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  • The Hobbit and LOTR Oneshots :)
    150K 3.6K 23

    Oneshots from the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings. Enjoy!

  • A Place to Fall (skinny!Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes Modern College AU)
    107K 5.3K 60

    "Gesturing towards his roommate, Sam introduced the pair, 'This is Steve. Steve, this is Bucky.' Bucky neighborly extended his hand out to Steve while telling the petite blond, 'Nice to meet you.' Steve eagerly took Bucky's hand and nodded. That was all he could do. Steve's mouth felt entirely too dry in that moment a...

    Completed   Mature
  • Remember
    3.6K 180 10

    Bucky Barnes was the golden boy of his era, but after a life-changing series of events, he is left unsure of who he truly is meant to be. Surrounding himself with people and things of his past is all anyone can think to do- but even Steve, the most hopeful of them all, has his doubts of whether or not this could actua...

    Completed   Mature
  • Opposites Attract
    91.3K 3.9K 22

    A poor kid had no business living next to a rich kid with a spoiled family. Bucky wasn't thrilled about the idea, but he certainly wasn't expecting to fall in love with said rich kid. He wasn't expecting Steve Rogers to enter his life. (Cover by @Legit_Fandom_Trash) #1 stucky Nov 2018 #1 buckybarnesxsteverogers Mar 2...

  • Shut Up and Listen || Stucky AU 👬
    51.9K 2.1K 25

    Steve and Bucky become college roommates and bond over fan fiction and music. Feelings start to emerge between the two but will they be willing to take their relationship further? Or will someone try and tear them apart? Warning: gay af Skinny!Steve and Charming!Bucky

  • The game, Sherlock, is on. [Johnlock Smut]
    10.5K 251 4

    They're not really fond of how this has happened, but John suddenly helps his best friend to discover feelings far beyond the adrenaline rush of crime solving. [contains lemon] [Cover designed by: @schwarzgeschrieben]

    Completed   Mature
  • johnlock smut
    47.5K 720 11

    none of these are mine they're all from tumblr !!!!!!

  • Johnlock
    28.8K 340 5

    if you like smut and johnlock then this is the fanfiction for you.

  • Klance One-Shots (some may be kinky)
    29K 712 14

    Some are kinky, some are cute, most are sad and triggering because I wrote them while contemplating suicide

  • The Secret Diary
    13.5K 239 6

    Every day John has written in his hidden diary about every dream, fantasy, wet dream, and wishes about Sherlock. The hidden box of toys, diary, and pictures were johns biggest secret. But one day Sherlock discovers Johns hidden secrets and this changes everything. It's time for Sherlock to have some fun. Let the game...

  • Truth or Dare? - Johnlock Smut
    11.6K 340 1

    What happens when you're a few drinks in and play truth or dare with a tipsy detective? Why don't we find out?

    Completed   Mature
  • Johnlock One Shots
    44.3K 847 6

    Some Johnlock smut and fluff xx Random shorts about the boys Smut and nsfw warning Enjoy x

  • What Is Life (Ereri Fan fiction, ErenxLevi)
    85.5K 1.2K 12

    another yaoi Enjoy But beware Much smut, Levi top, not that much drama, a lot of swear words Eren and Levi had their first time with each other but didn't keep in touch. Now Levi is a rich architect and Eren is a rent-boy. One day they meet and Eren falls in love, but Levi ignores him. Will Levi accept his love? Will...

  • Ereri One-Shots
    120K 2.4K 14

    The title says it all. [Mostly AU's] [Trigger Warning] Disclaimer: I OWN THE STORY PLOTS. I DO NOT OWN SNK OR ITS CHARACTERS. THOSE BELONG TO HAJIME ISAYAMA. Also, none of the videos or fanart featured are mine, unless refuted. Ereri one-shots, copyright that_epic_turtle (Tātorutaruto)

  • Help Me (Ereri Smut. Neko!ErenxLevi Mpreg)
    44.6K 876 3

    Eren is a simple Neko who can turn into a cat. He got caught by the pound when he was a kitten. See what happens to him when he meets Levi?! By The Way smut

  • Sunkissed Solangelo
    271K 7.4K 18

    *BLOOD OF OLYMPUS SPOILERS* Nico DiAngelo and Will Solace fanfic. Takes place immediately after Nico confesses to Percy. Beware the amateur writing and the overuse of puns. Enjoy hehe. Update: For those of you who have already read The Hidden Oracle, think of this as a prequel to that.

