try to change it.❞ [ will b. x male oc ] [ s1-3...

  • Journey From The Hatred To Love ( Veela,drarry)
    195K 6.1K 50

    I just want to have a normal school year this time with my friends. - Harry Potter. I came into my inheritance and I'm a veela. I hope I find my mate in school. - Draco Malfoy. For their sixth year in school both boys have different ideas. One wants to find their soulmate while other wants to have a normal year. When...

  • Draco's suffering
    58.5K 1.7K 28

    When Draco is in his sixth year at hogwarts, at sixteen, before he leaves, his father, Lucius Malfoy, beats him to try to get him to do better in his classes, but really, all that that does is send Draco into a mass of emotional and mental instability. Finally, will everyone at hogwarts see Draco for who he really is...

  • Shards Of Slytherin
    88.9K 3.1K 52

    This story is about Draco Malfoy's struggles in 5th Year when a traumatic experience causes him to have multiple personalities. Harry and the Golden Trio are curious about Draco's strange behavior. There are definitely a few Drarry moments, though the book isn't entirely focused on it. *some things in here may vary f...