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  • The Hidden Sister [TVD]
    63.7K 1.4K 26

    [USED TO BE BITE ME] Rowan Pierce has never lived what's short of complicated. Complicated sister? check. Complicated job? check. Complicated afterlife, double check. Too complicated to even contemplate returning to Mystic Falls? Not so much. After years of being away, Rowan returns to face her past, and hide her f...

  • Hybrids at Hogwarts (BxG & GxG Fanfic)
    30.1K 249 7

  • *ALIEN is my second MATE (futanari) gxg [English version]complete
    123K 1.7K 6

    She got a mate, but got rejected coz she's the lowest rank.. He can't fight for her. His afraid to be judge. So she choose to leave. Coz her heartbreak killing her.. But one day, a tragedy came that change her whole life. She fall inlove again, not to a man but to a woman like her. And one more thing.... ALIEN. IS...

  • So Wrong (gxg)
    386K 12K 23

    When Chloe has enough of everyone around her finding there mates. She decides to go off and live with her friends cousins pack to get her mind off of being alone. Little does she know her mate awaits.

  • The Rejected Queen (GxG) | ✔️
    534K 18.4K 28

    Cassandra Powers. Mistreated and abused, Alone and unloved. Though, she truly believed that her mate would look at her in the eyes lovingly, care for her and love her. But, that was another love cliche story, this story was hers. No possible happy ending, so she escaped from her dark miserable world. Stumbling upon an...

    Completed   Mature
  • Possession ➸ Camren
    636K 16.8K 79

    "Don't you get it, you're mine, the sooner you realise it the better." The first chapters are so bad but it was my first time writing and I don't know what I was thinking but it gets better :)

  • Forever in love (GxG) (Completed)
    309K 8.2K 47

    kylie is your typical nerd she keeps herself to herself and is just trying to get high school over and done so she can move on with her life without any trouble. kylie has pure long black hair with eyes as blue as the ocean with the cutest smile ever. mars the bitchy queen bee who everyone drools over with her amazing...

    583K 16.5K 49

    "That's not possible". "This doesn't make sense". "That can never happen". I couldn't help but laugh at the rumors. Well ... It might not be that bad right? ------------------------------------------------------ This book contains strong language, strong sex scenes, humor(some humor is dirty), and fantasy. Just rea...