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  • Join Wattpad Group chat
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    Join wattpad Whatsapp group chat to meet new people and expand communication on the knowledge of fantasy/romantic/fictional/science novels. Share ideas and discuss mutual books. And if you have any books you've written and want to share it with so many people, come join. Send a message to +23490264286 or Follow this l...

  • Pandragon Dan Author Interviews
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    Wishing to get yourself interviewed? Then look no further! Read on for further details!

  • The dark side of obsession
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    "Sam is it you, please tell me this is not funny". I got no reply. Chills were going up my spine when I felt hot breaths on my shoulder but before I could scream I felt a hand pressed tightly against my lips and only a muffled scream came up. I was pushed against the wall with force and my head got hit very badly in t...

  • Land Of Harz
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    Those green eyes dwell deeply in The demon Prince soul. His mate is the chosen one of Elimen. And she is the rightful ruler of the thrown .

  • GOOD GUY'S SEDUCTION 1: Sebastian Leblanc
    835 374 16

    WARNING: SPG [R-18] GOOD GUY'S SEDUCTION 1: SEBASTIAN LEBLANC Sebastian is afraid to get attached to someone. because he knows that someone will leave him again and he's tired of that, but he used to it. he's hurting but he used to it. If there's one thing that he wants in his life that is to end it. But life has a ve...

  • Chase Of Love...
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    Hazeline is a sweet girl who's going to turn 18 in few weeks. She's beautiful, lovely, helpful and everything a guy can ask for. But she doesn't know what awaits her. Before two weeks her birthday she meets a mysterious guy named Ezekiel. She instantly feels attracted towards him but what she doesn't know is that Ezek...

  • The CALLEN's: {dylan's P.O.V}
    3.7K 1.3K 21

    Two highschoolers. defensless Geek and a giant softie get isekai'd into a different world. Now they only have two options: 1. Fight 2. Die What will they choose? Will they survive? Follow their adventures A M.A.D original project.

  • Read For Reads
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    Put your book in here and receive positive reviews from me and other authors! Please always be kind and have fun! This is a constructive thing and should always keep another person's feelings in mind. Feel free to follow me for advice. I will always follow back!

  • The Daisy Awards 2020
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    Open ( ) Judging (✅ ) Closed (✅) Hi everyone! This is a small awards competition to help writers get recognition for their work, as we have seen so many books out there that deserve much more awareness than they have already gotten!

  • Star Awards 2020
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    (open) We need judges. Click "read" to become a participant.

  • Readswell Book Club [OPEN]
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    Wanna meet new friends? Increase number of votes, comments and followers? Join. Club na ito ay hindi lang para sa mga Filipino. Para ito sa lahat. Reader ka man o writer.

  • Flowers Book Club V2
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    (Open) Welcome to the second version of flowers book club! Take a look at what we offer.

  • A Dance...No, A Love Story
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    A talented street dancer who doesn't have family. A hip hop dancer who quit on her dreams. What happens if these two crosses paths?

  • The Temporary Marriage
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    Lucille(Sunny)Monet is 29. She was born in France to a famous chef and an American graduate of Le Cordon Bleu. Both her parents died when she was young and because of this, she was sent to Chicago at 11 years old where her aunt and uncle became her guardians. Now she's living in Manhattan with Jessica Fontaine, her be...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Burden of Us
    8.4K 1.3K 50

    Ella Webb was never destined to be free. When she turned sixteen, Ella's present was an engagement to Dean, her childhood, and ex-friend. Desperate for time, she bargained for a three-year reprieve to go and get an education before marrying Dean when she graduated. Falling in love with someone else was never Ella's i...

  • Discover Soulmate
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    First book In the Discover Soulmate Trilogy Everyone is born with a true soulmate. At least, that's what Imogen's been told. But at sixteen, she's never been very good at doing anything she's told to do. Struggling against a society that never accepted her in the first place, the last thing she wants is to be stuc...

  • Rose Awards 2020 (open)
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    Welcome to the 2020 Rose awards. AWARDS ARE CLOSED!

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    The Shimmer Community's official club for all wattpaders; both members and non-members of the community. The perfect place to glow and get your works noticed on wattpad. The club is also a platform for more learning on wattpad growth and more. Property of The Shimmer Community.

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    ❝even if your heart can't take it light me up in 𝐟𝐥𝐚𝐦𝐞𝐬 ❞ ― closed ©tatyana, 2020.

  • KPOP Graphic Shop
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    Open [] Close [✔] Hiatus [] #309 in Random on 02/12/2016 #295 in Random on 03/12/2016 #277 in Random on 07/12/2016 #246 in Random on 07/12/2016

  • graphic shop
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    I'm making graphics. ©sixty6ix

  • What Are Your Characters Like?
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    You guessed right? What are your characters like? This is a new platform I've decided to create for beautiful writers like you and I, to help build your characters stronger and more realistic. Here I'll be asking your characters few questions, more like an interview and everyone gets to see how each character would b...

  • The Black Hearts Bookclub
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    OPEN!! If you're looking for a place to gain more views, comments and votes, you're at the right place.

  • Truth or dare
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    A group of college friends travel to Italy for one last getaway before graduation. while there, one of them discovers an abandoned home so they decided to explore. They all got together for a little game of truth or dare but they didn't know the paranormal history of the house and the demon which resides in it, they a...

  • A Girl's Diary
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    Everyone has at least one secret, right? But what happens when the most dangerous ones are revealed? The life of the girl behind the mask will be turned upside down... Beware!! Lots of drama coming !! ***************************** New cover by @ValentinesExperiment Winner of Yearly Garden Awards 2019 Spring Book Of...

  • the end:book One (Completed)
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    It's not the end of the world as everyone thinks... I cried with all my strength, I ran without looking behind me, in my hand my favorite toy which is almost torn, and in the other hand a knife full of blood, I wore black clothes which resembled the spirit of the dead . and I kept running without looking where I am...

  • Amanita: Poison Shot
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    "Did you know that 'amanita' is a poisonous mushroom? Amanita is the name I chose for this club, our cover. Amanita is where clones spend their blood-stained money - and it's gonna end up killing them." - Agape It's 2141. Daphne, a 19-year-old aspiring mechanic, becomes accidentally involved in a plot to dethrone the...

  • Follow for Follow
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    Follow for Follow Votes for Votes Comment for Comment Read for Read

  • Read For Reads (Official Book)
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    You read other people's books and other people will read your book.

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    What do I mean by "genuine"? I mean I want to do what Wattpad was made for. I want to engage in what you have written, not merely vote for the sake of popularity. I do want to read, comment, and vote on your work, and I want the same in return for my stories as well, but in a way that is in the spirit of writing. The...