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  • Commissions, Requests, and Prompts
    14.4K 462 29

    A collection of stories from Tumblr.

  • Kofi Monster Matches
    8K 314 22

    Commissioned monster short stories from my Kofi.

  • The Arachnis Empire
    1.6K 81 2

    A collection of stories from a hidden underground kingdom populated by the Arachnis people, more commonly know as "driders".

  • The Book of Sea Monsters, Merfolk, and More.
    11.5K 455 5

    Love mermaids and mermen? Looking for a cute fishman? If you love aquatic based monsters, then this is the book for you!

  • The V1RuS
    11.8K 573 12

    You wait patiently as the files download to your computer, ever excited about the fact that your friend had managed to find that old game you'd wanted. It was weird, though; they'd given you some really specific instructions about how to install it...

  • monster fluff!
    9.3K 259 9

    Hi! This is my first story line on here, and it shall be about monster one shots! please feel free to add in constructive criticism and monsters you would like to have a scenario about. Also apologies for the random update schedule. Enjoy!

  • Monster Mash-Up
    103 7 1

    A mash-up of several different character stories, each chapter being for a different type of monster and series of NSFW and SFW(some characters may have several parts) S/O to my amazing Cocopuff for helping edit and revise stories!

  • Ridgerunner Ranch: Life Outside Willowridge
    1.8K 52 2

    A collection of tales about cattle ranch owned and operated by orcs, centaurs, and trolls on the outskirts of the small town of Willowridge.

  • Merformers Oneshots
    10.9K 181 8

    Sup. This is literally what the title says and its probably going to be pretty cringey so be warned. I do not own Transformers or Merformers. All rights to Transformers go to Hasbro. Any and all characters mentioned here are not mine unless I say so.

  • Yautja x Reader [One Shots]
    188K 4.3K 37

    Here is a collection of my Yautja One offs! It ranges from fluffy fun to full on smut so heres your full disclosure

  • Monster Love. (Discontinued)
    127K 3K 36

    A safe-for-work collection of monster romance stories, (Mostly monster x reader), for those who prefer a more cuddly and warm approach to terato works.

  • Left4Dead Zombies x Reader One-Shots!
    65.5K 953 24

    ♥️Zombies x Reader here! I hope you enjoy! ♥️The artist for the cover is Galaxypox on DA! I only own the fanfics. ♥️LAST PART PUBLISHED♥️ 2/14/2021 Requests Closed for now! If I get done with the others I'll reopen them. Thank you for supporting this book.

  • Radioactive Apocalypse
    72.8K 3.7K 14

    Y/N's family is gone thanks to a radioactive mishap. Many people have either died or turned into horrible monsters with an unimaginable hunger. After her bunker is raided, Y/N finds herself rescued by a group of survivors; one of which is more interesting than the others. Mutant Male x Female Reader

  • Lakehouse Lizard Man
    1.6K 67 2

    You're a novelist who needs to get away from it all to write. You weren't expecting to find a gorgeous lizardman, or romance.

    Completed   Mature
  • Different (Zombie!Germany x Reader)
    48.5K 2K 9

    "When there's no more room in hell, then the dead will walk the earth." ________ ___ The apocalypse. I thought that it was always happening, before the Spread. I mean, the death, the fall of economies. But then, something went wrong. Very wrong. But then I ran into him...

  • Monsters/creatures / species of any lore or legend x readers
    29.2K 558 13

    Just as it sounds. I am however giving credit where credit is due. Thank you @ourcreepypastalover. Go check them out, their book is way better than mine. They inspired me so 😛. And also pictures belong to the rightful owners. I only draw my characters so yea don't think about it

  • Centaurs' Tale (Hetalia x Reader)
    27.4K 591 8

    (Name) is going to be spending her summer with her aunt after her parents have business to attend to all summer. (Name) finders her aunt farm hasn't change too much form the last time she was there. With her aunt rescuing centaurs (Name) finders herself enjoying her stay even more. I TAKE REQUESTS FOR ONE SHOTS F...

  • My Guardian , Leviathan
    54K 878 10

    A Subnautica fanfic. -You're now stranded on a strange planet with weird alien life forms. You're goal is to either grow accustomed to the planet or hope for rescue. though it's hard for you when a Leviathan takes a liking to you. oh dear-

  • Urban Jungles
    74.7K 2.1K 20

    Orcs, goblins, minotaurs and more all sharing a world similar to our own. Just with a bit more magic. A collection of shorts about monsters and those that love them. Stories marked when NSFW.

  • Monster Romance Stories
    67.6K 1.5K 15

    A collection of SFW monster romance stories of various spoops and cryptids that involve the reader

  • New Genna City
    24.9K 907 11

    A collection of stories about life and times in and around a large metropolitan city where monsters are commonplace. Each chapter is a new story, (with only one exception)

  • One-Shot Stories
    80.2K 2.6K 22

    A collection of SFW readerxmonster stories I've written over time! Each chapter is a new story. There's all sorts of creatures in here, from orcs, to dragonmen, to minotaurs and more!

  • Male Dullahan - Choose Your Own Adventure Story
    3.9K 143 13

    A chance meeting with a dullahan in the woods leads to the discovery that all is not well with the small town in which you live. You and your dullahan investigate the goings on, the mysterious poisoning of the goblins in the mine, and maybe, just maybe, you begin to fall for one another along the way. Featuring a gob...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Synthetic Era
    10.6K 373 5

    A collection of futuristic, out of this world monster/alien/robot romance stories. Far in the future, aliens, sentient robots, and space exploration are commonplace. While it might seem like an everyday affair to some, there's always some sort of adventure to still be had.

  • Hidden Creatures
    30.1K 717 7

    Even during a period in history when monsters live openly among humans, there are still creatures who prefer their privacy.

  • OkCryptid: The Monster Dating App
    5.1K 220 4

    A collection of stories involving a dating app that caters to monsters and the humans who want to date them.

  • Shelter Forest: Monsters in a Medieval World
    41.1K 1K 15

    During the Dark Ages, the world was an uncertain place, especially for anyone who wasn't human. In a time of fear and darkness, there's only one safe place: a forest guarded by the creatures who dwell within it.

  • Another Time, Another Place
    12.4K 342 8

    Far flung futures and distant worlds that are a shadow of our own. A collection of shorts about monsters and those that love them. Stories marked when NSFW.

  • Space Adventures
    64 3 1

    Here is where all my aliens and space-travelling beings come to life with their lovely (Y/N)

  • Modern Monsters
    305 8 3

    A collection of reader x monster stories where monsters walk among humans taking place in one universe, sharing space, time, and life in our world.