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  • The Potions Tutor (final chapters)
    9.1K 488 10

    these are the rest of the chapters that were never released on Wattpad for The Potions Teacher by @drarry-shipper-13 the original author hasn't been active on this app in like 7 years. so i figured i'd do everyone a favor and just repost the chapters they wrote on a different platform so it's not all confusing ❤️❤️ ...

  • love or be loved (kustard fanfic)
    34.9K 1K 25

    One day error gets bored of destroying AUs and tries a bit of matchmaking! (I know, just role with it) he manipulates ink to teleport red (uF! Sans) to a random universe called undertale, and you can probably guess what happens after that....

  • Fuck You ( Undertale Sans X Underfell Sans )
    5.9K 210 4

    Classic Sans didn't know what to expect when he woke up to another Sans. Fell Sans to be exact. He's from one of his most hated Aus. Turns out that Error had eventually erased Underfell, but there was survivors. With Ink's help, they were able to take refuge in other Aus. Turns out Underfell Sans and Papyrus was assig...

  • This Isn't Ned (Wrong Number)
    42.5K 1.5K 12

    Peter accidently texts Tony Stark.

  • Wrong Number And New Friends
    1K 52 2

    Peter accidently texts the wrong number while on patrol and ends up making friends with some very interesting people.

  • Who's This?
    555 18 2

    Peter Parker is given the wrong number one day. he texts and makes a new friend! little does he know that his new friend is the one and only Tony Stark.

  • (ON HOLD) Sorry... Wrong, Number (Lokison fanfic)
    6.7K 245 10

    (ON HOLD) Peter finds himself in a.... sticky situation... Peter knew how much aunt may worried about him, she knew he had been sneaking out. she never tried to pry the answers out, never grounded him, never called him out, she just let him go, kids need privacy right? but May's getting tired of the secrets, she wants...

  • Wrong Number, Kid: An Irondad and Spiderson Story
    9.4K 519 13

    The classic Peter Parker accidentally texts Mr. Stark instead of Ned story, but with a twist... neither of them know who the other is. When all of the Avengers get roped in, somehow growing to care for the kid, it gets harder to keep a secret a secret, though... and what happens when Peter has nowhere else to turn? (...

  • Wrong number? Right number.
    5.1K 243 5

    Peter broke his phone well SMing and gets a new one, he accidentally typed the wrong number, so when he try texting MJ it was not her.

  • Wrong Number, Kid
    14.5K 652 8

    Peter thought thought he typed in Neds new number however soon discovers that it was the wrong number. So who does he text?

  • Wrong Number, Kid
    117K 4.8K 42

    'Wrong Number Kid' but with Shuri instead of Tony. When Peter texts the wrong number, he never expected to get into this much trouble. Can he keep his secret safe? Will he find love? Will everything go to crap? Also bonus content =))) I DO NOT OWN MARVEL IN ANY WAY, SHAPE, OR FORM Becoming available in audio form on...

  • A Spiders Secret
    26.2K 697 7

    -------------------------- Peter's a normal teenager.. well kind of? He lives with his aunt may in their apartment, before Peter got bit by the radio active spider he applied for a internship at Stark Industries to help pay rent, but never got a reply, soon he forgot all about the application probably thinking he nev...

  • Sorry Kid, Wrong Number
    89.4K 2.7K 14

    After May dies in a car crash on her way home, Peter tries to text Ned. But PLOT TWIST! He didn't enter the number quite right... Now Peter must try to continue being Spider-man without tipping off his new foster family. Civil and Infinity wars didn't happen, Homecoming didn't happen, y'all know the drill. I don't own...

  • A New Begining For a Mysterious Hero
    50K 1.6K 12

    After Aunt may lost custody of little 12-year-old Peter Parker she takes her own lie in grief and Peter is transferred to a "good" orphanage where he gets hit every single day the next two years of his life to protect the younger kids in the home. What will Peter do when the famous Tony Stark and his fianceé are look...

  • The Intern
    186K 6.2K 33

    What if Tony Stark wanted a new intern for Stark Industries? And what if a particular 15-year-old boy from Queens applied to work there ...and actually got the job? This story is yet another MARVEL fanfiction. It circles around Peter Parker, a fifteen-year-old from Queens, NY. He is also known as Spiderman. But nobody...

