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  • Rise of the Guardian Alliance (Coming March 6, 2020)
    30 6 4

    Coming March 6, 2020 When Luna Light discovers that her biggest fear is about to become reality-her old, superpower-stealing friend, Gunner Ellis, emerging from hiding to wreak havoc on the Earth- she must bring together the Guardian Alliance to help save the rest of the remaining meta-humans, before Gunner steals bo...

  • Robo: Interfector
    470 90 36

    One year after the world-altering events of The Spectacular Sick Shot, a new threat rises from the rubble. Bridger Vaughn Zaire had cut ties with his father and his sister years ago- he didn't approve of their lives as the supposed heroes Roboman and Scarlet Armor. He left the Vaughn Zaire Corporation, the world's le...

  • The Spectacular Sick Shot
    1.6K 335 41

    16-year-old Tyler Stone had led a pretty normal life. Hanging out with friends, struggling to get passing grades, ogling the most popular girl in school, Katie Cassidy, and helping his mom pay the bills was about all he had to worry about. That is, until he was abducted by aliens and guilt tripped into saving their pl...

  • The Legend of Mother Nature
    3.3K 576 43

    The prophecy of the serpent god, Quetzalcoatl, tells of a very special individual who shall restore him to his throne to rule over the earth. That special person is Anochti (ANN-uck-tee). She is raised by the Aztecs, trained to become the greatest warrior ever to walk the earth. For the prophecy also speaks of a power...