  • It's Not On You (Rickyl)
    7.5K 250 11

    SIX CHAPTERS Rick and Daryl are more than friends. No one knows what they are but their platonic or perhaps non-platonic love for each other goes infinitely. Warnings: Suicidal Subjects Coarse language Spoilers for the Walking dead up to season 8 I think (?) Mention of Abuse

  • NIco di Angelo A High School au
    93.9K 2.3K 12

    Nico di angelo also known as that new sexy gay ( girls hope that it's bi, but it's not.) junior that could get anyone he wanted guy or girl. With his tall but lean figure an obvious 8 pack, ripped skinny jeans, band shirt, leather jacket, shaggy hair with an undercut, chiseled features and no one can forget those eyes...

  • The Winter's Servant {Stucky AU} COMPLETED
    121K 5.5K 29

    Steven has been Prince James's servant most of his life, ever since his mother got sick and he had to take her place serving in the royal palace. He's been in love with Prince James ever since. But what if... The prince loved him back?

  • 12 Days of Stucky
    36K 1K 13

    Bucky has been trying to send Steve small signals that he has feelings (that are more than just friendly) for months, but the message hasn't made it's way through just yet. Now, in the twelve days leading up to Christmas 1934, new opportunities present themselves after Bucky 'accidentally' reads Steve's Diary... With...

    Completed   Mature
  • Human (Johnlock)
    412K 21.1K 16

    “I’m starting to think letting you into my home wasn’t such a good idea.” “Oh it was probably the worst thing you’ve ever done.” There was a moment’s pause before he spoke again. “Do you regret it?” “Not one bit.”

  • Hawksilver stories
    45.9K 1.2K 8


  • Wings (Ereri)
    12.4K 502 16

    In a world where people have wings, each persons wings different in some way, their wings were like finger prints, there were no other wings that were the same. Eren, a high school student that has one midnight blue wing and one grayish white wing. They have beautiful golden streaks that match the gold in his eyes. No...

  • One-shots!! (boyXboy)
    148K 1.3K 3

    These are just some if the scenes I come up with in my head while I'm bored. Some of these scenes may be used in some of my other stores if I ever get around to writing them!! This is a boyXboy one shot story list so don't like don't read!!!! Some stories may involve unrequited love, BDSM, epic fluff, smut, shower s...

  • Random Stucky Oneshots
    17.1K 275 6

    Read the title. Will be lots of smut, fluff, and angst. Will take requests

  • Winterfalcon High School AU
    1.6K 66 3

    Sam Wilson is the new kid at school. While there he makes many new and interesting friends, one being Bucky Barnes. Though soon, he starts to develop stronger feelings towards his new friend.

  • Alone in Both Worlds (Kakashi)
    1.5M 47.7K 73

    Asoka Rose is an isolated girl who lives her life in her fantasy. Her sanity had been lost long ago. And as she is transported into the Naruto World. Her home,and perhaps a (big) crush has been found as she is brought to the world of Naruto. Will she remain Alone? As she had been for all her life? (This i...

  • Sherlock Imagines
    550K 18.5K 202

    Hello to the Sherlockians of the vast Wattpad world! I am happy to present a whole bunch of BBC Sherlock imagines! I understand if some of you read this and think "what?" because I went back through and kinda cringed at my own writing. So...I know they aren't the best but I am learning as I go. 😁 I hope you guys a...

  • Kinky
    16.2K 305 19

    WHY IS GOD DAMN HELL AM I WRITIN THIS! ? . . . . ?..........???✌

  • Tal Fishman- Imagines/Smuts
    43.4K 502 9

    Smuts and Imagines about Tal Fishman! Beware, shit gets dirty. ⚠😋 I am taking requests!