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  • Mommy's girl
    179K 2.8K 35

    "Mommy!" My little girl tells when I walk into the house. She's on the ground playing with her baby doll. "Hello my pretty baby!" She bites her lip and giggles "mommy looks so pretty." She raises her arms and makes grabby hands. I smile even wider than I was before, "you want mommy to hold you?" I ask, she nods her he...

  • 50 Shades of Camren
    465K 3.2K 10

    This is basically just a compilation of camren smuts. Enjoy :) P.S A cold shower is recommendable after reading this All credits goes to the owners. I own nothing .

  • My High School Lesbian Love (slowly editing)
    3.1M 57.8K 29

    "No, this isn't possible, I like boys." I thought to myself. I've had a boyfriend since I was twelve.. But why was she so tempting? I watched her hands as they traced my bare skin with her finger tips, the way her soft lips parted into a sly smile, "tell me you want me." She whispered in my ear, her warm breath tickli...

  • mistress little wolf slut
    286K 1.8K 9

    a sub named jessie is looking for a mistress she wants to be commanded but she didn't expect to be with the founder of bdsm that knows just the right buttons to press and that makes her hot and wet with just one look just one cammand all she can say as "holy shit" alex is a dom looking for a sub that will bind to her...

  • I Guess I Fell In Love (GxG) (COMPLETE)
    71.9K 2.2K 17

    What would happen if you fell in love with your best friend? What would you do if she doesn't love you like the way you love her? Or does she? Meet Alexandra 'Xan'. She came back back after a few years after her last visit. Read and witness as two childhood friends explore what lies beyond friendship.

  • A Players Game
    944K 19K 50

    *** completed!!**** Xena a rich girl who gets what she wants when she wants it. She has played with every girls emotions, leaves girls left and right with no care. But at her new school with new classmates the new challenge will not be easy as it was at her old school. She will encounter a new classmate who will n...

    Completed   Mature
  • Mommy's little girl (bdsm/mdlg)
    93.6K 261 4

    This is a story with mdlg and bdsm please don't read if you get triggered easy Contains : smut,abuse/pleasure, triggerness , etc.

  • Love, what is it good for?
    151K 4.2K 49

    Stevie Boebi is new to school and finds herself hanging out with the schools player and tries not to fall in with Ally Hills, who doesn't actually believe in love. (I'm shit at summaries, just read the story because it's okay.)

  • Imaginations to reality (GirlxGirl)
    61.4K 1.8K 14

    I can visualize us, but can we happen? or is it just until my imagination?

  • My New Best Friend
    1.9M 20.2K 63

    Hey, this is my first story. Still getting used to Wattpad :) Sheryl has just moved to town and meets Krystel. They get really close and become great friends. Will their friendship turn into more though? Enjoy :D Attention: This is a book about two girls falling in love so if you can't stand such an outcome, don't re...

  • I'll Always Promise You (GirlxGirl)
    712K 27.9K 45

    For as long as Andi Mason can remember, love has been one of her biggest wishes. But also one of her hardest parts of her life. She has not succeeded in finding the right one and she never thinks she will. Until she meets a stranger on the street in the middle of the night. A girl that might change everything. (Thi...

  • Addicted To Love (GirlxGirl)
    530K 8.4K 16

    Angel Cassidy is just a normal teenage girl. She lives in a world where everything seem's wrong, until one day she decides to be just like her popular friends, she just wants to fit in. In order to fit in, she thinks the only way is to have a makeover. Now looking hot as ever, she goes through days of finding differen...