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  • Forever Bonded [DreamSwap]
    60.2K 2.2K 31

    For years Dream has hunted down Nightmare to ride of negativity forever. Only thing in his way from doing this is their "spirit bond". If Dream were to kill Nightmare, they would both parish. But what happens if that bond was broken? What challenges will Nightmare and the Meme Squad face. Will Dream come back to his s...

  • Showtime (A Sanscest Story) ON HIATUS
    186K 14.1K 72

    Cross has had it. There is only one place left for him to go and he just HAS to find it. Escaping an abusive father, he seeks the Circus. A spectacle of performers and animals. But once he's there, things aren't as they seem. Ships: Crossmare Errink Kreme Horrorlust Afterdeath Dustberry WARNING: SAD

  • Sanscest Oneshots (Request Currently Closed!)
    502K 9.9K 80

    I will warn you whether it's just a lemon or if it's forced, don't worry. I love to write and will do just about anything. I might have some errors, it just happens. I'll say if I'm taking request in the title. There will probably be more Nightmare than any other Sans, because he is the best Sans and I'm sorta obsesse...

  • Crossmare Oneshots uwu
    141K 6.2K 37

    I'm Crossmare trash, so yea Cover: Kmi on Tumblr :3

  • Apocalyptic Love (A Crossmare Fanfiction)
    104K 4.4K 20

    They first came as individuals, people caught up in the Nuclear blast of Craitown. But people soon realised that the infected numbers were increasing. Cities were swarmed by mobs of what the few remaining survivors dubbed as 'Zombies'. The virus messed with their brains, driving them insane with a crazy instinct to ki...

  • Roleplay [Undertale] <<CLOSED>>
    55.9K 783 152

    It's been a fun time role playing with y'all and I enjoyed it so much. However I no longer roleplay undertale, I'm sorry for not telling you all sooner. I am still active almost everyday, just no longer in the undertale fandom. Goodnight, undertale. Roleplay: Closed

  • A Broken Servant (CrossMare)
    18.5K 669 18

    cover is not mine WARNING! Depression, cutting, and other Suicidal actions are in this book. Do not read if you are not comfortable with that **** Cross sits in his empty destroyed AU, thinking about his old lover, Dream. She's gone now, dumped him and got turned to stone soon after. He cries, even though he knows it...

  • CrossMare one-shots (COMPLETED)
    115K 2.2K 21

    (Story cover isn't mine) Welcome aboard the CrossMare ship there is no way off. Books finished so no more requests. Here you will find some nice fl00f, lemons, and angst. My better chapters are at the end of the book so yea