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  • Social Media Guide for Wattpad
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    39 Easy Tips to make YOUR work stand out on Social Media Want to learn how to use Social Media to get more attention for your works on Wattpad? How can you get readers from postings on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and Tumblr? Do Blogs and Websites help? What about YouTube videos? What about other sites, like...

  • 100 Things You Should Know About Writing (Part 1)
    55.6K 2.6K 26

    This is about writing, as I think of it. Subjects covered will range from plot aspects to characterization, writing craft to just surviving as a writer. Mainly, Part 1 is a comprehensive list of things to do in order to create and maintain tension.

  • A Guide to Head Hopping: Person and Point of View
    531 20 1

    How point of view and person can help or hurt your story.

  • I find my ideas under cabbage leaves...
    222 11 1

    Where do ideas come from and how do you turn them into stories?

  • Of Publishing and Things
    841 15 5

    The book is written and the world is waiting. Now it is time to put that thing into print and see how it sells. The process of formatting and publishing through print-on-demand, and how to help your baby survive the meatgrinder!

  • Crafting Your Best Story
    461K 6.8K 25

    Discover the craft of writing so that you can write your best story. Here are 26 tips to help you get unstuck. 2nd Edition. Hi Wattpadders! This is a new, improved and expanded version of Crafting Your Best Story. Half the book is uploaded here, but if you want to read the whole thing for free, just sign up for my Ell...

  • 11 Tips to Increase Your Writing Productivity
    95.5K 4.9K 12

    From #1 international bestselling author Kevin J. Anderson, with 23 million books in print in 30 languages, a series of tips that will help you improve your ability to write.

  • 7 Advanced Tips to Improve Your Wattpad Stories
    238K 11.4K 7

    There are hundreds of fantastic books about writing for hopeful authors to choose from, but most of them are boring, complicated, and bogged down by filler. This little book is brief, straight forward, and easy to understand. I hope it will serve as an easy-to-read manual to help serious writers perfect their craft. I...

  • Novel Writer's Toolkit: Revised Edition
    125K 1.5K 20

    Writing a novel and getting it published: That's your goal. And nothing will keep you from making it happen. Such a goal, of course, presents a number of challenges. Make sure you have the tools you need to overcome them and succeed. In THE NOVEL WRITER'S TOOLKIT, NY Times Best-Selling author Bob Mayer shares a vetera...

  • Wattpad Contest 2014
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    Wattpad Contest 2014 [CLOSED]