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  • Silver As Glace
    37.4K 2.6K 69

    They took her life, so she will destroy everything they have. Masquerades are dances of the night, ploys to cover identities as tricks are pulled behind the masks. As an outcast deemed freakish by her society, it's all 17-year-old Morita has ever wanted. But when a supernatural group called the Dishonoreds crashes th...

  • Night Raven
    35 12 2

    A demon lays dormant in his veins, it's up to him to wake it up. An Arkirah, gifted godlings who wield their power in their blood, Kastadel spends his days working as a killer for the highest bidder. He has never been sure of his place in the world until he provokes one of the largest street gangs in the empire's infa...