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  • Breath Mints / Battle Scars
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    For a moment, she's almost giddy. Because Draco Malfoy's been ruined by this war and he's as out of place as she is and - yes, he has scars too. He's got an even bigger one. She wonders whether one day they'll compare sizes. Cover art by Gilded Shivers (@gildedshivers on Tumblr)

    Completed   Mature
  • draco malfoy imagines (requests open)
    200K 4.2K 15

    my boredom turned into this masterpiece, that somehow, some people actually like. i hope you're one of them. pm me or comment requests im almost always bored and on my laptop good grammar/spelling + deliberate decapitalisation highest rankings: #1 in dracoxreader #9 in wizards #41 in slytherin #42 in boyxgirl

  • How to Survive High School With The Bad Boy
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    Jaden is a 17 years old normal girl. She wasn't really popular but she wasn't unknown. She was bad like talking back to teachers bad and playing pranks and skipping and walking out of class when the teacher is teaching. I think you get the jist of it. When Jase the bad boy takes a liking for her will it be a good thin...

  • Coach's Number One
    10.6M 382K 62

    #1 Teen Fiction | #1 Young Adult Unwelcoming teammates. A more-than-friendly swim coach. A swim captain who wants her off the team before she even starts. Who said senior year was going to be easy? ** Cover By kimberly_white101** © 2017 by LaurenJ22. All rights reserved.

  • More Issues Than Vogue | ✔️
    5.3M 168K 29

    *Wattpad Featured Novel* Haley Monroe has moved to the Big Apple and is ready to start her internship at Forward Magazine, the hottest best selling lifestyle magazine in the country. Everything is set into place: Overpriced tiny apartment? Check. Sadly single? Check. Friendless in new city? Check...

  • My Ex-Stepfather
    10.2M 247K 105

    Harry Styles isn't my father, he's my stepfather. Well ex-stepfather. My mother married him when I was 18, she was 36 and he was 20. Totally gross right? Little did I know that she was already knocked up when they got married. They were a happy little family while I was living with my ACTUAL father and going to colle...

  • Step-Daddy
    487K 11.1K 65

    Mia is 17. Mia's mom is 35. Harry is 23. Once Kendall picks Harry up at a local bar, she brings him home for her usual one night stand. The morning after, Mia finds Harry in the kitchen, and he immediately decides he wants to stick around and play the role of Daddy; but things ultimately take many twists and turns...

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  • three in the morning « jack gilinsky
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    3AM is the hour of dreaming and rowdy sex with strangers, projectile vomiting into the toilet basin and the hour of crappy movies. But in the case of two teenagers, it's the hour of phone calls and confessions, the sort of conversations that leave her wondering why he only calls her when he's high. *credits to jdbixb...

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  • j.g | want
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    "all i wanted was a nice, angry fuck." - lowercase intended. #5 in #gxb #1 in drugs #36 in romance

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  • suicidal thoughts
    6.2K 202 41

    Scarlett is a lonely teenage girl she has no friends she is constantly bullied and results to self harmand . one day she bumps into a boy named Luke. can he help her? or will he leave her like everybody else?

  • 24/7 [h.s.]
    14.8M 415K 110

    "Listen to me, princess. I've had enough of your attitude. We're both in hell here. So either suck it up or shut up. Do I make myself clear?" -- Emma Winston never expected her father to become President of the United States. When she got accepted into her dream school she never expected to have a secret service agen...