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  • Brump (A Biden x Trump Romance)
    1.8K 28 1

    Very cute, romantic, and true story of two soulmates who were destined to be together forever❤️

  • From Enemies To Crushes (Boscha X Willow) (The Owl House)
    6.8K 294 7

    Chapter's 1-4: When Hexside students find out Luz and Amity have gone missing, two students must volunteer to find them. Willow finds Boscha wanting to help. The two go on a quest, which starts bad, but soon they realize they're looking for more than just their friends, as crushes start to bloom. Who knew people who h...

  • Love Story (Spike x Garble)
    4.7K 105 10

    Spike has a secret admirer who isn't who he expected!

  • Resident Evil Senarios
    2.5K 62 3

    Wonder what's it's like living with the Resident Evil boys? Me too. Don't forget, requests are open!

  • Scary Facts
    358K 14.8K 78

    [Highest Rank - #2 in Facts (May 20-21-22, 2017)] [Highest Rank - #7 in Random (May 23, 2017)] Read at your own risk... This book contains eerie yet interesting facts and stories from all over the Internet, certain to keep you awake at night. This also includes lists of top countdown for every milestone. Add this to...

  • Mina
    12 1 1

    This is fake and....hope you enjoy?

  • Something Sweet to Bite
    14.1K 173 6

    *WARNING* This is a grimdark fic if you don't like bloody or dark fics you don't have to read this. If are screamish when it comes to gore then this reading is not for you. Description: A tale of the origins of Nightmare Night and the consequences of not respecting tradition. All rights go to the original writer:- Kn...