  • Wrong Number, Kid
    141K 4.6K 31

    Peter gets a new phone as a gift from Aunt May. It's one of the older STARK phones.(Peter has been dying to get one, for like, forever)So when Peter gets it, the first thing he does is text Ned about his amazing STARK 6, not realizing it is Tony Stark. What will happen next? Will Peter meet the great Tony Stark? Will...

  • Wrong number kid
    32K 925 7

    i love these kind of stories they have been a crave recently so i am gonna make one two tell me what u think ps updates are random

  • My secret
    942 29 8

    Peter x flash This is just a story Idk... all characters are from the recent Spider-Man movies (homecoming and far from home) by that I mean like that is who I'm thinking of when I write, not the other movies or the comics. Also all characters are not mine they are marvel studios, I don't own them.

  • Love hurts (Flashxpeter)
    38K 1.3K 30

    Soulmates that what everyone had here. There are different ways to find your soulmate and sometimes you never do. You could feel their emotions. You could write to them on your skin. You could have a timer and a name. But the rarest of them all you feel each other pain and share each other scars and bruises. My name...

  • Love Your Enemies
    13.5K 522 6

    5 times Flash had a crush on Spider-Man, and the 1 time Spider-Man had a crush on Flash.

  • 'Try to be Kind' | A BatIM Henry x Bendy Fanfic {Slow Updates}
    27.8K 572 22

    [Warning: Bad language, violence and a terrible author] This story will have really terrible chapters at the begining of the story but I promise it gets better! When I finish this book I will edit everything and then the story might sound a little better! Sorry! Also, as of writing this I have not read the book and Be...

  • Turning Ink
    21.1K 787 29

    Henry and Sammy have been working together since the start of the studio, growing closer by the day. When Joey Drew orders a strange machine to be built, things start to grow dangerous for the both of them and tensions start to rise.

  • The Archives [a BATIM Fanfiction]
    1.4K 50 10

    Lightly inspired off of Endereye96's fic. It sparked some inspiration and old ideas. I loved it. :) You know the basis. Henry Stein, animator. Stuck in a time loop. Breaks the time loop. Wait- he broke the loop? How'd he do that? No one is sure. Not even the comic's creator, and not even Bendy.

  • The Studio Stalker
    1.8K 66 10

    This is my first story so sorry if you don't like it or not. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ As the other workers see Henry overworking and isolating himself, Wally had enough of it and went to Joey Drew for a solution. Joey of course didn't care too much about it but came up with more than just the solution. But what Joey didn't know was...

  • The angel that came from Earth
    301 12 1

    This story was inspired by pinkfluffyuniMegy story called the gift from heaven. This may have similar things happening in the story but things will be different from their story so be aware of that. -------- They get a new toon named Luke Morningstar. And Henry is missing? Joey stays quiet about the situation. To onl...

  • The Devil takes it all [BATIM]
    19.8K 513 9

    This BendyxHenry so if you don't like this ship or you're uncomfortable with it, don't read this. . Sometimes, when we are on the edge of despair, we make stupid decisions. Joey Drew could tell you a lot about it. No matter how much he begged and prayed, his friend was already gone... But does it matters? The deal is...

  • ●Demons Can Love, Cant They?●
    27.1K 681 24

    This is my first book so sorry it's crap. This is Benry (Bendy X Henry) do if you don't like it well then I'm sorry. Henry just gave up. He was stuck in neverending loops. He died multiple times just to die again and again and never go home. Henry was on the point of giving up when something went wrong... (Cover not m...

  • BATIM: The End (Some BendyxHenry)
    56.1K 1.3K 36

    (BendyxHenry) May be some Smut, haven't decided yet Henry Stein wasn't quite sure what was happening to him. He kept reliving the same things over and over. But this was about to change. The Reel is about to be broken. But will Henry survive this new chapter? *Cover Art not mine. All credit goes to original artist*

  • Fallen Angel [Bendy x Henry]
    19K 432 9

    Henry Stein only wanted to borrow some ink, not fucking end up in a Toon World! Will Joey bring him back, or will he have to stay in the Toon World forever? Not to mention a certain demon takes interest in him but not in the good way... . (Edit: This is NOT a sequel to Gift from Heaven) (Cover Art is mine)

  • A different loop
    19.8K 749 27

    Joey Drew was getting nervous watching his old pal fighting for his life and continuing the loop the exact same way he did before. His old pal was getting closer to setting them free and Joey just couldn't allow this to happen. So why not change the story a bit? Why not turn Henry into a eight year old, both physicall...