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  • 𝒜 𝓕𝓾𝓬𝓴𝓲𝓷𝓰 𝒜𝒹𝓋𝑒𝓃𝓉𝓊𝓇𝑒
    36.3K 1.2K 24

    This story is written with @Mahiru_is_best_uke uwu, go check her out, I you wont regret it! -------------------------------------------------------------- Izuku Midoriya is a bit of a curious person, observing through others on how things are done and easily influenced by ideas... so was it really a surprise when he f...

    Completed   Mature
  • No Man's Land 2
    2.7K 147 7

    After what happened with Todoroki and Shinsou, Izuku found himself in a hospital trying to recover from the trauma he has yet to elaborate. Will he be able to do so? Alternatively, will the ghosts of his past come back in another form? He will work hard with therapy where for once he will be the patience. How will h...

  • No Man's Land [Completed]
    186K 4.1K 37

    Midoriya doesn't want to spend a Saturday night alone in his home... He wants to do something. In the night lights he spots a neon sign "No Man's land" and something tells him this bar is where he should be. TODODEKU fanfiction, my first one too. It has smut and public sex. I may write another chapter if you guys wan...

  • Heat! [Katsuki x Izuku]
    686K 14.7K 18

    In this world there are Alpha's, Beta's and Omega's. Midoriya Izuku has this crush on his former bully. During his heat he steal clothes of Bakugo Katsuki. When Bakugo found out about this p. Both of their worlds started turning upside down. Omegaverse Started: 10/07/2018 Finished: 06/08/2018 Might contain smut and...

  • Always Here [Antisepticeye x Reader]
    93.2K 3.4K 18

    SEQUEL TO FILTHY [ANTISEPTICEYE X READER] *Note: If you have not read Filthy, some things in this book will not add up logically* You thought it was over. You thought the morning light would make the darkness disappear. It turns out you were wrong. Some nightmares are never over. Some nightmares are always here.

  • Two Sides |Darkiplier X Markiplier Fanfiction|
    18.8K 451 19

    This story has been Completed... or has it? ;)

    Completed   Mature
  • Beautiful Destruction: A MarkiplierxReader
    110K 4.6K 26

    You haven't ever had a lot of confidence, but you're trying to see yourself better. A man that has quite literally saved you and helped you with this, Mark, happens to end up as a part of your life in the weirdest way possible. As you get to know each other, you both realize that you can't stay away from each other...

  • Wait...What? Omega!?
    589K 19.1K 59

    This is just a story that I had been thinking of for a while. It's based in the Omegaverse. Lance McClain has a fear of people knowing that he is an omega, but what happens when his past collides with the present and he is taken by a certain Prince right before he goes into heat? A/B/O Lance - Omega Honerva - Omega ...

  • Mister Fischbach
    144K 7.7K 13

    Mister McLoughlin is a fun loving teacher that just moved from teaching middle school in Ireland to teaching high school in America. He loves to make people laugh and smile, and he loves helping people, so he loves his job and wouldn't trade it for the world. His puts all of his effort into taking care of his students...

  • This Time it wasnt a Accident (Wilfred warfstache x Male! Reader)
    7.2K 266 8

    (There wasn't any of these so here we go Hope you enjoy) Wilfred was Rushed to the hospital after the shooting, One of the nurses catches his eye. well the nurse is a male nurse, His name is (Y/N), He took care of Wilfred the whole time he was in the hospital. Once Wilfred was ready to leave, he didn't want to... He h...

  • | Plaything | Antisepticeye x Reader
    184K 6.5K 43

    {COMPLETED} This Reader is basically the same as the first book (Darkiplier x Reader) I wrote. Same general world, but the story itself will be original. The events in my first book haven't happened in this universe. Still no smut. Again, I'll try to keep the character gender neutral. ◊◊◊ You meet Anti because he tho...

  • Shit.... Markiplier X Jacksepticeye X Darkiplier
    9.3K 114 1

    Jack is stuck in between Mark and Dark both the youtuber and the demon having sexual desires for him. During a visit Mark and Dark both gang up on Jack to have their way with him, the Irishman seems reluctant at first but can't resist their charm and...something else XD

  • Anti x Dark Smut
    15.4K 173 2

    WARNING: as you can tell from the title THIS IS A SMUT STORY! Meaning: SEX!

  • Strip for me Daddy...(An Darkiplier and Jacksepticeye Fanfiction)
    208 0 1

    Jack just broke up with Wiishu and he goes to call Mark so he can live with him Mark says yes and Jack goes to America where he now lives with Mark but now will Jack find out some sides of Mark that he's does not know about?...

  • Dog Teeth || Darkiplier and Jacksepticeye [Abuse and Smut]
    12.5K 292 18

    Every Markiplite ever knows Darkiplier; He's Mark's hot, fantasy-revolving alter ego. They all know him as that, a demonic alter ego. Jack knows him as his worse nightmare. After Mark disappears into the darkness of his own mind, Dark does nothing more but spread his disease to Jack while tattering with his feeling al...

    Completed   Mature
  • Tough love (Antiseptiplier)
    3.6K 30 5

    *****WORK IN PROGRESS ***** LEMONS LEMONS LEMONS Anti loves mark, so he gets free and takes what he wants. Awakening dark during their night of fun, thing are going to get weird.