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  • Warm by the fire
    129 1 1

    a Male shy reader X female Crush lemon

    Completed   Mature
  • Yuri's True Passion (Yandere Yuri x Male Reader, NSFW)
    52.1K 268 4

    Title says most of it. EXTREME BDSM Themes; don't like, don't read!

  • Haydee X Male Reader
    93.4K 1.2K 23

    You are a pretty normal kid with a average life, Pretty boring one I might add. Working as an intern at an advanced weapons facility. Always watching tests and standing by the sidelines, Until something happened that changed your prospective that changed your life forever.

  • Various Characters X Male Reader
    135K 537 15

    A book where you the lucky (or unlucky) get taken by women who love you with more than there heart. And there willing to hurt you and others for love♡

  • Various Girl -Lemons -( MALE READER ).
    76.5K 368 10

    Different girl and one male reader . WITH EXTRA LEMON. Please be aware that this story includes Sexual senses, Cursed language. If you found this story and are under the age of 18 please go find another story to your liking. Thank you. Plus I actually know how to write stories not script like a lot of Wattpad writers.

  • Kuroinu Kedakaki Seijo Wa Hakudaku Ni Somaru harem x male reader
    88.9K 1.1K 10

    hey guys im making a fanfic male reader story of this hentai because I have a good story idea for it now you are Y/n L/n a normal person who was just going on in your life until you've been called forth by a goddess who tells you of a dangerous man in another world by the name vault and his army of mercenaries and mon...

  • Adopted son of zone-tan x rwby harem (rwby x male reader)
    7.7K 170 7

    You are the adopted son of zone-tan she found you in a alley being harmed by your abusive family in her anger she killed the abusers in her demon form she then took you in as her son and given you some of her powers and your own demon form which is similar to hers but with more of a male appearance Rwby is owned by r...

  • My Prey~ (Male Reader X) 18+!!
    125K 537 7

    Male reader x (Lemons included maybe :P) All your dangerous animals as cute girls ready to pounce at the reader! These collection of stories are similar to monster girls you all know and love but with a twist~ The animal kingdom's deadly predators become girls with their animal counterparts' traits, will y...

  • Various Women x Male Reader
    230K 770 27

    Various Women x Male Walking Lemons

  • Ahsoka Tano x Male Reader LEMON
    53K 177 2

    18+ enter at own risk

  • Lemon stand
    160K 1K 20

    it's back too

  • yandere female creepypasta x male reader
    422K 3.1K 35


  • Just Some Lemons (18+ Obviously...)
    93.7K 534 7

    Things get a little spicy up in this book!!!!!

  • Miraculous Ladybug Lemons
    43.8K 250 7

    Just a bunch of Male reader x Various girls from Miraculous Ladybug lemons Enjoy!

    Completed   Mature
  • Akame Ga Kill Lemons
    45.7K 359 8

    So let's try this shall we

    Completed   Mature
  • My Girlfriend From Tamaran: A Starfire X Male Reader (+18)
    47.3K 306 13

    You're doing yard work outside your house when you see something crash down in front of you what looks like a bright green comet. You run over to see a beautiful girl with orange skin and cherry red hair who looks about your age. She wakes up and sees you. How will this end up? Find out now!

    Completed   Mature
  • Huniepop Lemons
    52.6K 340 7

    Title self explanatory just lemons on Huniepop

    Completed   Mature
  • Cheater female Harry Potter x male Slytherin reader x female Draco Malfoy LEMON
    6.1K 33 2

    The male reader is Draconia's childhood friend and Harrina's boyfriend even though she's a Gryffindor and he's a Slytherin. Everything was fine until the male reader found Harrina cheating on him with his rival Cedric diggory. P.s. Harrina's and Draconia's age will be 18.

  • Senran Kagura Lemons
    104K 631 16

    Admit it you knew this was to come at some point.

    Completed   Mature
  • Senran Kagura X Male Reader (Volume 1)
    77.9K 717 18

    After she arrived at Hanzo academy the great granddaughter of Hanzo the great Shinobi, Asuka meets up with her friends, but there is also another Shinobi in training who is "interesting" to say the least. But this new student isn't all as they seem, there is always more than what meets the eye.

    Completed   Mature
  • female various x male reader book 5
    655K 3.1K 156

    all the female characters i don't own them that they belong to their respective owners and all credits give towards them as i don't all the female characters except my oc usual just like last time Warning: This following book series may contain depression,incest,sucidal,yandere, lemon and loli characters if you are w...

    Completed   Mature
    39.9K 332 2

    Your a 16 year old student who gets a harem of teachers

  • RWBY Females x Male Reader OneShots
    15.4K 72 8

    Just a book because i'm bored most of the time

  • Draconic passion (m!reader x yang)
    2.2K 66 5

    Y/n is a hot headed thrill seeker trying to find a thrill in his life what happens when two draconic thrill seeker meets

  • Monster Girls ( Male/Female Reader )
    490K 2.5K 28

    I'm back after a long amount of time! And well... I thought I'll give Wattpad one more chance after it deleted my MQE lemons... So! This is Monstr Girl Encyclopedia, Monster Girl Quest and Monster Musume in one!

  • Vampire's legends (Vampire Male Reader X RWBY harem)
    191K 2K 21

    You are one of the last remaining vampire survives from a clan of vampires in the world of remnant but one day they died due to Unknown reasons after that you started to be a gun for hire and man are you one of the best gunslingers around for a vampire. What happens after having a meeting certain group of people fin...

    48.3K 408 47

    Bunch of oneshots I decided to write. Request whatever you want. But truthfully.....You'll see a shit ton of Ruby....and lemons..... (REQUESTS OPEN)

  • Male!Reader X Fem!Heroes/Villains (Marvel/DC)
    384K 1.6K 15

    Collection of One-Shots and the Occasional Two or Three Parters. The story doesn't have to always be superheroes they can be minor characters like Maria Hill and Mary Jane.

  • RWBY OneShots
    242K 1.2K 20

    This is to satisfy my need to write something and my need to be entertained

  • Happy Valentine's (*18+*) (Ahri x Male Summoner LoL)
    111K 726 9

    It's not easy being the top LoL player in the world with his own ESports team...So Riot Games decided to send you a present. ....But it's not what you bargained for! I DONT OWN LEAGUE OF LEGENDS AND RIOT GAMES, NOR DO I OWN ESPORTS. I HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH THEM. I OWN JUST THE INTERPRETATIONS OF THE CONTENT IN THE S...