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  • Heartbeat | BoruSara
    107K 2.8K 19

    Dear Sarada, I love you, but you love him. I'm not gonna be all sappy and sad about it, but I do have one question: Did I ever have a chance? Yours truly, Boruto ___ [BoruSara fanfic] [Naruto AU] [I don't own Naruto] [Spin off of Best Friend | NaruHina]

  • Just A Dare
    181K 3.2K 116

    Sarada and her girls were having a normal sleepover and then a game of truth or dare goes a little wrong in Sarada's opinion. (Also Itachi, Naruto's parents, Sasuke's parents and Jiraiya are not dead they are alive in this book.)

  • Journey Back In Time
    173K 6.4K 20

    How did mama and papa meet? What's the Uchiha massacre? ..Who's Itachi? When curiosity gets to the best of the Uchiha heiress, she's presented with an opportunity to travel back in time to meet her parent's younger selves- only to discover that Sasuke and Sakura had been keeping a lot from her. What will Sarada do wit...