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  • Fixing Broken Metal (RoyEd)
    122K 4.2K 25

    Edward, Sergeant Brosh and Lieutenant Ross are all captured. When Major Armstrong, Lieutenant Hawkeye, Al and Roy go to save them, Ed is badly hurt. Mentally and physically. He won't talk about what happened. Roy decideds that its his job to fix Ed and over time, falls in love with him

  • Roy X Ed
    1.3K 22 1

    Completed   Mature
  • Just Believe Me
    66.2K 2K 7

    When Edward Elric tries to tell his boyfriend, Roy Mustang that he's pregnant, Roy thinks it's all a bad joke. Though after that, Ed leaves Roy disappearing from his life. When Roy finds him again, Ed has a young girl with him who has black hair and golden eyes. I'll give you guys one guess on who the parents are... E...

  • Behind The Uniform (RoyEd)
    98.2K 4K 14

    "What?! The stupid mission requires me to wear the uniform?!" "Yes Fullmetal. You'll blow our cover if you don't." "And I'm being sent with you?!" "Yes Fullmetal." Edward Elric had been assigned on a mission. An undercover one. Him and Roy Mustang, Ed's superior, were assigned to go on the mission together. What they...

  • Royed Is this what you wanted?
    917 35 4

    Roy leans one inch from Edwards face* "Is this what you wanted?"

  • Mustang's Mind Games (RoyEd)
    126K 4.6K 24

    Ed just doesn't understand Roy Mustang. He plays mind games with Ed. And Ed has had enough. One minute, Ed and Roy are fighting. The next, Roy is making a remark, and causing Ed to grow flustered with a furious blush. Its eating Ed up inside. Its all he thinks about it. And Ed has had enough.

  • Yes, for the love! (RoyxEd)
    15.5K 313 15

    So, this is some RoyxEd fanfiction. It has 15 chapters. Hope you like it. For more leave a vote. And yeah,..... enjoy! - Boora- chan

  • The Military's Dog (RoyEd)
    46.9K 1.8K 15

    Equivalent Exchange. The basic law of alchemy. It begins the chain of exchange. The passing of information, rules or even traditions. But that's not always the case. Roy Mustang needed stress relief. Edward Elric needed information. They make a deal. There's only one rule to this deal. Everything that happens, me...

    Completed   Mature