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  • Stripping For The Alpha King
    3.5M 125K 73

    Keiko is an average college student by day. But, by night she is Chastity, one of the favorite dancers in her strip club. Her life is as ordinary as it can be when your a part time stripper. Late nights dancing, early mornings preparing for tests, and ramen. Lots of ramen. Then, Ajax comes along. He's demanding and en...

    Completed   Mature
  • Trinity (A Werewolf Novel) ✔
    930K 54.6K 31

    [Completed] Every Wolf Moon, humans are selected from each village to be sacrificed to the werewolves; creatures worshipped by humans as godlike figures. In a twist of fate, seventeen year old Mila Young is selected to be the annual sacrifice for the Trinity pack, the most powerful pack ruled by King Alpha Roman Stone...

  • Delilah Cross and the Blood Moon
    7K 752 39

    Book 3 of the Whisper Valley Series * COMPLETED * It's been three months since Delilah "Del" Cross stumbled her way into the mysterious town of Whisper Valley. During that time she's grown to appreciate her new life amongst ghosts, vampires, mages, zombies, and werewolves. Yet, there's still so much she doesn't know...

    Completed   Mature
  • Delilah Cross and the Osiris Order *COMPLETED*
    9.2K 1.1K 37

    Delilah "Del" Cross is determined to find a job before her one year contract runs out in Whisper Valley. She's supposed to find a sponsor with one of the supernatural beings in town or be converted to a vampire, werewolf, or ghost by the end of the year, however, so far her prospects seem pretty limited and she'd ra...

  • Delilah Cross and the Stolen Bride *COMPLETED*
    32.8K 2.9K 41

    Delilah "Del" Cross went into the woods with the express purpose of never coming back out. However, death was interested in someone else that night, a murdered young woman that Del watches rise from her grave. Del is then brought into a very special community living in happy isolation in the beautiful Whisper Valley...

  • 𝐙𝐀𝐍𝐃𝐄𝐑|✔︎
    4.8M 196K 43

    ‧₊ ❁ཻུ۪۪.;:୭̥. 𝐀 𝐖𝐄𝐑𝐄𝐖𝐎𝐋𝐅 𝐋𝐎𝐕𝐄 𝐒𝐓𝐎𝐑𝐘 ׂׂׂׂૢ་༘࿐ She was treated like she was living in hell all her life, he made her rise and she became his star. Sofia Rose, a harmless, naive, and th...

    Completed   Mature
  • My Little Mate
    31.7M 927K 34

    Alpha Darren Hale of Moonstone Pack has been searching for his mate for four years, he's beginning to lose hope. Little does he know, he'll soon find his mate, tiny brunette Blaire. But she turns out to be hard to handle for her tiny size. Highest Ranking: #7 in Werewolf

    Completed   Mature
  • Her Scarred Alpha | ✓ (Currently Rewriting)
    7.2M 213K 43

    COMPLETED What would you do if you accidentally trespassed over an Alphas territory that's known for his brutal mentality and ruthlessness? And what happens when that said Alpha also happens to be your mate? Well, Kennedy Black was about to find out. Highest Ranking - Werewolf #1 No copyright intended for photos - a...

  • The Alphas Unknown Daughter | ✓ (Rewritten)
    30.9M 791K 30

    COMPLETED Two teenagers, a party and the unmistakeable mate pull, but what happens when it follows with a steamy night and a rejection the next day? Then only a month later, you discover a surprise which would change your life forever? In Lara's case, she decides to keep her baby a secret only to accidentally bump i...

  • SHIFT [H.S.]
    218K 9.3K 60

    The world is ruled by Shifters, those who are able to transform themselves into different creatures. To be a Shifter is to be a part of the royal regime. Shifters above, humans beneath. Harry has been a Shifter all his life. As the leader of his own clan, he is expected to uphold the laws of his own kind. His authorit...

    Completed   Mature
  • Her Lycan✔
    2M 91.9K 36

    Any other man I wouldn't be afraid of but Lycan Leader Malcolm's body extrude a kind of confidence and primal power that even I can't ignore. --- Running from a psychotic ex and charging straight into a familiar Scottish Lycan Leader's territory. Head strong lone lycan Isabella Carson was about to re-encounter a preda...

    Completed   Mature
  • Wild Claim
    2M 99.6K 43

    Liam Black holds a dark secret inside of him. This secret is cold, merciless, and as dark as the night. It flows through his veins and teases his skin, threatening to reveal itself every second he breathes. It is taking everything for Liam to keep it inside; to keep this dark secret from killing everything he holds c...

    Completed   Mature
  • Meum Miraculum
    19.9M 635K 50

    He was powerful. He was terrifying. Said to be cruel and unjust. Terrifyingly possessive. He had the world, but to him she was his world. There was nothing he wouldn't do for his miraculum.

  • The Alpha's Little Witch | Completed ✔️
    12.5M 539K 65

    An Alpha and a witch, one cruel, one kind. Who will win and who will lose in this mateship? Will they come out of it hand-in-hand or part ways when the truth is revealed?

