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  • Genesis: World Gone Mad
    14.7K 591 38

    Voted #1 in action This is a world where our greatest minds decided to fix the energy problem. It was called Project Zenith: a machine designed to draw energy from the stars and bring immeasurable power. However, on its opening day on new years, it was called by a very different name. Genesis as the machine malfuncti...

  • The Remembering: Runway One
    14 4 2

    A group of young children has just escaped an organization known as "Runway one" They've been there for as long as they can remember, or so they think. Each day the leader of Dorm Room One puts roofies in their drinks and foods so they could never remember where they came from, who they are or who there parents are...

  • The adventures of Deku and Kacchan's duck family.
    1K 92 11

    Take a dive into the wonderful world of mommy kacchan and daddy deku's duck children. :) plus this shit is funny af hehe

  • Earth-chan and Friends
    27.6K 595 24

    The story of a young girl, Earth-chan, our mother planet, who studies at Planetarium College together with other planets and stars, and is the only one to have tiny creatures - humans - inhabit her hair. Due to such difference from the other planets, Earth-chan is often bullied. Yet, she still adores the little human...

  • Help [Deku x Blind Todoroki]
    46.2K 2.2K 20

    Thanks to an accident during a villain attack on UA, Todoroki lost his sight while protecting the injured Midoriya. Midoriya feels unbearably guilty for what happened to Todoroki and wants to do everything to help, but how do you help someone who constantly gets your heart racing, making you a blushing, stuttering me...

    Completed   Mature
  • Who Needs Magic in a Fantasy World Anyway?
    272K 13.8K 129

    Passing away in her sleep after binge-watching anime, Koko finds herself reincarnated in another world filled with magic, monsters and a game-like system where one can become stronger as they gain more experience. However, having been reborn in a struggling noble family which couldn't afford proper equipment, Koko use...

  • Exchanging Villainy Into Love System [BL]
    344K 15.6K 30

    Bai An Cheng was a mercenary-for-hire in the modern era of advanced technology. He's a bio-engineered human thrown away in an orphanage for reasons still unknown. There, he learned how to be a mother, a big brother, and a protector for his younger 'siblings'. After an attempted kidnapping of his siblings which resulte...