    Completed   Mature
  • Glitch
    15.6M 557K 68

    This book will be taken down January 1st of 2022 to be rewriten and edited! (Cover by @AlberteStoev) Turning around Im met with bright red eyes surrounded by a grey mask. He has jet black hair that swirls up and back, his face is freshly shaved but that is all I can really see. He is tall and God is he built. He look...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Alpha's Expectations | Completed ✔️
    36.3M 1.2M 71

    Hudson doesn't really want a mate, but he knows he'll have one regardless of what he wants. So he decides that before he accepts her, she has to meet his expectations. And he has a lot. Alexis is the pack's joy and life. Everyone adores her as the Alpha's daughter. She is blessed by the Moon Goddess with a heart of...

    Completed   Mature
  • Property of a Gordon
    7.3M 264K 59

    He just kept smiling while shaking his head. "After you, Snowflake," he said, sweeping his hand, but I only growled at him, thoroughly unamused by the name. "Call me Snowflake one more time--" I started, my voice low, but he seemed unfazed by it. "Your death threats are getting stale, do you not think, love?" He asked...

  • The Female Lycan [SAMPLE ONLY]
    15.8M 216K 24

    { This book is now published on Amazon } It use to be a rare thing. Seeing a female werewolf. It was almost like their were no such thing. But now female werewolves have the same population as males. Except for Lycans. Their has only ever been two female Lycans in history. Alvery Fabre was the first ever female Lycan...

  • Number 9: The Genetically Modified Werewolf
    1.2M 55.1K 34

    -Completed- [Definitely not your average Werewolf story, if you expect love at first sight - please thou shall find a different book! :D] She was Created. Designed to have a body of a beast but a mind of a killer. Genetically modified to be the perfect Werewolf in the eyes of her Creator. But what He sees as...

  • Vet Tech Meets The Alpha
    11.1M 460K 34

    Jack's life has always been weird. With the stereotypically snobby rich parents that never pay attention to her and gave her a boy's name, to the mysterious butler that shows up on her front porch, to the two wolves that keep coming to her house. Jack is a Vet Tech at the local clinic up in the Montana Mountains. When...

  • The Taking
    29.4M 970K 35

    Every half century in a small little town hidden in the woods, a beast comes out from the forest to claim his bride on the night of an eclipse. The people of call this phenomenon "the taking". This beast is said to be very dangerous. It roams door to door searching for the woman whose being calls to his animal instinc...

  • Crave ✔
    14.8M 624K 46

    Copyrighted 2017 *Completed* Highest rankings: #6 in Werewolf #1 in Wolves #3 in Featured He was said to be powerful, the most powerful of them all. A king of kings- a dark king. Complete control. He needed it- thrived on it. He was power, he was dark, and he was beautiful. They say he was a de...

  • Lupus Deus (Published on Amazon)
    12.7M 251K 25

    In a world of monsters and gods, the Lupus Deus is the one being no one wants among them, especially not the gods that wronged him. Vivian Grey is as average as any werewolf comes, or at least that's what she believes growing up until she is confronted with the fact that her mate is the monster she heard stories about...

  • You Have No Idea, My Dear Alpha
    8.8M 315K 54

    •••Completed••• ••He pushes me against a wall, like yesterday, but this time he starts trailing small kisses along my collar bone and up my neck before whispering in my ear. "You really shouldn't talk to me like that sweetheart." I focus on not letting my trembling lips influence my voice. "Why should I list...

  • Moon Child |✔|
    2.2M 128K 54

    Life or Death. It's the choice to be made within the Alba Rosa Pack when the Beta and his mate discover that they have been blessed with twins. Desperate to save the members of his pack, Alpha Jay calls in a strange healer to help. Wanderer. Seeker. Daisy. Her strange names carry with her as she arrives at Jay's...

  • My Alpha Mate
    3.1M 78.9K 49

    Kayla Branson is the daughter of the Alpha of the Goldenmoon Pack. She is beautiful and stubborn, but also brave and strong. Cameron Johnson is the Alpha of the Bluegrass Pack. He is sexy, ruthless, possessive, and has deadly a secret about his parents...

    Completed   Mature
  • I'm The Alpha
    17M 502K 53

    "I don't want you to mark me" I said quickly. "Why?" he asked me, his tone seemed calm but i knew he was far from it. "I have a commitment towards my pack" I told him, hoping he'll understand but to my astonishment his eyes were dark now and he held his palms in a tight fist. "You are my mate Templar, you belong to my...

  • She's One Of The Boys
    24.3M 387K 47

    Secrets do not stay hidden for long. Have you ever had a secret that you would do anything to keep from your own family? Coming home from being at boarding school for an entire year is something Eva has dreamed about since her Dad sent her away; she missed her older brothers and none of them seemed to have changed muc...

  • Sun Child |✔|
    12.5M 506K 60

    Lexie is not a warrior. In fact, Lexie is a painter. Her hands are always covered in paint. Never coming off. Always there. For Lexie, painting is an escape. An escape from her pain. She paints to avoid the darkness that is in her soul. She paints to avoid looking at the bleeding wound inside her chest. She paints. To...

  • The Hunter's Mate [ON HIATUS]
    21.8M 208 1

    Diana Brooke, a hunter with an infamous title that can reign terror even to the hearts of grown men, ventures on an undercover mission set on the other side of the border; wolf territory. It's a simple assignment; blend in, return, and report. After all, what's so hard about acting meek in an academy brimming with tee...